The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini Is a Very Tiny, Cute Off-Roader

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Doug DeMuro

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Mitsubishi Pajero Mini review! The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini is a tiny, cute, and interesting off-roader that's quirky and very small. Today I'm reviewing a Pajero Mini, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of this little Pajero Mini. Then I'll drive the Pajero Mini and review the driving experience.


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Nadia Martinez
Nadia Martinez Uur geleden
And most japanese cars have a lot of cup holders a lot lol
Nadia Martinez
Nadia Martinez Uur geleden
The beeping for reverse is on all japanese cars to let you know you are reversing
marcelo popoff
marcelo popoff 7 uur geleden
Dude please make a Toyota Altezza video
indians randi ki aulad
indians randi ki aulad 20 uur geleden
He is not brother of cassy neistat right?
allah bakhsh
allah bakhsh Dag geleden
Dear for you information this car have also 4 door version
Unspecified Character
Unspecified Character 2 dagen geleden
He said it was 3302m on the captions and its about 3km
Gun Fzx
Gun Fzx 3 dagen geleden
In Paraguay right now. Saw like three of these today. Pretty cool.
Asif 3 dagen geleden
Doug is so American.... 'Allround' is like Allrounder. Maybe he should learn real English before running his mouth.
Asif 3 dagen geleden
does he really not know that fob is aftermarket? it's just a cheap remote starter from the 90s, not an original 'quirk'.
Adam Jacob Adamson
Adam Jacob Adamson 3 dagen geleden
Fun fact: the shifter in the Mitsubishi Pajero reminds me of the one in Malaysia used in the Proton Wira. Malaysian car brand Proton makes a collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors from Japan and Kia Motors from South Korea with Naza Motors Malaysia, later called Naza Kia Malaysia.
Assassins By Nature
Assassins By Nature 3 dagen geleden
He just said the roof spoiler might damage the roof spoiler lmao 10:56
Henry Ward
Henry Ward 4 dagen geleden
This is regarded as a large car in the UK…
Dylan Harrington
Dylan Harrington 5 dagen geleden
For all you people driving big engined older Cars. They got 65 Ho from 650cc. The Pajero was Sold as the Shogun here in the UK, in both SWB and LWB.
Help WatchClips Too Reach 10,000 Subscribers
Help WatchClips Too Reach 10,000 Subscribers 6 dagen geleden
We have that pajero.
TransistorBased 7 dagen geleden
'paJAIRoh' oh no
Alfonso Adame
Alfonso Adame 7 dagen geleden
Bring back these cars . They are long lasting . Cars nowadays are trash 🗑
Alfonso Adame
Alfonso Adame 7 dagen geleden
Pajero??? It means wank&er in other countries
Yvette G
Yvette G 9 dagen geleden
I would have loved this car in the 90’s
Józef Korzeniowski
Józef Korzeniowski 10 dagen geleden
2021 Bespoke 1000hp McLaren Hypercar: [FUCKING SNORE] 90's Mitsubishi Pajero mini: 💪💪💪😄😄🤩🤩🤩🤩
Naila Mushtaq Mushtaq
Naila Mushtaq Mushtaq 10 dagen geleden
Make video on Toyota hilux LN 109 ssr
Tahir Faiz
Tahir Faiz 10 dagen geleden
I have to listen in slow mode to actually understand what Doug is actually saying. Too much talking speed
まつもと 11 dagen geleden
Kajtek Gross
Kajtek Gross 11 dagen geleden
Let's not forget that we have Pajero > Pajero Sport > Pajero Pinin > Pajero Mini !
Zain Z
Zain Z 12 dagen geleden
Back in Japan they call it the Pajero regular.
ALI BADSHAA 12 dagen geleden
Pllzz send this pajero in my countryy Pakistan
VortexDestroyer99 13 dagen geleden
I have found my dream car
Shobhu 13 dagen geleden
This is awesome !
Rob H
Rob H 15 dagen geleden
It was sold in Australia as Pajero io . pronounced individually. Did not have a diesel so it didn't sell well however I still see a few getting around in the city.
Jon P
Jon P 16 dagen geleden
You're driving a non turbo version that has only 51hp. Try the turbo version with 63hp, not really fast but somehow a better version.
Harry Shahrum
Harry Shahrum 16 dagen geleden
*What's the meaning of Pajero in Spanish?*
Alwy Jahdhamy
Alwy Jahdhamy 19 dagen geleden
In my country right hand drive is the road car law for all cars
Alwy Jahdhamy
Alwy Jahdhamy 19 dagen geleden
Wish I could import this car in my country. They banned old cars. Only 8yrs before cars are allowed
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 19 dagen geleden
in japan auction this car sold 200$ in cars and bids cost 8999$ WTF?
oakley pariyo
oakley pariyo 19 dagen geleden
Very biased review for such a nice car
Dániel Szűcs
Dániel Szűcs 19 dagen geleden
It's paHHHHHero for crying out loud. You pronounce the J as you would in Juan. I mean how hard is it really? Google translate -> Detect language -> Listen
Hendrik Hufert
Hendrik Hufert 20 dagen geleden
In Europa we even had another mini-Pajero called the Pajero Pinin because it was designed by Pininfarina. It was a little bigger than this one and had a "normal" sized engine for Europe.
Lomor 2N
Lomor 2N 20 dagen geleden
Hi there, does this cute car can put in N mode for towing?
Modern Classic Cars Japan, the car hunter/exporter
Modern Classic Cars Japan, the car hunter/exporter 21 dag geleden
Don’t know where you keep getting the wrong horse power specs from, the maximum power for a kei car is 64 horse power, that would be in the intercooler turbo one.
T747 21 dag geleden
I never understood the use for a remote start I'm not sitting in the car so it's completely useless
Tigar Turner
Tigar Turner 22 dagen geleden
Called a pajero IO here with a 1.5ltr 4 cylinder motor in Australia
Calilasseia 22 dagen geleden
Thought this looked familiar. Here in the UK, the big version is sold as the Mitsubishi Shogun. We get our own unique name for this vehicle. Also, Mitsubishi were somewhat freewheeling with respect to licencing other car makers to build their own version. No less than *six* different Chinese car makers are licenced to build in-house versions, and at one time, Hyundai was also a part of the licencing ecosystem. Consequently, anyone travelling in the requisite parts of Asia frequently, will see Pajero/Montero/Shogun clones with strange badging and in some cases , a strange collection of alternative names into the bargain. For example, incarnations of the big brother vehicle made by GAC Changfeng, rejoice in the name of "Leopard Black King Kong". I am, however, *totally* in agreement with Doug on one matter with respect to the baby version reviewed above. Mitsubishi really should have exported this. It would have sold like hot cakes here in the UK, and I suspect it would have fared well in continental Europe as well.
John Carpenter
John Carpenter 22 dagen geleden
I drove one in Spain where its know as the Shogun Pinin. Economic, totally reliable, go anywhere vehicle. Motorways (freeways), mountain tracks, village streets. sold when I came back to the UK. And available here in the uk used.
Nirk The Man-Thing Stab-Cutter
Nirk The Man-Thing Stab-Cutter 23 dagen geleden
This car is my spirit animal
Korky 23 dagen geleden
Doug, you should review Bremach Taos (UAZ Patriot) :)
Dylan Breznay
Dylan Breznay 23 dagen geleden
Just noticed this was filmed in TN. I wonder if I’ll see this car around town haha
M 23 dagen geleden
I would rather own this over the jimney... even if they cost the same
bengaltigger 24 dagen geleden
The reverse-gear beeping was a standard Japanese car feature, along with a little bell dinging when you crossed 100 km/h. My friend had one of these Minis in the late 90s and it was great!
Adam Hedges
Adam Hedges 25 dagen geleden
Why do Japanese imports always have wind deflectors? Is it because they are fond of smoking??
Ithinkiwill66 26 dagen geleden
Doug thought they were power!
Chaz B
Chaz B 26 dagen geleden
I wouldn't mind having one It's not useful but be fun for weekend hiking trips and ocean trips. Only issue is being in California this would cost 15k :(
I_Choose_You 28 dagen geleden
I strongly disagree with Doug that those fender mirrors are ugly. On the contrary, I really think they look great and love how Japanese cars used to have those fender/hood mirrors.
NなAおO 28 dagen geleden
Check out the Pajero IO next!
Yuri 28 dagen geleden
In the Philippines they have many of these, I’m sure this Pajero would of been popular in America if it was available back then. There is many awesome cars in Asia that needs to be brought over.
Keigo Moriyama
Keigo Moriyama 29 dagen geleden
Why move so much while recording?
speterbilt 29 dagen geleden
Doug run that stop sign
speterbilt 29 dagen geleden
Doug forgot to wash the dirt under his chin
MOW Mobile Gaming
MOW Mobile Gaming 29 dagen geleden
Those Mitsubishi Fapper's are really nice. They're a great alternative to the Toyota prado
Mustansir taher
Mustansir taher 29 dagen geleden
I am watching this video after my parents sold the Pajero
nous noos
nous noos Maand geleden
"野長" I don't know how to read...
Kaspars Maand geleden
Damn that thing is depressing
Oscar Maand geleden
Do Isuzu Amigoo pls
Killerspieler0815 Maand geleden
YES , IF you fit .... the usual Japanese are much smaller than you
Gary James
Gary James Maand geleden
Actually Doug I can extend my antenna from inside my 1998 Toyota Corolla. So yes I can do that in my car. :-)
Real Life Lima
Real Life Lima Maand geleden
I wouldn't mind having one of these for driving around town. I rarely go anywhere that I'll exceed 35mph
A k i s h o t
A k i s h o t Maand geleden
I’ve got an antenna in a similar spot on my car(84’ Volvo 245)
SneakerLifeToronto Maand geleden
4:00 I feel like my kids would try to put the antenna in the key slot and turn it
Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot Maand geleden
That's both a cute and very nice car that i would happily own tbh.
sandalman Maand geleden
so you have the suzuki jimmny, vitara, samurai, and now the mini pajero
453ericcc Maand geleden
I can picture Doug on a song with Twista. Man he can talk fast! Lol
Dj Gelo Official
Dj Gelo Official Maand geleden
Aaaaaa pa llero wtf
Brad Moulton
Brad Moulton Maand geleden
Diana Maand geleden
go to japan and review suzuki alto turbo rs
Torsten Adair
Torsten Adair Maand geleden
Mr. DeMuro, you need to travel to Japan and spend three months reviewing as many cars as possible! (With a smart Japanese co-host who can explain why the quirks aren't so quirky.)
Torsten Adair
Torsten Adair Maand geleden
Not a "tiny" door, but "skinny". Wow, that's a lot of controls in front of the front passenger! It's like they're a co-pilot! That "reverse" buzzer for the driver is a great idea! Looking at that back storage space, how does this car compare to a PT Cruiser? Is that an SUV? Or a crossover? On your Doug Score, what are examples of 10s in each category? I've said this elsewhere, but if Ford made e-SUVs (which is just a F-150 Lightning with a cab), I'd buy one. If Ford made a mini-F series e-SUV similar to this (like a shorter Maverick (Ford Colt?)), with flexible storage, I'd definitely buy one.
Madpegasusmax Maand geleden
lol,it's smaller than the Pajero Pinin ,that I was thinking it was the smaller Pajero :D
Din Dong Din Dong
Din Dong Din Dong Maand geleden
Jajajaja in Spanish means wank hahahaha(≧▽≦)
FH L Maand geleden
These are quite common in Pakistan.
MrGracham Maand geleden
I hate the segments where you drive. There is nothing interesting to look at. Please change that segment to gopro shot from your head to show us how it feels to drive that car, not how it feels to see your face in the car.
Pace Suter
Pace Suter Maand geleden
I would love to see Doug review more Kei cars. I’ve driven a lot of them and they can be excellent vehicles in their own way! This Pajero Mini is way more basic than some of the nicer cars on offer.
Mohi Hashmi
Mohi Hashmi Maand geleden
"Montero Sport Sport" hahaha
spheredalaj Maand geleden
higher rpm on a smaller displacement engines is understandable.
Павел Шумицкий
Павел Шумицкий Maand geleden
Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon 1991-1996 THE BEST!!!!!
Drone Tours
Drone Tours Maand geleden
AKA Pajero JR (junior)
The Fizio
The Fizio Maand geleden
Here in italy, if you go anywhere in the mountains, you'll see tons of either these, or 1st gen Panda 4x4s
Josh Hill
Josh Hill Maand geleden
“Laughs in spanish”
thatguymichael Maand geleden
Doug, review my 1995 Honda Acty Street 4WD Van please!
Loco Arterium
Loco Arterium Maand geleden
I Love Doug Demuro You-Tube Channel! (Thank You!!)🖥👁💕 And I want to watch Doug Demuro review for Pajero「io」. I feel Pajero「io」,is The Best Pajero version. Not too Big & not too small and just size for Daily Drive.🚘 Very Good Performance & Popular Car in Japan. ( so when if you get a Chance! Try It Please!! )
Henry Dillard
Henry Dillard Maand geleden
Same thing as a dodge raider?
majedm Maand geleden
8:00 The labels point in the direction of going. 15:56 We had a this same Suzuki in France between years 2000 and 2013. 1000 c.c. 4-cylinder engine (65 hp). Not the fastest car, but very practical for taking the kids to school and groceries chores... We had to part with it due to an accident which got the engine nearly on the knees of my wife...
Richard Ren
Richard Ren Maand geleden
The dealer sticker on the tailgate said Asahikawa Mitsubishi, which is a city in Hokkaido, northern Japan. They do get snow. Probably the reason why the original owner bought a Kei SUV
woper1231 Maand geleden
We already had a car like this available in the 90s.. the tracker ❤
RL R Maand geleden
15:53, this imbecile talks about japanese kei cars...and shows a korean Daewoo.
The WildCard
The WildCard Maand geleden
Hey Doug, couple suggestions man, first..get more original and stop starting every one of your shorty videos with ‘this’ also man, stop wearing two 2 t shirts..and also no one gives a shit about cars and bids
DVDW Graphics and Crafts
DVDW Graphics and Crafts Maand geleden
if i see someone near the car and pull the antenna out of that remote, i'd think he's detonating a boom in that car XD
janoxxx69 Maand geleden
301 PERSONAS SON .. PAJEROS... jajajaja
Yaroslav She
Yaroslav She Maand geleden
you should check Land Rover Freelander 3 door - it's quite RAD
siko Maand geleden
doug i dont think 130 inches is 3302 meters ...
Yetiman89 Maand geleden
Gotta shave your under chin hairs
baby neji
baby neji Maand geleden
the 2021 jimny looks almost the same
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