The Laforza Is an Ultra-Quirky Luxury SUV Failure

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Doug DeMuro

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Laforza review! The Laforza is a very unusual and quirky luxury SUV, and it was a complete failure -- but it's one of my favorite failures, as it's a tremendously interesting vehicle. Today I'm reviewing the Laforza, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Laforza, and I'll also show you what makes the Laforza so interesting. I'm also going to drive the Laforza and review the driving experience.


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Squalo Pazzo
Squalo Pazzo 4 uur geleden
In Europe named Rayton-Fissore Magnum
Kea Mowana
Kea Mowana 6 uur geleden
I really hate this suv. Which is why I would buy it.
Herp Mc Derp
Herp Mc Derp 7 uur geleden
18.26 Tjaarda in a very nice Fiat 124 Spider..... a Masterpiece!
윤세용 14 uur geleden
That leather upholstery is god damn impressive.
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas 14 uur geleden
Interior looks _Really_ *American* 80's luxury.
Goldman, Adam
Goldman, Adam 2 dagen geleden
Aren’t those Volvo 240 tail lights?
Dalto 2 dagen geleden
I might be mistaken but it looks like the laforza uses the same tailights from the brazilian fiat uno
Dalto 2 dagen geleden
"La forza YOU wide ni** I mean really wide"_ Ryder
lloupez l
lloupez l 2 dagen geleden
The Laforza looks like it was a rebuilt salvage car straight from the factory. I don't trust the Italians to make anything for me unless it's food or wine.
Petr Novotný
Petr Novotný 2 dagen geleden
Wow it's Canyonero from The Simpsons
the Warner
the Warner 2 dagen geleden
I tell yea, it's fairly nice. I mean I could see why it's a failure but it's quite offroad designed.
milk420 2 dagen geleden
the diff locker jus makes it a drift car
blablubb 2 dagen geleden
Looks like a Fiat Panda
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira 2 dagen geleden
it´s the shape of an old range rover
LordoftheZmodnZ 2 dagen geleden
Drinking game: Have a shot everytime Doug says LaForza.
Ultimate 2 dagen geleden
Hey Doug you should check out a jeep grand Cherokee zj 5.9
StraightOuttaTheTrashCan 2 dagen geleden
"is LaForza the make or the model?" "yes"
Jens Bååth
Jens Bååth 2 dagen geleden
This could be the inspiration for the Canyanero lol. @Thingsicantfindotherwise
Dan van Dal
Dan van Dal 3 dagen geleden
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez 3 dagen geleden
This gives me “ I am mclovin “ vibes.. Idk why
random person
random person 3 dagen geleden
i would suggest that the 'L' may well stand for LOSER? lets face it, this car would lose half its value the moment it left the factory. and then the other half the first time you drove it off your rather luxurious two mile driveway! i guess its the car that just keeps losing (rather than giving, if you get my meaning).
random person
random person 3 dagen geleden
a possible reason for having the window lock out button on the dash was so you didnt hit the wrong button when opening the window. i can imagine someone could do that and then have to go for a second stab at hitting the right button the next time, only to realise the windows were locked and so you would need to find the right button to unlock the windows and then go for a further stab at the window opening switch. and wouldnt it be the biggest royal pain in the but if you actually hit the lockout button for a second time lol! im not saying this is the reason but.............
Filippo Soracca
Filippo Soracca 3 dagen geleden
This godzilla is not italian, never saw here in italy, never
Vlad Varga
Vlad Varga 3 dagen geleden
From the back, looks like a romanian "Lastun" ! Another car that you've never heard of😋😋😋
veccio 3 dagen geleden
It's kind of funny, every time Doug gesticulates, the vehicle shakes a bit.
Milly M.
Milly M. 3 dagen geleden
Looking from the tires, it looks like a Monster-Uno.
Mario707 3 dagen geleden
the interior is beautiful
Mario707 3 dagen geleden
looks better than most dorky round modern SUVs
ferrarirobin 3 dagen geleden
Why does it have a Pininfarina logo on the side?
Thomas Sørensen
Thomas Sørensen 3 dagen geleden
Fiat Uno taillights for sure
Inexternal Records
Inexternal Records 3 dagen geleden
That Doug score is fake just to sell the car. No way is it next to those other cars.
PL 3 dagen geleden
Lol imagine a car from GTA with Fiat Uno lights
PL 3 dagen geleden
how have i never heard of this
Tre Humphries
Tre Humphries 3 dagen geleden
I feel like this is a car from Grand Theft Auto that someone made in real life.
Andy Stevens
Andy Stevens 3 dagen geleden
Its a Hummer, but before we kicked Saddam's ass.
Andrew Kovalski
Andrew Kovalski 4 dagen geleden
Doug is the quirkiest quirk out of all the quirkiest quirks out there
Ralph Louis Mendoza
Ralph Louis Mendoza 4 dagen geleden
Vintage Crafts
Vintage Crafts 4 dagen geleden
The rear looks exactly like the Indian Maruti 800
Federico D
Federico D 4 dagen geleden
In Italy was called Magnum and produced from Rayton-Fissore company. It was one of the first luxury SUV (at that time this category was limited to Range Rover :-). Due to lack on electronic assists and poor manufacturing was a total failure. Basically it was a mix of other car/vans pieces: it was higly unreliable and very dangerous to drive due to high center of gravity.
Molson 1990
Molson 1990 4 dagen geleden
It looks like a poorly rendered Land Rover.
idk 4 dagen geleden
Jovan Jankovic
Jovan Jankovic 4 dagen geleden
From the front it looks like wartburg 😂
Cihan Kırık
Cihan Kırık 4 dagen geleden
I am disappointed to see such awful rear lights on a italian car
shrimp basket
shrimp basket 4 dagen geleden
Looks like an oversized Ford Festiva from the early 90s
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston 5 dagen geleden
Whoa 😳. The Laforza looks like it came out of a cartoon.
lost moose
lost moose 5 dagen geleden
Forza means "farting" in Austria & Bavaria 😆
Lord Sandwich
Lord Sandwich 5 dagen geleden
It looks like a generic small hatchback that got enlarged, and put on stilts! 😂
Jon-Paul Filkins
Jon-Paul Filkins 5 dagen geleden
First seeing, it looks like one of those Chinese "not a copy honest guv" knock offs of better known cars.
Giuseppe Rapuzzi
Giuseppe Rapuzzi 5 dagen geleden
In Italy it has always been considered as the big fat FIAT Panda 4x4 :-)
Zak Zwijn
Zak Zwijn 5 dagen geleden
It looks like a giant 80's Fiat Panda from the outside. Never knew this one existed, and I thought I knew a thing or two about obscure cars. Learn something new every day :o
Vinícius Magnoni
Vinícius Magnoni 5 dagen geleden
I would like to own this
Jake B
Jake B 5 dagen geleden
Looks like a fiesta front end
Myron Gaines
Myron Gaines 6 dagen geleden
$150,000 back in 1989. No wonder it failed.
Federico Gonzalez
Federico Gonzalez 6 dagen geleden
Looks like Fiat Uno but on steroids....
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 6 dagen geleden
Somebody should note all the timestamps of doug saying Laforza
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 6 dagen geleden
this car takes up alot of *L*
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 6 dagen geleden
somebody should count how many times doug said *Laforza* in this video
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 6 dagen geleden
looks like the Toy cars i used to create out of white shoe boxes as a kid 😂
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 6 dagen geleden
GTA:SA Landstalker in real life 👀
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim 6 dagen geleden
waiting to see your review about the *Lagranturismo* next
five night at tubby land
five night at tubby land 6 dagen geleden
Magnum more like Magnum ops from mad max #madmax
Nabeel Shaikh
Nabeel Shaikh 6 dagen geleden
Who else skips doug's driving part
raker0 6 dagen geleden
it's an oversized Fiat Panda!
Nabeel Shaikh
Nabeel Shaikh 6 dagen geleden
Landstalker - GTA SAN ANDREAS
B C 6 dagen geleden
Doug's next video: I bought a Laforsa, and here's why.
DJ SHaKa 6 dagen geleden
Is it 4 wheel independant suspension or does it have a rear axle? Seems like the left side rear is offset a bit which would indicate a mis-aligned rear axle.
Jon Vancil
Jon Vancil 6 dagen geleden
It looks like the car the family on the kids show Bluey drive.
Mark Bielaga
Mark Bielaga 6 dagen geleden
La FORD za. Ford 302.. Ford AOD transmission. I noticed a Ford master cylinder. Off the shelf Ford stuff of the time was decently reliable.
HUGO WIILKAS 7 dagen geleden
Camioneta horrible
SUPRAMIKE 7 dagen geleden
It's like a range rover poorly translated over the phone in Italian.
Mehul Korpe
Mehul Korpe 7 dagen geleden
Little did we knew, its the car from doug's logo...
Mike S.
Mike S. 7 dagen geleden
J D 7 dagen geleden
The automatic shifter and gate/surround is almost exactly as my Mom's '84 Ford Tempo's was. Maybe that's why I disliked these things from the beginning. Cool to see it now for a few minutes, though.
Matthew 7 dagen geleden
18:55 "also managed to stand out from anything else on the road" Car: *Looks like a large Lada Niva*
Ram Shaar
Ram Shaar 7 dagen geleden
I love this car
MONROE 7 dagen geleden
It looks like a Renault and land rover from the same era had a child.
nicolas armas
nicolas armas 7 dagen geleden
Hi Doug, from argentina. The back off that truck Is exact as the back of the Fiat uno of the 90's. Look for it in NLfast. The back lights are the same. Cheers!
nicolas armas
nicolas armas 7 dagen geleden
Basicaly Is a Fiat duna weekend with tall tires.
nicolas armas
nicolas armas 7 dagen geleden
nicolas armas
nicolas armas 7 dagen geleden
Or can be the Fiat duna weekend to
enterBJ40 7 dagen geleden
This vehicle share the generic look in the gauges of the Monteverdi. Outside, the Monteverdi looks a bit better executed. Back then, Popular Mechanic made a coverage of this vehicle appraising the vehicle but I was astonished by the huge gap between panels and how the front lights didn't seem to fit well and undersize for such big 4x4. Even a Yugo have less gap in their panels than this car.
Alfonso Adame
Alfonso Adame 7 dagen geleden
LaForza may with you
tiktok slav version
tiktok slav version 8 dagen geleden
I think Doug's hands drank too many coffee and energy drinks
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 8 dagen geleden
When will you review the old Range Rover you’re comparing this to?
3 -24
3 -24 8 dagen geleden
Lights are the reason why this car didn't get so much success
3 -24
3 -24 8 dagen geleden
Italians focus on interior so much
Riceman DogNaught
Riceman DogNaught 8 dagen geleden
Tailgate button similar to 90s Ford focuses lol no other way of opening
José De Albuquerque Jr.
José De Albuquerque Jr. 8 dagen geleden
The rear lights and side mirrors are from Fiat Uno from the same era
Edgar T
Edgar T 8 dagen geleden
Don’t you pronounce gauge “gauge”
Zesty 8 dagen geleden
This looks like a grown up Peugeot Rallye.
ReichsFührer Monika
ReichsFührer Monika 5 dagen geleden
Lol, it looks like a old Fiat Uno on steroids, definitely it doesn't look like a Peugeot
Boomslang 8 dagen geleden
I love cars like this. Coachbuilder body. Powertrain from a respected auto manufacturer. Parts bin switchgear and other componentry. Premium radio and other electronics. Cover it all with wood vaneers, leather and premium carpets. I wish this was still common practice.
videodrom1 8 dagen geleden
Thiss - looks like a big ass Yugo.
Raffa Lello
Raffa Lello 8 dagen geleden
In Italy this car was produced by Rayton Fissore factory and it was called "Magnum". Even italian Police owned it!
xoomdust 8 dagen geleden
I just saw one of these in Littleton, New Hamspshire about a month ago. YOHB?
Ryan Pina
Ryan Pina 8 dagen geleden
Is it just me or does this thing look exactly like Doug’s video logo with the bouncing dot?
Chelo Chelini
Chelo Chelini 8 dagen geleden
Can you name the truck with four wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats thirty-five.. Canyonero! Canyonero!
Bela Oxmyx
Bela Oxmyx 8 dagen geleden
Another Dug rant on a weird suv
Geoff Pearl
Geoff Pearl 9 dagen geleden
Yugo Taillights!
loutiscrive 9 dagen geleden
"Magnum" di Rayton Fissore
John Allen
John Allen 9 dagen geleden
It borrowed the front end from a Suzuki Sidekick but didn't bother making the headlights bigger. That explains the gaps.
Julian Bell
Julian Bell 9 dagen geleden
I like this truck - cool video Doug
Bart B.
Bart B. 9 dagen geleden
The headlights look a lot like those on IVECO trucks
J.P. 9 dagen geleden
Looks like an inflated FIAT UNO :)
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