Why Modifications Don't Make Your Car More Valuable

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Doug DeMuro

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A lot of people with modified cars think their modifications add value. But modifications generally don’t add value to cars - and today I’m going to explain why mods don’t make your car more valuable. I’ll also explain a few situations where they do increase your value.


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Mohamed Mokrane
Mohamed Mokrane Dag geleden
Even in games I don't mod cars...
PCarba Dag geleden
In US, no, but in other countries yes
Richard France
Richard France 2 dagen geleden
Only mod a car if you aim to keep it until scrap.
Richard France
Richard France 2 dagen geleden
Modifications make them lose value. They are tailored to the person. What's another man's amazing catback cobra exhaust system is another man's junk. Junk has to be replaced and disposed of.
Nick Jarboe
Nick Jarboe 2 dagen geleden
The cuts to the profile camera and back are no good. Not sure what you are trying to do with that. Your channel is about transmitting information in an enjoyable, relaxing way. This style is not on brand.
ACID 3 dagen geleden
if you got a 30k car and put 10k on mods its worth 20k
Jack 4 dagen geleden
I really thought this was common sense, but i guess it's better not to assume
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 4 dagen geleden
THIS ... is not a car
Isak s
Isak s 6 dagen geleden
the way I actually made money on modifications on a car I used to own was by installing upgraded original parts. I installed the factory sports suspension and did some minor tweaks to the engine so it ran exactly like the higher eingine choice. cars with that engine and that suspension goes for more than it cost to get the same parts from the scrap yard. so I bought that car for $600, spent another $600 and sold it for $2000. but I put more hours on it than the extra money was worth and I would have made more money just to work the same amount of hours at my job. it was fun to do tho and the car was really fun to drive for a while so I still think it was worth it
Kenneth Pullen
Kenneth Pullen 7 dagen geleden
This is amplified when we start talking about pick-up trucks. At least 50% of the buyers will be looking for something to use for work. Once the suspension has been messed with it becomes useless as a work truck. Add the gimmicky tail lights, wheels, grill, shaved tailgate handle, and etc. it becomes worthless to anyone other than a teenager. One thing I'm surprised you didn't touch on is the quality of the mods. For the most part it's a guessing game. Especially engine upgrades. There are so many little subsequent upgrades or adjustments that need to also be made. Did the mechanic really know what he was doing? Many of those mods become a liability and a risk. I'm not paying more for that.
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson 8 dagen geleden
As an unapologetic automotive purist thank you for making this video. I will admit I will give an exception for commercial/work purposes or for daily non- classics if it increases the usability or enjoyment with the understanding that vehicle will likely never be more than a loyal daily driver. For example I put an aftermarket head unit in my 03 Yukon. I also went to 17 in GMC wheels rather than keeping the stock 16 in because here in Oklahoma 17 in tires are much easier to find and actually costs less. Now as far as classics go. I like seeing carburetors, inline 6 cylinders, drum brakes etc etc. I do understand the safety and reliability concerns and if a classic is seeing lots of miles I can understand that viewpoint even though it always rips a part of my heart out when I see the old technology being lost.
Nick S
Nick S 10 dagen geleden
Every single person in buy/sell groups on facebook needs to watch this lmao. So many people dont get how this works.
Fluffhead 7
Fluffhead 7 11 dagen geleden
This applies to houses sometimes... sometimes, like modifying a room or house to your taste very specifically, a good example on the really high end is Michael Jordans mansion that was on the market forever, this can happen on a smaller scale though, like installing a low quality above ground pool or like a pokemon tiled bathroom or something weird.
William Rogstad
William Rogstad 13 dagen geleden
Why people expect to recoup the retail cost of their mods is a mystery. If the car has depreciated say, 40% from new then so have the mods, if not more. Plus many modifications just replaced a version of a thing the car already had. Nothing was really added to the car just replaced.
Yabas 14 dagen geleden
Doug the type of guy to address himself as "this" instead of "I"
Zack Zada
Zack Zada 15 dagen geleden
Does PPFing add value?
The Trump News Network
The Trump News Network 17 dagen geleden
That's complete bullshit. It all depends on the modifications.
rockabilly Page
rockabilly Page 18 dagen geleden
"Cool cat" I understand.
Shurr Rig
Shurr Rig 19 dagen geleden
i only watched to see the shark - car from the thumbnail :(
X Blake Freeman X
X Blake Freeman X 19 dagen geleden
1am in the morning… bout to smoke a blunt, and start my day. Thank you for existing, Doug.
X Blake Freeman X
X Blake Freeman X 19 dagen geleden
3:26 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
dasfabelwesen 20 dagen geleden
The new camera angle is so that you know that his ears are clean. LOOK AT HOW CLEAN THEY ARE!!!
michael baka
michael baka 20 dagen geleden
I inherited a '73 Buick Limited [Electra] my dad bought brand-new. I'm even hesitant to upgrade the radio because I want her to be JUST as she came from the factory. No wild wheels and tires or exhaust mods either. Triple black 2-door, the paint isn't the greatest but I won't repaint because then she's no longer original! I've turned down ridiculous amounts for her BECAUSE I keep her all original. It's true; they're only original ONCE.
Kyle Graeme
Kyle Graeme 21 dag geleden
Whats with the side cameea lol
Jajam Lowe Superman
Jajam Lowe Superman 21 dag geleden
The Fast and the Furious
pjkr123 21 dag geleden
The title of the video should be renamed as “why modifications don’t add value to your car that’s gonna be sold to the market”
TheMoneylender 21 dag geleden
I feel like Doug missed the biggest point. The main reason why YOUR mods don’t make your car more valuable is because YOU lack credibility If you think about it, an m3 is just a modified version of 3 series, AMG is just modified version of a mercedes, however, they are significantly more desirable because it’s done by credible people. When YOU make modification to YOUR vehicle, it could be significantly better than the stock version, but to others there is always that uncertainty whether it’s been done properly. Did they use ductape? Are all the bolts properly torqued? How is this going to affect other components? Did this person take any shortcuts that they shouldn’t have? What do they actually know about engineering? Etc.. This is why cars tuned by established tuning companies, or high performance division of manufacturers, are significantly more valuable than their stock counter parts. Ie, Alpina BMW, RUF porsche, Blackseries mercedes, Callaway Corvette etc.. Mods that improve driving experience, wether that is more power, less weight, better brakes etc are more desirable, but not at the expense of safety and reliability. So when YOU install quad turbos in your garage, people are gonna wonder if overall package is going to work.
Overcast Friday
Overcast Friday 22 dagen geleden
I would pay more for an LS-swapped Delorean even if it wasn't becoming common.
PAVEL K. 23 dagen geleden
Every man want a virgin.
Manny Brum
Manny Brum 24 dagen geleden
The best way to get 10 grand more for your car is to sell it with 20 grand in cash in the trunk.
But What About Dragons?
But What About Dragons? 24 dagen geleden
Good stuff. I was an insurance appraiser, and thankfully I rarely ran into someone who was aggressive about how much their car was worth with mods. Granted I was on the repair side of things rather than the selling side, though sometimes people were also planning to get rid of the car anyway so value did come up. Basically everyone I talked to about was realistic about how the money they'd put into the car was pretty much gone. I think the most anyone had ever put into a now-totaled car was like $3k, about twice what that car was honestly worth, but that guy was well aware he had been essentially throwing his money away too. Around here what most people spend the big money on is oversized wheels, and that market is substantial enough that it's not a bad investment.
Brandon Crimmins
Brandon Crimmins 24 dagen geleden
I couldn’t agree more! You were 100% SPOT ON in this one Doug! I’ve been looking for a used Diesel Truck for a couple months now. And even though I plan on tuning it, doing exhaust, intake and all sorts of other mods. I DO NOT want YOUR mods. Even if some of them are what I would have picked myself. Part of the value in mods, in my opinion, is doing the mods yourself! Or at least the before and after reaction you have in your own head when modding something. For example… it’s fun to drive a tuned compound turbo diesel truck for a test drive. But I think it’s even more fun if you experience the original power level and then get to experience the massive increase in power after modding.
Overcast Friday
Overcast Friday 24 dagen geleden
"Let me buy this 1930-40s era stock, complete car and add the 50k in parts and labor to make it go and stop like modern traffic, instead of buying a street rod already done for 40-50k" Yeah -- buyers don't think that way. I will say the points argued in this video do generally kick in collector cars built later.
Korey Gonzales
Korey Gonzales 25 dagen geleden
Doug looks naked with only one shirt and its making me uncomfortable
joshoben 8
joshoben 8 25 dagen geleden
When he says Card & Bids *Skip Skip Skip Skip skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip*
Chris Piedade
Chris Piedade 25 dagen geleden
i would never pay "serious" money for a modded car because I once saw a "professionally built" car with wood screws holding on trim and spoiler. And by serious money I mean anything over $2k
Jeffrey Benitez
Jeffrey Benitez 26 dagen geleden
Cool thing is there’s this dealership in Texas called Texas hot rides. They buy and sell only modified cars. I actually made 10k profit by selling my 1,000 hp C7 z06.
Joao Ribeiro
Joao Ribeiro 26 dagen geleden
agree! doug less coffee
George Floyd Gaming
George Floyd Gaming 26 dagen geleden
Useful to JDM losers.
LPCrossOver 27 dagen geleden
I love the cute stock animations change. Some of them are pretty funny like how your older videos have chimpanzee sound effects. The second camera angle on the other hand doesn’t stick the landing. Like it more front and center. Just an opinion.
alan pina
alan pina 27 dagen geleden
actually they are
Paul Buchanan
Paul Buchanan 27 dagen geleden
I worked at a dealership in college, it was exceptionally true of GMC Yukon and Denali's with huge rims, we would ask if they still had the original rims and if the answer was no we would drop the trade-in offer by 4k instantly. Because no one would buy one of those trucks used with weird rims.
Luvs2Spooge 27 dagen geleden
I wonder what next weeks episode of “Doug lectures the obvious” will be about! Seriously though this guy loves hearing himself speak. Didn’t he have a second channel for vids like this?
Koncha Lola
Koncha Lola 27 dagen geleden
trust me, this is not obvious to many people
Hayden Soloway
Hayden Soloway 27 dagen geleden
Everyone selling there modded wrx on kijiji for 20-30 k
Nathan 27 dagen geleden
Doug what about paint protection film or ceramic coating? How are those translating to resale value. I would consider them mods.
Hallo Hoe gaat ie
Hallo Hoe gaat ie 28 dagen geleden
The animations are gold 🤣
Andreas Stolze
Andreas Stolze 28 dagen geleden
3:27 Now I know who that crazy guy was, at the last cars and coffee
Desmond Bailey
Desmond Bailey 28 dagen geleden
I'm surprised award winning modified cars wasn't mentioned. I think a modified car that has multiple car show awards or featured on magazines could be a good selling point.
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado 29 dagen geleden
Only cars built by reputable shops and properly documented will raise the value of a car
Ikura Burst
Ikura Burst 29 dagen geleden
another one is when kids put ugly cheap fiberglass fenders and bumpers on cars. You definitely think "it's gonna cost me a LOT more for a legit OEM bumper this dumb kid threw away for that cheap piece of flimsy hollow cardboard looking drift crap on there now" THEN thousands of dollars of body and paint work.
Francesco Iuliano
Francesco Iuliano 29 dagen geleden
Very precise, sensible and rational.
Eon Gaming
Eon Gaming 29 dagen geleden
Upgrading the guides for the timing chain on a B6/B7 Audi S4 can more than double the value of the car.
Batters56 29 dagen geleden
$97000 for a converted Mercedes sprinter?!?
Animals&Cars 26 dagen geleden
it’s a camper van with a bed, kitchen, toilet, etc… try finding another camper van under 100k
CopperRaven Productions
CopperRaven Productions 29 dagen geleden
Over 9 mins in a 12 min video to get to the what improves a car....😑
Ghetto Tog
Ghetto Tog Maand geleden
Sad but true.
lmaxmai Maand geleden
I understand your argument regarding especially showoff kind of modifications. However, this seems to apply to manufacturer options also, to a certain degree, as not everyone will want additional screens, a sunroof and so on. That said, to the person who modified this video... sorry buddy but we will not be needing your services from this point in time onwards. :\
Raiden Derp
Raiden Derp Maand geleden
i want a 3rd camera angle just pointed straight up your nose.
John Cangieter
John Cangieter Maand geleden
The real question is: Why mod a car you're going to sell anyway?
Gold Crusader
Gold Crusader Maand geleden
I always go by the rule of if I wad to traed in my ride to a dealer. Usually dealers don’t give a crap about your mods
Nitrousbird Maand geleden
C6Z. Heads/cam/intake cars CONSISTENTLY sell for significantly more money than stock/near-stock cars with similar miles/condition. One of the big reasons is the valve guide issues with these cars - many buyers want this addressed, which is addressed when doing the heads. Will get your parts cost back out in resale? Typically no (well, if you did them a year ago, absolutely in today's crazy market). But you will get several grand more for the car than one without that done. I got lucky with mine, and only paid a couple grand more for mine already modded than if I had bought a stock one, but I bought well and can sell for well over what I have into the car.
Campion Solo
Campion Solo Maand geleden
so you telling me the spinning hub caps didn't increased the value of my pinto?
VisuallyAmazing Maand geleden
Wife: OMG girl I haven't seen you in so long look you have to meet my husband! Ow here he comes girl this is- Doug: 0:00
Dawid Nowak
Dawid Nowak Maand geleden
What increase value of the car? Using premium spare parts and regular service. Some lame rims and „fake Taxi” stickers along with „sport exhaust” not really
Rodrigo Sánchez Picazo
Rodrigo Sánchez Picazo Maand geleden
What about period correct mods? Example: Does an Skyline R34 with an all original Tommy Kaira's kit installed is more valuable than an all stock R34? How different would it be? Awesome video Doug! :)
Nic B
Nic B Maand geleden
The second camera angle reminds me of someone describing their point of view during an intervention 🤣💀
Nic B
Nic B Maand geleden
I’m about to piss Doug off and throw a hellcat engine in my Kia Optima 💀
dct223 Maand geleden
it's funny to me you had to make a video explaining this.. but it doesn't surprise me.
Neal Chauhan
Neal Chauhan Maand geleden
Not sure I love the edits + extra camera angle on this. Part of the charm of your videos has been the straightforward video formats imo!
Peter Darr
Peter Darr Maand geleden
You still owe me a ten second car !!
DUNE Maand geleden
Original and COMPLETELY stock. Older owner with low miles. I’ll pay more...
ldkm 2049
ldkm 2049 Maand geleden
How did you get that Italian plate?? Is it original?
Costin Novac
Costin Novac Maand geleden
Doug, you just lubricated my soul with this video. It's awfully true what you said.
Trí Nguyễn
Trí Nguyễn Maand geleden
As a viewer in Vietnam, I hope your channel, you can add Vietnamese subtitles to each video, maybe a few sentences I hear and understand, but mostly few. I would like to thank you for your comments
Still Searchin
Still Searchin Maand geleden
Appreciate your channel Doug, you provide good insight and quality content 💯
7.62 x 39
7.62 x 39 Maand geleden
Every cheap ass with a civic full of mods: “Why?!”
tvrduude Maand geleden
YYYEEEEESSSSSSS! Amazed at how many people do not get this concept!!!
Santor Maand geleden
Lucky for me I have managed to keep my Kia Rondo all stock, despite peer pressure.
King Kunta
King Kunta Maand geleden
gonna send this to my retarded buddy
Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D.
Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D. Maand geleden
The trick is to hit the sweet spot price. Sell the car where if the person doesnt like your mods they can actually make money if they took them off and sold them whilst also listing the car at a price you'll make money on :)
T Murphy
T Murphy Maand geleden
Funny how, as buyers, we want to pay as little as possible...sometimes unreasonably so. But, as sellers, we want as much as possible...sometimes unreasonably so.
T Murphy
T Murphy Maand geleden
Same goes for motorcycles.
Alan Brown
Alan Brown Maand geleden
Resto Mods like a Singer Porsche?
Jason R
Jason R Maand geleden
ok, legit question: what about OEM+ manufacturer modifications/additions? ie: i have a mk7.5 Golf R and i added Euro (VW) power folding mirrors, coded properly, with Euro-spec aspherical mirror lenses and also a spare tire kit (the NA spec cars didn't come with that).
mikehh8020 Maand geleden
Shitty or limited mods don't improve value, but a well-built beast of a car built on an inexpensive chassis can greatly improve the value of the inexpensive chassis. Let's use a 1000 hp 2JZ in a 350z with track-worthy supporting mods as an example. You'll never recover your money, but the $5000 chassis can be, and are commonly sold for $25000.
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday Maand geleden
I've modded cars before and sold them and I very much agree with this video. You would be delusional to think you can get every dollar back of the mods, sometimes it will increase the value it's only about 50% of what you paid for the mod not including installation. I recently sold my off road truck which I considered modded the correct way and actually got full asking price from the 1st person intrested $3k over Kelley Blue Book. That is one example of a sale going the sellers way but often it does not happen like that. GREAT VIDEO DOUG
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez Maand geleden
Vanquish + 80k mod Manual Transmision... worth it?
William Dixon
William Dixon Maand geleden
Thank you for confirming. I realised this in the eighties. Plenty of buddies modding, getting less than axed when selling.
William Dixon
William Dixon Maand geleden
Yes, keep Sedona wild.Yes!
GTSam Maand geleden
I'm more excited about that Acura TLX Type S in the beginning!
FALCORTON Maand geleden
TLDR: Part your Modded car out, revert it back to stock = Profit.
MR UNKNOWN Maand geleden
He's gonna create controversy.... We don't modify cars to sell
capnthepeafarmer Maand geleden
I bought a super clean NA Miata about ten years ago for $3600. It had hard top and was bone stock. I put in easily over $10k in "tasteful" mods, really nice paint, wheels etc. I ended up selling it for $7500 about a year ago. Didn't make my money back by any means, but it was on the market for a long time waiting for the "right" buyer.
Ахмед Гаджимагомедов
Ахмед Гаджимагомедов Maand geleden
ISUZU TROOPER 2 Generation Review
Garrett Hatcher
Garrett Hatcher Maand geleden
Doug take the laptop out of your lap it’s extremely unprofessional
Jim Preast
Jim Preast Maand geleden
Thank you Doug! I have seen too many people take 10k to turn a 20k vehicle into a 12k vehicle with stupid mods.
robin de lang
robin de lang Maand geleden
I like the different angle, but I'm sure it will work much better when driving a car, try an angle where we can see you sideways in a drive position, or from behind, and a view of the dash and windscreen. Concerning your opinion modifications to cars, here in the Netherlands it's definitely an upgrade when it is done properly, and will raise the value significantly
k m
k m Maand geleden
I just wanna know if that's a super chill fly on his left sleeve or a glutinous mosquito 🤔
Eric Torres
Eric Torres Maand geleden
My first venture into modifying a car, I modded a 94 civic. Ya generic I know. I bought the car for $800 with a blown head gasket which cost $2000 to repair. Spent $1000ish on suspension upgrades, $350ish to convert rear brakes from drum to disk, and spent about $600 on repairing body damage caused by the previous owner. Among other mods, I wanted an autocross/track car that was still street legal...barely. had the car for 7 years and sold it for $1000. My original asking price was $1200. Last I heard a few months ago, it's still on the road in California where I sold it now smog exempt. I want one again but every one I find is swapped and/or turbo'd and they want 5k for it and it's in terrible shape. Like seriously? I'd see that if it was a B16B or K20. But you put a H22 in it. Yay. Good for you.
Adam Fink
Adam Fink Maand geleden
I was kinda hoping Doug could shit all over the squatted truck craze going on right now :(
Dave Gammon
Dave Gammon Maand geleden
How does anyone really think mods increase the value?
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