This 1987 Dodge Camper Van Is an Amazing 1980s RV Relic

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Doug DeMuro

25 dagen geleden


Dodge camper van review! Today I'm reviewing an old-school relic -- a 1980s Dodge camper van with a bathroom and a kitchen! I'll show you around this van and show you all of its quirks and features, and then I'll get it on the road and drive it and show you what it's like behind the wheel of this cool 1987 Dodge B250 camper van.


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Thomas Kulpa
Thomas Kulpa 13 minuten geleden
Fiat 126 has similar triangular windows like this. We called it window for smokers. Very handy for someone who like to drive with cigarette in hand.
Compton College Inc
Compton College Inc 4 uur geleden
Doug is the Blippi of cars…
7Valletta 5 uur geleden
Getting major RCR vibes from all this b r o w n
BlueMan 5 uur geleden
Isn't that the grandpa's van from Ben 10??
Ted Morris
Ted Morris 7 uur geleden
10:10 Is it just my screen or is that water... pink?
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson 8 uur geleden
Most conversion vans started out as cargo vans, not passenger vans.
dave kirby
dave kirby 9 uur geleden
Hey back in the Day, this van was a kick ass was the top of the line van for camping for its size a fun factor???? a 100 for sure
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior 10 uur geleden
brown explosion lmao. He didn't think that one through.
Georg Helpenstein-Michels
Georg Helpenstein-Michels 10 uur geleden
i just love this one. I wish i had one of these old school but very thought through campers. Fun Factor 1 might be the fun factor regarding a normal car, i wonder what the camping fun factor would be in an AMG estate car -15? If you compare these totally different vehicles you should give them a fun factor in the category of their own.
Goldman, Adam
Goldman, Adam 10 uur geleden
A few things…. One, brown & beige in a camper you’d take to dirt, sand, mud, gravel, etc is still the primary color scheme in most campers. It makes sense. Two…. That upholstery is the leftover upholstery from the first generation Nissan Stanza. The 2nd gen came out for 87, and did not use their unique debossed square upholstery anymore. I had an 84 with this exact upholstery and an 87 that was more Maxima-styled upholstery. They were the only make and model to use that upholstery and in only the first gen Stanza.
Da SlothMC
Da SlothMC 11 uur geleden
I don’t think a brown explosion when you open the doors was the best choice of words
spamviking 14 uur geleden
"Ah whon it" - The Roman
مـُجـــــادِلِ 16 uur geleden
Men ten totototototo 😂😂😂
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks 21 uur geleden
What a snob.............
Toyota_Lover07 23 uur geleden
0:00 thhhhhhhhhiissss
Jay Sanchez
Jay Sanchez Dag geleden
Dude your voice is so annoying
Sun Saver
Sun Saver Dag geleden
I have a 1992 Roadtrek 190. It is GREAT. It is silver i call it RED OCTOBER.
Bonnie Hocking
Bonnie Hocking Dag geleden
Brown is better than blue 😎
BaronVonZollo Dag geleden
Do you have to describe each item's use? I believe we all know what lights, microwaves, stoves and sinks do. Just a thought. Nice van though. I'd use it.
Anonymous Dag geleden
no one going say anything about the pink water?
Erik Dag geleden
Nothing grosses me out more than a 30+ year old fridge.
Greg Dark
Greg Dark Dag geleden
We had an 89 Roadtrek....loved it.
B Dag geleden
Well, it's not German so obviously it gets a low fun factor score. Sticking a BMW badge on this would add 8.
tanya holmes
tanya holmes Dag geleden
Warning Pink water antifreeze
sara begay
sara begay Dag geleden
Shame on you! I don't agree with any of your scores.
sara begay
sara begay Dag geleden
Hey! This just gave me an idea for the van build I'm doing now. Thanks again
sara begay
sara begay Dag geleden
Ah..bye bye
sara begay
sara begay Dag geleden
Some of them had showers in the closed space. Drained into floor and the kitchen tank.
sara begay
sara begay Dag geleden
Still want one
sara begay
sara begay Dag geleden
Since I was old enough to drive a new one I wish you wouldn't say Relic.
sara begay
sara begay Dag geleden
I love those. Wanted one when they were new. Thanks for the memories.
JudgeBigMansion Dag geleden
This feels less like a review and more like Doug's first experience being in a camper van.
TubeSurferGeek Dag geleden
Wing vent windows were perfect for scooping up bees and other insects and depositing them in your lap!
George Jetson
George Jetson Dag geleden
Pretty cool for that era.
Joshua Felty
Joshua Felty Dag geleden
A brown explosion 💥 that had me crying. Hahahaha 😂😆
Joshua Felty
Joshua Felty Dag geleden
I chose to watch this over the new videos of the S2000 Lamborghini which I'll watch them later. Cuz this is more rare than they are. I mean like I never seen one of these on NLfast now. 🙂👍🇺🇸
Josh M.
Josh M. Dag geleden
Uncle Rico would approve.
reta yannone
reta yannone Dag geleden
beautiful love to have it
Bambi Hargrove
Bambi Hargrove Dag geleden
Pretty darn cool 😎
AsTheWheelsTurn Dag geleden
man that is in great shape!
CountinMEcrow Dag geleden
This eval. Totally missed the whole point of the rig. It is a 10 out of 10 when it is judged for what it was designed to be. Some people want a sweet piece of can keep the new plastic world.
Rebecca Pratt
Rebecca Pratt 2 dagen geleden
NOT BROWN,its called blonde
That Dumpster Fire Life
That Dumpster Fire Life 2 dagen geleden
Everyone in a traveling band back in the 90's lusted after one of these.
benzlick 2 dagen geleden
We had one like this but a GMC. Great piece of 70s / 80s American history 😎👍
Cody Gable
Cody Gable 2 dagen geleden
I can tell Doug's never been in a motorhome before lol
Matas Stankevičius
Matas Stankevičius 2 dagen geleden
"A little light"
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson 2 dagen geleden
That looks like a nice van to be living in down by the river.
Marty Lucas
Marty Lucas 2 dagen geleden
or whatever…
CH67guy1 2 dagen geleden
Death trap. If one rear tire fails the van rolls over. And from what I learned in law school, the raised roof is not very well secured and can easily come off in a collision. Chrysler did not design this van in contemplation of a third party cutting off the factory roof. Cut off the factory roof and the van loses structural rigidity.
Phil Dixon
Phil Dixon 2 dagen geleden
John C. Bojemski
John C. Bojemski 2 dagen geleden
These Van's were great in warm, dry weather. You WOULDN'T want to "camp" in it in the dead of a snowy, icey, COLD Winter! Kitchen? Great! Where's the commode? You'll inevitably need it after preparing your cooked meal.
John C. Bojemski
John C. Bojemski 2 dagen geleden
"...Not fly today..." Have you seen a stretch limo lately? Those are extended exactly the same way as this van.
John C. Bojemski
John C. Bojemski 2 dagen geleden
One of the few large vehicles that CHRYSLER CORP got RIGHT at the time when they were eschewing "big" high performance cars for the infamous "K" cars. Although technically this van was considered a "TRUCK" at the time.
John C. Bojemski
John C. Bojemski 2 dagen geleden
This DODGE van was so long you needed a telephone to talk to someone riding all the way by the back doors!
Vegas D
Vegas D 2 dagen geleden
I have a 2000 Dodge ram 3500 cargo van. And it is as long as that roadtrek.
Ксавие Киллэр
Ксавие Киллэр 2 dagen geleden
why a van life advert?
AnachronicRodent 2 dagen geleden
I would love to own one of these, it looks like a lot of fun
Rick Baier
Rick Baier 2 dagen geleden
5.2litre ( 318 ci ) Doug extremely reliable
Thomas Snapp
Thomas Snapp 2 dagen geleden
I wouldn't trust a Dodge van/truck to get me to the end of my driveway. And I know from experience.
Mur Diesel
Mur Diesel 2 dagen geleden
Why am I getting a Jay Leno feel here, lol! 5.2/318 or 5.9/360. DO a VIN check and see all the options. Good video.
J Richardson
J Richardson 2 dagen geleden
Doug ??? it's a dodge MAXI VAN the van portion was NOT EXTENDED by road trek. the dodge maxi is all over the internet. and still on the road in high numbers today.. >>>??? a a vehicle Review should be done with a little more care and accuracy than you seem to be capable of.. a lazy review at best... stop winging it and do some research.
Trilby Arnold
Trilby Arnold 2 dagen geleden
I have a 1990 Lear conversion Dodge Ram B 250, standard length. It has all the needed convenience without being fancified. It has upper cupboards, a dining area that folds out to a bed. I'm short enough at 5' to use only one bench folded out leaving the other for lounging. I can leave it folded down and made up as a bed. My passenger seat is turned around . I took out the microwave and the tv as I prefer to boon dock. The stove is not built in but I've made a permanent space for a coleman 2 burner propane stove. No tanks to deal with. I carry 15 lbs, of water, more is just added weight. Camping solo my water goes for 3 weeks as do my refrigerated items. I could live quite comfortably in Ms Joy. I'm an artist and often out for as long as 3 months. She's not brown. A patterned grey and blue and I've added red and mustard yellow. I wouldn't mind 2' extra space, however, the size I have gets anywhere I want to put her. The vintage dodge rams do have a problem, however, many of their parts are no longer made. I'm currently trying to source windshield wiper roters also headlights.
JoAnne McNIff
JoAnne McNIff 2 dagen geleden
Didn't Chevy take over the Road Trek?
AwakenER 2 dagen geleden
The fact that it is still on the road I give it a 7 out of 10 for durability.
Rohit Verma
Rohit Verma 2 dagen geleden
I was like Grandpaa Max's Van From Ben 10.
marianne prescott
marianne prescott 3 dagen geleden
Where is the phone in a bag?
David Siler
David Siler 3 dagen geleden
😲 pink water!
oldman 53
oldman 53 3 dagen geleden
After seeing the review of this van I would take it over the literally over priced garbage the car companies push on their customers today. That goes for all manufacturers, I'm not playing favorites here.
Aden Anthony
Aden Anthony 3 dagen geleden
Dude I'd move in that thing tomorrow.
Dee D
Dee D 3 dagen geleden
I would love to have that. NICE!
Damon Smith
Damon Smith 3 dagen geleden
You should do more resonant stuff luck this Doug.
Damon Smith
Damon Smith 3 dagen geleden
I think this could be the best video you’ve made,. Though I subscribed for the mainstream…
David Young
David Young 3 dagen geleden
These are a hot item now. Prices have really blown up over the last couple years.
D M Vaughn
D M Vaughn 3 dagen geleden
An explosion of brown until Doug adds a clip from another van with purple cushions to show the bed conversion in the back.
Harvey Post
Harvey Post 3 dagen geleden
On off like watching myself pee at 71 ..what's in ur pants.
Michael L
Michael L 3 dagen geleden
Turns on faucet: dumps all the winterizer out.
Justin Tombs
Justin Tombs 2 dagen geleden
I was wondering why the water was pink, thanks for your comment!
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 3 dagen geleden
Uncle Rico?
Chaszon Smith
Chaszon Smith 3 dagen geleden
God I want one in that shape please
David C.
David C. 3 dagen geleden
Chevy Chase and Family in Yosemite
Donald Desnoo
Donald Desnoo 3 dagen geleden
6mpg better drive a Corolla rent a motel. Will probably catch fire 🔥 GET TOWING INS. NEVER GO WITHOUT YOUR TOOLS ☺️
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey 3 dagen geleden
Love this!!! All categories a 10 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Blubus 3 dagen geleden
"Brown explosion when you open the doors" I giggled.
Amanda Conner
Amanda Conner 3 dagen geleden
Its so clean I love it....
Sven Hodaka
Sven Hodaka 3 dagen geleden
Wow, what a great condition van! It’s a beauty & I love it. 10/10.
CDNCarGuy 3 dagen geleden
Is anybody else bothered by the fact that a camper van did so poorly in the "weekend" category 🤔
Leandro Alterini
Leandro Alterini 3 dagen geleden
5:39 hmmm... I don´t know if "brown explosion" was the best phrase to say XD LOL .. awesome vid and van!!!!
Leandro Alterini
Leandro Alterini 2 dagen geleden
@Justin Tombs yeah!!! I spelled it wrong, thanks for the correction man! my first lenguage is spanish, but I´m always trying to improve my english, so, thank you budy!
Justin Tombs
Justin Tombs 2 dagen geleden
Just to let you know the spelling of the word is "phrase". Not sure if English is your first language, but wanted to help you out for future use of it.
cafn8ed74 3 dagen geleden
There's a NLfastr called Taylor's Travels who lives in one of these (or at least did at one point). She has a video tour of hers with some history about the company, if you find that the Road Trek just happens to be your jam.
NobodyLikes thisGuy
NobodyLikes thisGuy 3 dagen geleden
Kendall Smith
Kendall Smith 3 dagen geleden
Golly, I never saw a conversion van before! What will they think of next?
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels 3 dagen geleden
is it for sale..??
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels 3 dagen geleden
SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide} ssooooooo cool...on MY wish list..
Proxima 3 dagen geleden
It looks like the rustbucket from Ben 10
nicholas fink
nicholas fink 3 dagen geleden
I have a 1994 GMC cargo van it works great
Alex K
Alex K 3 dagen geleden
Home&Park was the manufacturer, Roadtrek was the model name of the vehicle
ꕥ Vxnilla Bear ꕥ
ꕥ Vxnilla Bear ꕥ 3 dagen geleden
This has more doors than i will ever see in my life
Norm G
Norm G 3 dagen geleden
I had one of those, a Dodge Maxivan. Closed box and stock. And it had the extended rear end welded on from the Dodge factory.
jack pualder
jack pualder 3 dagen geleden
Well we're driving a 1976 very orange dodge conversion. No toilet but the side of the road is always nearby. This is basically a truck chassis and can handle some pretty rough roads but hates getting stuck in slow traffic or traffic jams
Norm G
Norm G 3 dagen geleden
I prefer brown to the dusty rose and grey combo of the eighties...
Malik Shabazz
Malik Shabazz 3 dagen geleden
I didn't realize how bad the Metris is.
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