The 2021 Acura TLX Type S Is a Shockingly Sporty Sedan from Acura

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Doug DeMuro

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Acura TLX Type S review! The Acura TLX is a midsize sedan from Acura, and the new TLX Type S is the sporty version. Today I'm reviewing the TLX Type S, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of Acura's coolest new car. I'll also drive the TLX Type S and show you what it's like on the road and review the driving experience.


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Darren Prest
Darren Prest 38 minuten geleden
Great car, but the key fob is the same as my 2018 MDX. But yes, those 3 lights are handy.
Supervisor lee
Supervisor lee Dag geleden
Mpg still bad for what it is, so I went to the accord which has the same specs with better mpg
Amanuel Geb
Amanuel Geb Dag geleden
Acura can put 17 speaker but not 1 or 2 USB plug
absolutelynonameslef Dag geleden
Would love to have one of these in Performance Red Pearl. That color is stunning in sunlight.
Gurmanav _Urdaliygamer21
Gurmanav _Urdaliygamer21 Dag geleden
This ! Is never going to get old
Darryl K
Darryl K Dag geleden
This might be the weirdest take I've heard on this car anywhere. Doug is literally saying the opposite of people who've driven race each his own
xL0stKIlah Dag geleden
Screens ruin a cars interior tbh
carlosed2020 Dag geleden
Too much Mazda-Audi look alike
Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips 2 dagen geleden
It looks good
Bradythevidman 1
Bradythevidman 1 2 dagen geleden
Doug: Before I get started be sure to check out CARS AND BI... Me: (Skips ad)
mpgxsvcd 2 dagen geleden
“We measured a 4.9-second time to 60 mph and a 13.6 quarter-mile at 103 mph”. It looks great but it really isn’t fast at all.
Wyatt Chiordi
Wyatt Chiordi 2 dagen geleden
I want that car
Wyatt Chiordi
Wyatt Chiordi 2 dagen geleden
I love Acura’s. I have a 2006 TSX
Cupcake 01
Cupcake 01 2 dagen geleden
From a 90s and early 2000s Acura fan this car is NOT good looking. It’s huge and looks like a reimagined 2020 Pontiac grand am. Color me disappointed Acura
الشيخ بندر
الشيخ بندر 2 dagen geleden
Interior is horrible,, Looks like very old comparing to the other cars
Oliver Maryjane
Oliver Maryjane 2 dagen geleden
Shut up Doug,and just the dang thing 😊
Mr. DylPickle
Mr. DylPickle 3 dagen geleden
Can u do the 2007 version?
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen 3 dagen geleden
Flat bottomed wheels, you make the rocking car turn round.
Michael Owen
Michael Owen 3 dagen geleden
I've had an '07 TL Type S since new. Planning on trading up shortly. Unfortunately, Acura has dictated that all TLX Type Ss that have been delivered to date are demo only. Not to be sold until 8/20, or somewhere thereabouts.
Caleb Hundley
Caleb Hundley 3 dagen geleden
1117 why is his finger moving so fast
Caleb Hundley
Caleb Hundley 3 dagen geleden
Don't forget Doug is like 6'3
Joseph Malone
Joseph Malone 3 dagen geleden
Tigers eye gold refers to the stone not the actual animal
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash 3 dagen geleden
This, is overpriced!!!!
Jordy Caicedo
Jordy Caicedo 3 dagen geleden
So heated wiper area but no heated steering wheel?
DROWHODIS? 3 dagen geleden
I want an acura so bad
David Hatchel
David Hatchel 4 dagen geleden
That screen is way too small, should be about 12 inches.
David Hatchel
David Hatchel 4 dagen geleden
Ariyan Afif
Ariyan Afif 4 dagen geleden
He reveals the price at 20:51
Jun Da Li
Jun Da Li 4 dagen geleden
Why didn’t Acura make a 6 speed manual model?
koi Pond videos
koi Pond videos 4 dagen geleden
Faster 0-60 than my 2003 tl type s by 0.6 seconds Faster quarter mile by 0.3 seconds Buys the tl type s for 3k cash w title … saves 50k
Lamont Morgan
Lamont Morgan 4 dagen geleden
I think Doug had the actual lamest vibe ever but it somehow is the coolest thing about him 😂 gotta love it
Luke Ayers
Luke Ayers 4 dagen geleden
does it have a digital spedometer?
Crow Zero
Crow Zero 5 dagen geleden
All these years and still only 300 plus hp while other competitors are in this class are 400 plus hp or more 🤦‍♂️
BIack Iists
BIack Iists 5 dagen geleden
I think the Kia stinger GT still has my heart but damn both are such sick cars
tommy shelby
tommy shelby 5 dagen geleden
Terrible choice of color. Good video
Dreamy_ 5 dagen geleden
Acura needs to add bigger rear seats ASAP
austin eds
austin eds 5 dagen geleden
Doug gave the GSF a 59 out of 100?! It definitely deserves a better score than that!
austin eds
austin eds 5 dagen geleden
Is it possible to change the speedo gauge color from red?
apenguincannotfly 6 dagen geleden
12:03 of course this jews favorite setting is "wall street"
Ethan Partain
Ethan Partain 6 dagen geleden
This thing sounds beautiful
David Priest
David Priest 6 dagen geleden
Doug - Please review the new 2022 MDX.
Anthony Belton-Ford
Anthony Belton-Ford 6 dagen geleden
Wish we got some of these acuras, legends and accords in the UK!
Anthony Belton-Ford
Anthony Belton-Ford 5 dagen geleden
@Dreamy_ Jazz Civic Hrv Crv Think that's it atm. They did sell the accord before and honda legend but we didn't always get the same engine
Dreamy_ 5 dagen geleden
Does Honda only sell the Jazz, Civic, and CRV in the UK?
Zeus 0886
Zeus 0886 6 dagen geleden
54k? Honda losing their minds
M3Vader 6 dagen geleden
Color looks like baby poop
Sonny D
Sonny D 6 dagen geleden
You can get an Audi S4 with the same performance and better interior. Plus tons of aftermarket options
YouOnlyLiveTwice 6 dagen geleden
2:10 - 2:21 Bruh, you can't even give the RSX Type S some love? haha Would love to see you review it once you realize it exists lol (jk). I've owned one and it's got plenty of quirks like the magically disappearing change tray that turns into cup holders (you'd get what I mean if you see it). But the engine, alone is worth reviewing just so you could drive it and experience how amazing that K20 engine was.
Fourleaf Warrior
Fourleaf Warrior 7 dagen geleden
This car is so disappointing. It’s supposed to be quick but it’s too heavy. It’s bigger in size than last gen. but the trunk is smaller and rear seat leg room is less. Even the gas mileage sucks. Your better off getting a charger rt.
David Smith
David Smith 7 dagen geleden
He reminds me of Quentin Tarantino a little bit.
Salvador Avalos
Salvador Avalos 7 dagen geleden
Doug is a full caricature of himself. Love it.
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 8 dagen geleden
That interior is a mess compared to the new 2022 Civic.
Big Yoshi
Big Yoshi 8 dagen geleden
Dat scroll sound tho.
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke 8 dagen geleden
Fast Honda: yaaaa
Bradley Bartolino
Bradley Bartolino 8 dagen geleden
Not hating on Doug, but that wiper defroster feature is hardly new. My '06 Subie has the same thing.
YeeBop 8 dagen geleden
instructions unclear, s key stopped working
lil saks5th
lil saks5th 8 dagen geleden
2008 TL TYPE S >
Gus 8 dagen geleden
If I had the money, I'd definitely buy one. Just because it's the new Type-S.
Brian Stone
Brian Stone 9 dagen geleden
I was pretty pumped until you got to the interior and then WTF? Too many fails and omissions.
AdidAS 9 dagen geleden
ITS SO SAD they call it acura in the US, Honda is a much better name and a far better logo
Scott Rocke
Scott Rocke 9 dagen geleden
The screen is ridiculous. Drove the new MDX and the non-touch screen with the pad is a horrible combination. I'm a tech guy, but there is too much in this car, and what is in it makes no sense.
Widget222 9 dagen geleden
A response to the Kia Stinger?
Widget222 9 dagen geleden
Them's some big ol' pipes.
Totototo Company
Totototo Company 9 dagen geleden
Doug please tell me you’re not GAY …! The way your hands move…..😭
Dreamy_ 5 dagen geleden
20:51 😢
hardcoreep 10 dagen geleden
It won't break five seconds after the warranty is up.
Mathieu Cossette
Mathieu Cossette 10 dagen geleden
Acura should offer a step above Type S... Acura Let's go Type R treatment!!!!!
John P Rosas
John P Rosas 10 dagen geleden
I test dove this cause I need to find a new car to replace my Accord V6 6 speed Coupe. But the most important part of the car, the transmission, just doesn’t work. There is no manual mode, so even when you’re using the paddles the car shifts how it wants. You can’t just hold a gear and listen to the exhaust sound. If you’re not accelerating then the trans will just upshift. I can understand if it auto shifts at redline, but why is it shifting at 3k rpm when I’m cruising and want to hear the engine and exhaust sound? What’s the point of the paddles if there’s no manual mode?
Ted v
Ted v 10 dagen geleden
Great review/vid Doug, do a 07 TL Type S next
Ted v
Ted v 10 dagen geleden
Does it have VTEC tho?
Mathieu Cossette
Mathieu Cossette 11 dagen geleden
Front emblem is way too massive!!!
Mathieu Cossette
Mathieu Cossette 11 dagen geleden
Where the rear license plate is .. I would have give the same color of body
Mathieu Cossette
Mathieu Cossette 11 dagen geleden
Shape of the Acura grill is not beAutiful... Why put metal between headlights and grill shape
904 Farmer
904 Farmer 11 dagen geleden
This unit should of been 500hp AWD! So disappointed in Hondas BS. Hyundai is out doing them now! Joke of a company! Cheap BS! I've driven this car and its sooooooooo slow!! I drive a 2015 Civic SI with a turbo kit and will spank the pants off anyone who drives this!!! Garbage!
Harry Ballsonya
Harry Ballsonya 11 dagen geleden
This Acura TLX Vs. a v8 isF.....idk
HeaD M
HeaD M 11 dagen geleden
Mickeyyy 11 dagen geleden
I was excited for this car but it’s really disappointing. 285whp and 13.9@ 99mph on a 1/4. Also weighing in at 4200lbs. Not worth the money at all. This thing just looks and sounds cool
hdavey72 11 dagen geleden
Lately Acura is more bark than bite
hdavey72 11 dagen geleden
Still not a fan of the exterior design. Car needs a manual tranny
suryamp 11 dagen geleden
Man this looks so big next to big Doug
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 11 dagen geleden
NICE AWES0ME C00L_ YES PLEASE _ ACURA 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
Vlad Mihai
Vlad Mihai 11 dagen geleden
finally japanese cars are getting back into form as they were in the 90s
Moskoe83 11 dagen geleden
Every other reviewer - "Not exceptionally fast. Slower than the competition. But handling is amazing. Really comes to life in the Twisties." This guy - "This car hauls. Feels a lot faster than they say. Handling is not too good." 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jonathan Mui
Jonathan Mui 11 dagen geleden
18:10 perfect for those Canadian winters lmao
Mistah SS
Mistah SS 11 dagen geleden
I couldn’t even see that front clear plate until he pointed it out lol
majic7071 12 dagen geleden
The people that sit in the back aren't helping with the car note so they don't need any charging 🤣
Adam Parker
Adam Parker 12 dagen geleden
I got an Acura CL-S, love it to death. 39 hundred for 117k miles
channel surfer
channel surfer 12 dagen geleden
the interior is pretty cool...but that screen should retract.
dom 12 dagen geleden
This thing is beautiful
fabian diaz
fabian diaz 12 dagen geleden
Mans forgot about the rsx type s
sonnyblack0870 12 dagen geleden
Honestly that front plate is a problem. It’s amazing how something so small can effect the design so much.
Sylvan dB
Sylvan dB 13 dagen geleden
Those plain black chassis braces need some colorful paint.
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia 13 dagen geleden
Also meth is a hell of a drug Doug.
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia 13 dagen geleden
It’s called tigers eye because of the mineral stone called tigers eye which looks exactly like this color 👍🏻
Lateralus06 13 dagen geleden
Doug, this is my first video of yours. When I came to watch this, I thought to myself, "I'll just watch the first few minutes, maybe skip around to find what I'm looking for." Boy, was I completely wrong. This review is completely engrossing, and you kept me watching through the whole thing. The little touches like your emphasis on TYPE S show through, and the review is so complete, it surpasses any other car review show or channel I've watched, including the big bad boys from the UK. Looking forward to grinding through the rest of your videos. Thanks!
Arth Spidey
Arth Spidey 13 dagen geleden
nice easter egg on 13:50 69 and 69 oh yeah!
abdulrahman ahmed
abdulrahman ahmed 13 dagen geleden
14:44 sounds looks like metal gear solid option menu
Boss Artwork22
Boss Artwork22 13 dagen geleden
Seems like a great car my problem is it starts at 50k. It doesn’t seem luxurious enough for that. Ik it’s quick but still.
Anthony Leiva
Anthony Leiva 13 dagen geleden
Why you talked like if you taking to a 79 year old grandma? Just talk normal.
lethaldescent 13 dagen geleden
why tf didnt they make this 6 speed manual??? imagine the feeling of hondas shifter with that engine it would be perfect imo if it was manual. once again another car brought down by its shitty auto trans.
Джон Партлов
Джон Партлов 14 dagen geleden
If they use this engine in the mdx to make a type s mdx then hopefully we’ll get this engine in the ridge line and get a performance ridgeline
A-Spec Reviews!
A-Spec Reviews! 14 dagen geleden
Acura had rear-biased true torque vectoring all the way back in 2005. They also make the NSX. Acura is absolutely a "sporty car company."
Adam Hamilton
Adam Hamilton 14 dagen geleden
Well done Acura! I do like this but it’s a shame there’s no manual option
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