The Alfa Romeo RZ Is One of the Strangest 1990s Sports Cars

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Doug DeMuro

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Alfa Romeo RZ review! The Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ are two of the strangest sports cars of the 1990s. Today I'm reviewing the Alfa RZ (the convertible version of the Alfa SZ) and I'll show you the quirks and features of the Alfa RZ/SZ. I'm also going to drive the Alfa Romeo RZ and show you what it's like behind the wheel of this odd car.


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Fabrizio Bestetti
Fabrizio Bestetti 4 uur geleden
impara a vestirti prima di criticare le macchine italiane
TheRjk76 6 uur geleden
Zagato. Experts at making cars ugly
Ege Ayvala
Ege Ayvala 7 uur geleden
No man it looks sexy as f. Its weird and I'm in love with it
Hedayat SM
Hedayat SM 23 uur geleden
How did a car reviewer not know that the buttons to open the roof compartment is that way (turn off car and button behind seat) as a safety feature so that you don't engage it by accident while driving and breaking it due to wind resistance?
Oliv3ra Dag geleden
Hello Doug. I'm actually surprised you have found this car in the US. Also I was one of the few people on earth, who was actually sitting in one. And actually the history of this car is also kind of interesting. In 1986 Fiat bought the company so over the time all the new projects should have been based on same platform with Fiat's and Lancia's cars. Which meant also all the new upcomming cars having FWD. During the time, models Spider and 75 Milano were still in production, but their production stopped in early 90's while SZ (Trophy) and RZ still be in production. And RZ is actually last Alfa Romeo car with RWD until 2013 4C and 2015 Giulia (except the model 8C, which was actually built in Maserati on the base of Gran Turismo with Ferrari/Maserati powertrain, so it is basically Maserati with Alfa Romeo badge). And actually the engine (as you correctly called it Busso), you may want to check this engine in 916 GTV/Spider with 3 litre V6 producing ~220 HP or one of the GTA models (147/156) where the engine has power output over 250 HP. The engine looks amazing under the hood and has awesome sound. Several car journalists evaluated the engine as the best sounding V6 of all time.
Green drone
Green drone Dag geleden
Front starts with little bit of hope, ends with the tail of despair.
Hunter Gordon
Hunter Gordon Dag geleden
i wanna bag it on some 3 piece hre’s and a chassis mount
kosta nikos
kosta nikos Dag geleden
you are not attractive
Randomnick123 Dag geleden
Doug: Hey can I borrow your car for my youtube channel? AR owner: Sure, just let me know when the vid is coming out... Doug: Sure! AR owner later: ....
sam newman
sam newman Dag geleden
I like the fact that the composite is heavier than aluminium or fibreglass. This is quite a heavy car.
David Mall
David Mall 2 dagen geleden
Reminds me of a Geo Metro convertible.
Mariano Tombetta
Mariano Tombetta 2 dagen geleden
one does not say clover in an Alfa Romeo, one says "Quadrifoglio"
Rivian Kid
Rivian Kid 2 dagen geleden
The front looks like it was made in roblox
Nicolau Dsouza
Nicolau Dsouza 2 dagen geleden
WRT Two AC controllers...tht how Auto climate control you got to do manually..
Lorenzo Spolaor
Lorenzo Spolaor 2 dagen geleden
Now you get why, in Italy, we call it "il Mostro" (the Monster)
Ayie Coburn
Ayie Coburn 2 dagen geleden
Is that a S2000 pre-concept car?
The GOD of GREEN 2 dagen geleden
climate control - i want to be hot and cold at the same time
e g
e g 2 dagen geleden
I think Alfa Romeo Should of employed Doug to help them design there cars
Squalo Pazzo
Squalo Pazzo 2 dagen geleden
Il MOSTRO 🔥❤️🇮🇹
SV Fun
SV Fun 2 dagen geleden
Horrible looks, great review. Man that rear end is ugly...
Nick Weiss
Nick Weiss 2 dagen geleden
That car is hideous and I love it. It look kind of like it has an extra t-shirt on.
Stuart Preestley
Stuart Preestley 2 dagen geleden
It doesn't take much to make Doug giggly and overexcited that's for sure
Filippo Soracca
Filippo Soracca 2 dagen geleden
Doug, this car is beautiful, stop, i'm sorry, but yor're wrong.
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 3 dagen geleden
After all those complaints about the top it took him less than 45 seconds to put it back down lol
Skeptical Skeksis
Skeptical Skeksis 3 dagen geleden
The coupe looks way better.
Kyle S
Kyle S 3 dagen geleden
Somebody at Zagato DEFINITELY pissed off someone at Alfa causing this to be birthed as nail in the coffin
Shadowstate 3 dagen geleden
I like the design, looks like a toy.
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira 3 dagen geleden
this is my dream car didn´t had money to buy it when it came out but it looks strange all my life only saw oneand it looks like a real sport car inside, the convertible was only made to U.S. buyers in europe no one buys sport cars without top ,like if one lives in Monaco, curiosity,it´s faster than any new American muscle car and (drums) it turns at more tha alf a mile an hour, it´s competition look not look at the sport car, here a portuguese also making a portuguese hand signal with his finger
KOMO 3 dagen geleden
alfa did zagato dirty
blablubb 3 dagen geleden
I actually think the RZ is pretty and the SZ is even better.
Matthew Adams
Matthew Adams 3 dagen geleden
Looks like a sportier Geo Metro convertible in the back.
Riccardo Marinoni
Riccardo Marinoni 3 dagen geleden
I’m italian and i don’t like this alfa 😅
Rocco Lucio
Rocco Lucio 4 dagen geleden
I saw one for $75k there is no way in hell I will even pay $500 for that. And I owned 3 Alfa Romeos
Don Kremer
Don Kremer 4 dagen geleden
Door cylinder?
stevodfn 4 dagen geleden
My BMW E30 has a similar roof opening mechanism so this isn't particulary quirky or complicated. Actually, a lot of the cars from the era had the same principle 🙄
Justin Case
Justin Case 4 dagen geleden
I guess I have terrible taste because I like the way it looks
Dr. Pavel I'm CIA
Dr. Pavel I'm CIA 4 dagen geleden
can't wait for the Citroen C6 review.
jewy jewjew
jewy jewjew 4 dagen geleden
This Doug guy has shitty taste calling this beautiful ride ugly.
oz5wob3 4 dagen geleden
Hey Doug, I am not an expert but I think you are wrong about that grab handle on the passenger seat. Isn't that actually the "ejection seat" handle? I think I have seen those in a few jet fighter movies. They pull that handle and the seat ejects from the vehicle.
Krusty The clowm
Krusty The clowm 5 dagen geleden
I'm not going lie I only click on it cause I thought it was a kitcar I think it looks cute with the Roof on 😂
jc laxa
jc laxa 5 dagen geleden
Hey demuro, just wait in about 10 to 15, there'll be car reviewers that will also snicker and make ridiculous remarks about cars in your era. See how'd you feel creep
DefyYourLogic 5 dagen geleden
I dont really mind the design. Its interesting. Not sure if its ugly or not but it's interesting.
Dorian Davis
Dorian Davis 5 dagen geleden
As a former Miata owner (02&06), I'd be so ashamed to have to park my car and do every step this alpha wants in order to get my top down. In a Miata it's like taking a hat off. 1 or two latches and you just release it backwards and it folds like nothing.
Gautam Borthakur
Gautam Borthakur 5 dagen geleden
Video starts from 3:16
cristiticu 5 dagen geleden
Ma vaffancullo Doug! gli Alfisti
MashMonster69 5 dagen geleden
Wow, Alpha Romero made a Chrysler LeBaron.
Kunegunda GoRyl
Kunegunda GoRyl 5 dagen geleden
This used to be my No.1 fav Matchbox (/Majorette) to drive around the carpet back in the 90's ❤ :)
František Polák
František Polák 5 dagen geleden
It actually is very usual in European convertibles from 90's and 00's to be turned off in order to operate the roof. It is a safety feature for not messing with the roof when you are driving. First thing I would try!
Syazwan Chawan
Syazwan Chawan 5 dagen geleden
100k for a red brick. Hmm... 🤔
Mo Rafiee
Mo Rafiee 6 dagen geleden
“I’m not sure there all necessary, but there all there.” - *Doug DeMuro*
urbansnipe 6 dagen geleden
now we know what the blista compact was loosely based on from gta san andreas
Andy Gee
Andy Gee 6 dagen geleden
The most beautiful shoebox ever built!
taltigolt 6 dagen geleden
i honestly love the design of this car
Ian Brisland
Ian Brisland 6 dagen geleden
Sadly he never mentioned the brake disk set up and how they are not actually near the wheels at al more at the other end of the drive shafts
Ian Brisland
Ian Brisland 6 dagen geleden
Arm rest folds down for skis to come through, traditional on a lot of french/italian cars
The nextinline
The nextinline 6 dagen geleden
Doug again being full of shit. This car was not designed to "replace" the Spider, and that's why it looks nothing like it. It was designed to resemble the Giulietta Sprint Zagato, although it failed miserably at that...
teopini 6 dagen geleden
nah, the design is perfect
Greg Pohlmeier
Greg Pohlmeier 7 dagen geleden
I think the design and styling are incredible
CbassPlays 7 dagen geleden
Definitely a weird car🤣 but I wanna know what happened to Doug's left knee!!! Tell us more @DougDemuro!
Drinkyoghurt 7 dagen geleden
@12:35 Really Doug? You can't figure out it's so you can access the storage behind the seats? Bruh demuro.
Alfonso Adame
Alfonso Adame 7 dagen geleden
Bring back these weird cars !! Cars nowadays are trash . Doug sucks
Austin Adams
Austin Adams 8 dagen geleden
This car looks like they started chiseling a car out of marble but stopped almost immediately.
Christian O. Holz
Christian O. Holz 9 dagen geleden
It also has rear fog lights in the bumper. Rear fog lights are mandatory in Europe (and a good idea)
Xavi Chuvy
Xavi Chuvy 9 dagen geleden
R Zee. wtf? is that how Americans mispronounce Z or is it one of the usual Doug DeMuro moronic language quirks?
buioso 9 dagen geleden
i would not call this car ugly at all. it has a non conventional design, but with a well defined character
CJN 9 dagen geleden
What are the lights in the rear bumper?
jamie es30
jamie es30 9 dagen geleden
Those are the foglights, and the rear reflectors are in the same unit,
Patrick Lepoutre
Patrick Lepoutre 9 dagen geleden
Ohhh à Citroën C6 ! Quite rare and quirky French car! See on start of video (30 sec). Come on Doug, it needs a review
CTP 1111
CTP 1111 9 dagen geleden
telephone dial rims get me every time
Martin Zuidweg
Martin Zuidweg 9 dagen geleden
Super nice car. But look whit sound off, what a guy😢😴
Bert Zuidweg
Bert Zuidweg 9 dagen geleden
Its a super noob
Aaron J
Aaron J 9 dagen geleden
It's like they tried to give a real car Hot Wheels car proportions.
Abdo Abdoo
Abdo Abdoo 9 dagen geleden
A real life LEGO car
fnglert 9 dagen geleden
It may not be pretty but iit has a ton of personality.
Paco 10 dagen geleden
Also known in Italy as "il mostro". But it has its charm.
Jens Schneider
Jens Schneider 10 dagen geleden
I guess you could stash your shoppings through the "arm rest: bottle of wine, pack of cigarettes, maybe some pasta - but I stereotype...
frap_gadz 10 dagen geleden
Someone was very determined that nobody would be able to move that roof when the car was in motion.....
Shaibuli 10 dagen geleden
The design is unique to be sure, but I wouldn't call it ugly by any means. I think it is one of the best, most different looking and futuristic car designs of its era. Also giving performance such a low score should be considered a criminal offence. We are talking about the V6 Busso here!
robert dickson
robert dickson 10 dagen geleden
Buying one of these would be the equivalent of paying someone to leave a floating turd in your toilet.
Maatu 10 dagen geleden
That ass looks awfully lot like an Geo Metro...
Matt Battenfelder
Matt Battenfelder 10 dagen geleden
I kinda like the coupe
netweed09 11 dagen geleden
Lol, it looks like a Milk-float trying to be a sports car lol what ethereal substances were the designers taking??!
Alex 11 dagen geleden
What a stupid design for that price....
Seb XTriCKs
Seb XTriCKs 11 dagen geleden
If you do not find this car absolutely gorgeous you do not know jackshit about cars. You already prove that by not understanding what the SZ and RZ mean to any real car fans.
PETER HORNE 11 dagen geleden
Clearly Doug you have no idea what the Alfa SZ and RZ represent amoungst Alfisti worldwide. These two models are the height of what could be designed by an iconic design house like Carrozzeria Zagato in the eighties. These cars are classics in their own right with no equal, being hand assembled not of steel but a composite of materials. There are only a handful of these cars in South Africa with resale values through the roof. Yes I agree that the design is unconventional, but that is the alure of these models, they dont look like any of the Alfa's before or after. I was not impressed by the way you presented the Spider, especially as there were roughly only 250 units produced. You should have praised the SZ for its uniqueness and beautiful design/ Peter Horne-Team Principal, Alfa Dynamics Squadra Corse, Cape Town, South Africa.
Randolph Davis
Randolph Davis 12 dagen geleden
I like it 👍 but
Micamicamico 12 dagen geleden
You laugh at the top of the car but I think it’s pretty cool with all those latches it ain’t going nowhere
Neclar 12 dagen geleden
I kinda like the design !
Bruce Morrisseau
Bruce Morrisseau 12 dagen geleden
Looks like a shoe car
Roman 13 dagen geleden
Am I the only one that really loves how this car looks?
unions100 13 dagen geleden
I thought it was a toy car at first 🤣🤣🤣
Epicbutton12 13 dagen geleden
It looks like a door stop
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 13 dagen geleden
I actually think it is really good looking. Certainly interesting. Something between a 156 and a GTV. But then again, I'm an alfa guy.
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor 13 dagen geleden
the power has to be off for the top for safety. It’s unlabeled and they don’t want you accidentally pushing it out of curiously when you’re cruising the Italian coastline.
Surya pratap singh
Surya pratap singh 14 dagen geleden
I dont agree with you. This happened to be a great looking car and way more potent than most modern cars.
Aidan Shaw
Aidan Shaw 13 dagen geleden
i dont see it, i think its pretty damn ugly
D Higgins
D Higgins 15 dagen geleden
The middle folds down to do illegal drugs from Colombia
J.A.M 15 dagen geleden
That’s a good looking block 👍 ...and I definitely think the Coupe looks wayyyy better, especially with the spoiler. It’s the Convert that looks extra ugly IMO !
B C 15 dagen geleden
Doug says the SZ is even worse looking and not an attractive car. Look at the 1994 VW Corrado, most small sport coupes were boxy and odd looking.That's a lot coming from a guy that wears two t-shirts, khaki shorts and hiking shoes in every one of his videos.
Matt Howell
Matt Howell 16 dagen geleden
Extremely drag Limited.
corrosivecabal 16 dagen geleden
This is what I imagine a Shelby Metro would look like.
Ando mapletoft
Ando mapletoft 16 dagen geleden
What does this man in plain clothes with an annoying voice know about design and what is attractive? Sz model looks aggressive and rigid that was the point of its design these cars weren't supposed to be classically "normal' looking/shape.
ARMA2ARMENIA 16 dagen geleden
You are very wrong about this car. This car is beautiful.
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