The Bugatti EB110 Is the Ultra-Rare, Ultra-Quirky 1990s Bugatti

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Doug DeMuro

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Bugatti EB110 Review!!!! It's time for the fabled Bugatti EB110, the weird 1990s Bugatti nobody knows about. Today I'm giving you a thorough tour of the EB110, and I'll show you all the amazing quirks and features of this very quirky, very rare car. I'll also drive the Bugatti EB110 and show you what it's like on the road.


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Gabriele Di Marco
Gabriele Di Marco Dag geleden
Non si pronuncia bugadi si dice Bugatti
David Deivid
David Deivid Dag geleden
28:37 Am I the only one who saw that Miata ? 👀
BBS Supercars NI
BBS Supercars NI Dag geleden
I'm an 03 baby but somehow, growing up, my favourite toy was an eb110 my nanny got me for Christmas when I was like 5 or 6. its still on my shelf till this day.
Janey Doe
Janey Doe Dag geleden
Stop moving your hands like you about to cast a spell every 5 seconds
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez 2 dagen geleden
i give it a 20.............. 2 out of 10 ????? you are full of sh........
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez 2 dagen geleden
what a beauty................................
brett fessler
brett fessler 2 dagen geleden
Doug DeMuro can you please tell me what brand made the M12?
brett fessler
brett fessler 2 dagen geleden
What brand made the M12?
ri zla
ri zla 2 dagen geleden
Additional storage behind the seats, there was a BUGATTI suitcase, that fit end to end perfectly, kinda like a case for music keyboards, just prettier, leather, matching the interrior grey
Söze Keyser
Söze Keyser 2 dagen geleden
It's Bugatti, not Bugadi.
Bradythevidman 1
Bradythevidman 1 2 dagen geleden
ABS= Actual Boom Switch JK lol
Bradythevidman 1
Bradythevidman 1 2 dagen geleden
Flarfschnikel Man
Flarfschnikel Man 8 uur geleden
It’s the freaky car that no one cares about.
Jax Nean
Jax Nean 2 dagen geleden
Block as in Bugatti lock? B-lock? ..block..? . . . 🤦‍♂️
Vishy 2 dagen geleden
When Doug was made in the lab, I saw them installing his arms in order to facilitate the expulsion of voice from his vocal chords. The two are indelibly linked
scruffs by Cartoon Fish
scruffs by Cartoon Fish 2 dagen geleden
The last chassis were made into the Edonis
scruffs by Cartoon Fish
scruffs by Cartoon Fish 2 dagen geleden
Just read Schumachers caught fire!
scruffs by Cartoon Fish
scruffs by Cartoon Fish 2 dagen geleden
That tiny grille always looked like it was for a starting handle!😜
EdgyNumber1 2 dagen geleden
Only Doug DeMuro can make an exotic supercar feel slow. Disappointing.
Marc B
Marc B 3 dagen geleden
when i discovered the eb110 was on forza horizon 1 in a barn find i think anyone can confirm it truly is a beautiful car imo still is my favorite bugatti after the veyron (It is now in the crew 2 and im more than happy about that)
subie11 3 dagen geleden
The front of the EB110 looks like a z32 with a facelift
Peugeot Smeller
Peugeot Smeller 3 dagen geleden
Joshua Joseph Hugh Colquitt
Joshua Joseph Hugh Colquitt 3 dagen geleden
Fun fact jay leno has a engine for one
TransistorBased 4 dagen geleden
So it's a seven figure car that's been fitted with a cheap Walmart radio??
Aatu Kutty Gaming!
Aatu Kutty Gaming! 4 dagen geleden
That might be a Bugatti Lock - BLOCK :p
SevenAcid 4 dagen geleden
that's the best looking Bugatti but they keep making piles of shit
Andy Stevens
Andy Stevens 5 dagen geleden
The thing I found most surprising was how small this car actually is.
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira 5 dagen geleden
My brain: “This is 1933 Booty Eater !”
Flarfschnikel Man
Flarfschnikel Man 8 uur geleden
And it’s the freaky CAR that no one cares about. Everyone knows that THIS car was perfect for the JoJ.
skatefor life
skatefor life 5 dagen geleden
when did Doug stop saying that its his "new" car auction side
NewShockerGuy 5 dagen geleden
I feel like Doug is loosing his roots. Where is the undershirt under his shirt? It's so strange not seeing him wearing an undershirt.
1933 Booty Eater
ooo nobody gives a shit _
ooo nobody gives a shit _ 5 dagen geleden
ILMA MARTINEZ // Daniel Garcia
ILMA MARTINEZ // Daniel Garcia 6 dagen geleden
I finally found the car with the turbo veebo twelvo
Dan Reynard
Dan Reynard 6 dagen geleden
BLOCK = Bugatti Lock
Capitan Andy
Capitan Andy 6 dagen geleden
....but...this is an italian car museum in america???...Doug....i live close to campogalliano modena!..... was a great factory mannnn!!!!
EE DESIGN 8 dagen geleden
Must be great putting a number on handling after 2 minutes of sitting inside the car in traffic and being scared to even move the thing.
iAhm3d 8 dagen geleden
25 minutes of quirks and features, pretty long time tbh.
iAhm3d 8 dagen geleden
25 minutes of quirks and features, pretty long time tbh.
Igor Ralić
Igor Ralić 8 dagen geleden
So, what's the "steering oil light" for, if it's not power assisted? ;)
Vincent Vader
Vincent Vader 8 dagen geleden
The brakes squeal like crazy.
ErstENZ 9 dagen geleden
Sorry, Bugatti is Croatian. False info Duggy
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 20 uur geleden
No, it is no. The new joint venture whhere Rimac has 55% doesn't change that.
Ando Rexurix
Ando Rexurix 9 dagen geleden
Missed a perfect opportunity to say "I suspect it's to bLOCK the doors"
Kiristovai 9 dagen geleden
PLEASE someone tell me what the tiny red car is he's standing next to at about 0:33
aris32 9 dagen geleden
Autozam AZ-1, it was made by Mazda
Chris Northall
Chris Northall 10 dagen geleden
whats a Boo-gati and Jag-waaar. Heathens.
netweed09 10 dagen geleden
Lol, that ultra-cringe derpy front end. The lights are so narrow, they look like a tractor! Who and in what planet commissioned to think that was ''cool'' or even 'beautiful''. Lol!
Rzv R
Rzv R 11 dagen geleden
This car was in NFS 2 and 3
ooo nobody gives a shit _
ooo nobody gives a shit _ 5 dagen geleden
Could care less
Peter 12 dagen geleden
I had a bburago 1:18 of this exact car ..... Loved it 💙
ethan mariani
ethan mariani 12 dagen geleden
one of the most beautiful and rare cars , besides the testarossa.
TwinTurbo Ray
TwinTurbo Ray 12 dagen geleden
"The Bugatti no one knows about". Doug, how old are you and how old are your viewers? Everybody knew about this in the 90's.
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot 12 dagen geleden
Vw sold Bugatti to Rimac. Rest in Peace Bugatti. Bugatti was better off with Romano Artoli and Volkswagen. Shame on Volkswagen for selling off Bugatti.
Neclar 12 dagen geleden
Turbo Gum
Pierre D
Pierre D 12 dagen geleden
I thought he was gonna start reviewing the after market radio too
JLPetersen01 13 dagen geleden
I have seen all those bad comments. Maybe he should have said ; Forgotton about. I can remember it too, after this video. Doug is seeing a lot of cars from an american perspektive. Remember that, and be a little nice europeans.
MhK〽 13 dagen geleden
The Last Italian Bugatti Made
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 20 uur geleden
The only one.
Benji 13 dagen geleden
Volkswagen Passat W9 for over 20k? Laugs in Germany lol Over here you get them for 3k or stmg
Ajay Markkandan
Ajay Markkandan 13 dagen geleden
I am 10 parrarel universes ahead of you.
DJ Scott
DJ Scott 13 dagen geleden
It is said E B One One Oh S. Sounds far cooler than "One Ten" surely?
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 20 uur geleden
Hmm, in Germany we say "hundertzehn" so "one hundred ten " . But I guess it is a German thing. We often pronounce car names that are three digit numbers like that (so with a "hundred" in it).
Tony Almeida
Tony Almeida 14 dagen geleden
One million dollar car... interior quality equivalent to a 30,000 dollar car built today.
PrestonoTheWolfo 14 dagen geleden
Yet this was posted when I unlocked this EB110 on Forza Horizon 4. Very coincidentally cool.
YRT Racing Team
YRT Racing Team 14 dagen geleden
The centre grill looks kinda oké..sort of.. But the other grill looks just stupid. A piece of chicken fence smacked in 🤨 So cheap
Christine Ayres
Christine Ayres 14 dagen geleden
Guessing the B in the Block button stands for Bugatti ?
Rob Small
Rob Small 14 dagen geleden
A true classic. The great Michael Schumacher owned one. So it must have been good. A company called Dauer produced the final models but it lived on as the basis for the Edonis supercar
Angelo Denwill Petate
Angelo Denwill Petate 14 dagen geleden
Should've given it pop ups
Brandon S
Brandon S 14 dagen geleden
The interior of this car looks like crap. The stitching is uneven. It generally looks very poorly done.
LucasPerson 14 dagen geleden
I have a really old mini diecast car of it
Skeptical Skeksis
Skeptical Skeksis 14 dagen geleden
I’ve actually seen the EB110 SS stuck in LA traffic.
Johnyy 15 dagen geleden
This is real Bugatti, no today's VW.
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 20 uur geleden
No, the real Bugattis were those car that were produced by the original company (1909 - 1963). And Volkswagen went closer to that heritage because they actually founded it as a french Company and built the factory at the same place where the original factory was.
if Garage
if Garage 15 dagen geleden
No one knows about this? I’ve always known about this Bugatti
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 20 uur geleden
Yes, it is weird to hear that. To me the Volkswagen Bugattis are still the "new ones" (although 20 years old...) while I grew up with the EB110.
maurits23 16 dagen geleden
I got this car In miniature, as a present from my brother when I was 10 or so.
Hrdze 16 dagen geleden
"This is the bugatti ko one knows about" *Forza players* : am I a joke to you?
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 20 uur geleden
How about: People that were kids in the early 90s: Am I a joke to you?
DnB Skillz
DnB Skillz 16 dagen geleden
I used to have a Burago Model of this car when i was a kid
James J James
James J James 16 dagen geleden
I'd rather have the Mercedes CLK-GTR
Pepega Clapper
Pepega Clapper 16 dagen geleden
"This is the Bugatti you've never heard of" flashes back to using the eb110 on Rush 2 with a drifty N64 controller
J T 17 dagen geleden
Italians gesture with their hands, this dude gestures with his head
chrisbgth 17 dagen geleden
Poltrona Frau is a famous italian furniture manufacturer. So it's an attempt to co-brand and make the unknown bugatti more famous :)
Desolas 17 dagen geleden
Can somebody explain the Ricer CD player?
Eternal Corruption
Eternal Corruption 17 dagen geleden
That bugatti is so rare not even my friends that are car fans know what it is
DerJassen 17 dagen geleden
I like the EB110, but i think it would have looked so much better with hidden headlights.
Paul Nieder
Paul Nieder 18 dagen geleden
The windows remind me of the Subaru SVX.
Paul Nieder
Paul Nieder 18 dagen geleden
I knew about this car back then. I was 17 when it came out. It's still my favourite Bugatti.
Richard Coombes
Richard Coombes 18 dagen geleden
Too many ads dude! This is the first time I've been irritated by your channel. Excellent vid, killed by ads
Jasper van Hensbergen
Jasper van Hensbergen 18 dagen geleden
What a clown 🤡 . Just talk normal and show the car how hard can it be.
FourWolvesAndAWoof 18 dagen geleden
I woke up in an old BUGGATI!
Javier Cabrera
Javier Cabrera 18 dagen geleden
kinda looks like a 300sx
Hayden H.
Hayden H. 19 dagen geleden
It looks dorky with the headlights so close together
jakubkrcma 19 dagen geleden
HzMeister 19 dagen geleden
lol I just realized you speed up your videos slightly...............................
ZERO’S 808TV 19 dagen geleden
Looks like Box Chevy interior done by someones uncle in their backyard
Danielson 343
Danielson 343 19 dagen geleden
you have the best job in the world Doug! so jealous! absolutely love your channel bro! Your reactions when you floor it are just gold, puts a huge smile on my face! can’t thank you enough for your content.
OFFICIAL ListenGreatMuzik
OFFICIAL ListenGreatMuzik 19 dagen geleden
I've had a scale 1:18 model of this car the exact color back in the mid 90's when I was in elementary
OFFICIAL ListenGreatMuzik
OFFICIAL ListenGreatMuzik 17 dagen geleden
@Paul Nieder I've had so many models and hot wheels that would have been classics maybe and I have no idea what happened to them 😔
Paul Nieder
Paul Nieder 18 dagen geleden
This is the only colour that this car should be in. All the other colours look weird to me. I always meant to get a 1/18 scale model of this car back in the 90s, but I never did get around to it. ☹️
pillo1000 20 dagen geleden
CONGRATS on fulfilling one of your dreams DOUG!!! I had this car's poster on my wall as a kid and REALLY loved it, thanks for sharing this Doug, and thanks for the emotion when driving it
Mike Bass
Mike Bass 20 dagen geleden
EB in russian sounds like (еби) - go f*ck)
Matthew Richardson
Matthew Richardson 20 dagen geleden
bad ass
TCO556 20 dagen geleden
The people that don't know about the EB110 are also the people who don't know Doug DeMuro is.
Monolithic87 21 dag geleden
I remember seeing one of these at Rittenhouse Square in the early '90s... I'm walking around Center City, for some reason, and happen to spot this little commotion around this bright blue car in off of the street in a walking area and I'm like, "I've never seen a car in that color before. What is that? Bugatti?!?" They had some presentation/promotion going on showing the history of the brand posted up and some guy explaining it over the microphone. Wish they had camera phones back in those days 'cause I would've snapped some pics or taken some video. Anyway, I stood there for a few minutes before walking away thinking to myself, basically: "Rittenhouse Square + rich white folks = somebody there can afford it... Must be good to have that kind of money. 😎" Still a beautiful car.
Jake Purches
Jake Purches 21 dag geleden
OH MAN - can't we have a bit more interesting drive??
LewyTheFlyS13 22 dagen geleden
Looks like a Diablo from the side
joseph thomas
joseph thomas 22 dagen geleden
My 92 civic has same turn/wiper switches haha
Jason G. Clauß
Jason G. Clauß 22 dagen geleden
Make Bugatti Italian Again
The RaptorWrangler
The RaptorWrangler 22 dagen geleden
Why would anyone dislike this?
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