The Suzuki Jimny Is the Affordable Off-Roader America Needs

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Doug DeMuro

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2020 Suzuki Jimny review! The Suzuki Jimny is an affordable off-roader sold in other markets -- but not the United States. Today I'm reviewing the Suzuki Jimny, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the wonderfully quirky Jimny. I'm also going drive the 2020 Jimny and show you what it's like on the road.



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Dwifting With Shiny
Dwifting With Shiny 4 uur geleden
a few inches shorter length & wheelbase than a ND!
Mister C
Mister C 6 uur geleden
Max Bell
Max Bell 8 uur geleden
Just because there’s an exclamation mark at the end doesn’t mean you have to say it faster….
Gabriel Suarez
Gabriel Suarez 11 uur geleden
Should of called it the renegade jr
lloyd dennis manaloto
lloyd dennis manaloto 21 uur geleden
Buyers are immune to criticism
Jorge Chiu
Jorge Chiu 23 uur geleden
They sell a Brabus package to make it look like a tiny G wagon ( mercedes).
A Mjr
A Mjr Dag geleden
Can we have a better host...
Poochoo69 Dag geleden
Chevy Colorado work truck model still has old keys, straight gear selector, manual mirrors, rotary climate, and produced and sold in the USA.
CragScrambler Dag geleden
FUN FACT: Most Americans won't fit in the Jimny.
Lotusdriver Dag geleden
So would a lot of people here in the U.K. But we can't get them
Alex G
Alex G Dag geleden
I like how divorced from reality car reviews are. 20k is nothing! Average American income is 31k. Car prices have shot up so much in the last 10 years and wages have not budged at all.
David Whitworth
David Whitworth Dag geleden
Looks so cool on the outside of the Jimny but the interior is pure trash.
Black Riflemen's Organization
Black Riflemen's Organization Dag geleden
Been a fan since the Samurai in the Eighties. But it looks like it's still to small for my long legs.☹
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet 2 dagen geleden
I just bought the new Kia Seltos SX AWD while I was looking into the Sub Compact SUV market. It is not slow at all with the T-GDI. It surprises me every day. It has some simple points that are nice that companies are getting away from like the shifter, manual hatch/seats. I think its a hot seller in India also. I am only about an hour from you if you want a day with it.
Samuel Arce
Samuel Arce 2 dagen geleden
you mean USA because is already america, suzuki sell it in mexico
Muscleduck 2 dagen geleden
I sat in one at a car show and I LOVE it. I'd love to take one on and off the road.
zaid khan
zaid khan 2 dagen geleden
they make this in india but dont sell in india
Tyler Peterson
Tyler Peterson 2 dagen geleden
So it's a Wish jeep?
Nick Happold
Nick Happold 2 dagen geleden
This better be in forza horizon 5
T Hall
T Hall 2 dagen geleden
Many years ago I had the Suzuki sidekick 2 door in the USA 🇺🇸 absolutely dependable vehicle!!!
jay jay
jay jay 2 dagen geleden
k-swap it
BIRD 3 dagen geleden
Jimny did fine in crash tests
countrymankdx200 3 dagen geleden
Easy on the crack bud
doug bain
doug bain 3 dagen geleden
car not sold here but every thing is in english ......
David C.
David C. 3 dagen geleden
Thanks for the video, Doug. It's cool to see you so excited about how basic the car is. I like it too for all the same reasons you do:)
Jonymatia Carranza
Jonymatia Carranza 3 dagen geleden
In my country Guatemala, Suzuki Jinmy is sold since its first generation and it has a very good market, last year I went to the Suzuki dealer to ask about one of these and it is a very nice car, the problem is that for the price there are already other options better for which to go for example a Hilux or some other second-hand Pick Up more like and more capable
Nestor Perena
Nestor Perena 3 dagen geleden
i like it
grochomarx2002 3 dagen geleden
It reminds me of the old Suzuki SUV they sold here years ago. I want one.
K Quinn
K Quinn 3 dagen geleden
Remember when it was sold here as the Suzuki Samurai and some jerks paid consumer reports to kill it?
Brandon Riley
Brandon Riley 3 dagen geleden
LOL That thing ain't worth $20k.
Bubbles RC Shed
Bubbles RC Shed 3 dagen geleden
And we will never get it in America because their cheap too buy and maintain not the North America formula because if the company can’t bleed you dry it’s not for sale in America. New vehicles are junk plain and simple ! No profit in making something good and cheap too fix so Suzuki left America. Even their old SX4 out beats most 4wd vehicles like an escape of today and I bought my SX4 for 4000CAD no problems no leaks. Jimmy would put wrangle out of business instantly from the price difference. Also I owned a Rubicon for 60k and it rides like crap because it can’t only off road so for a daily Wrangles are completely UNPRACTICAL, gas hogs, and uncomfortable too drive. I’d sell my 2019 WRX with all its tech if I could get a jimmy here without importing. America is going backwards notice in the 50’s-70’s vehicles didn’t bleed you dry and had character now North Americans are broke and stressed out over their new vehicles that are crap with no character ending up getting traded every 3-5 years which is apart of the industries formula. Suzuki wake up and see your missing a huge market in Canada 🇨🇦 we are NOT like the US we don’t want tech we want basic vehicles with a real 4x4 for our rank winters in all provinces and we don’t have those vehicles. I have bought a wrangler sold it’s because it was a waste of 60k brand new WRX junk and takes forever to warm up costing me more money over the years in simply waste....I’d love a plain vehicle that’s new like a Jimny but Vehicles are not designed for the consumer anymore only for profit for this huge multi company power houses nowadays. I miss the days when Ford was all ford, Subaru was all Subaru, Mopar not owned by Europe etc. Time too walk.... cheers 🍻 Doug wish I could review one just too experience the perfect Canadian Suv for single families
Dawmon 3 dagen geleden
Tom 3 dagen geleden
For 20k I would buy it i a second but living in the Netherlands it will cost 30k euro... More like 35k dollars
Soumyadeep Bhunia
Soumyadeep Bhunia 3 dagen geleden
Pretty sure I haven't seen that parking brake housing on any Suzuki yet. I think its for optional heated seats/steering in the EU, since our Ignis also has similar switches on the centre console.
kenz kc
kenz kc 3 dagen geleden
Those blank switches are for heated seats.yes there is heated seats in the jimny
jedidethfreak 3 dagen geleden
It's cute because it's little!
Phil M
Phil M 4 dagen geleden
I'd toss the back seats like I did in my two door Wrangler. I have never missed them.
Phil M
Phil M 4 dagen geleden
Perfect for running around in. Super easy to park and get around in. I'd buy one.
Tom c
Tom c 4 dagen geleden
This would an ideal vehicle for me. Come on Suzuki bring this to the U.S and you wouldn’t be able to make them fast enough!
TexanUSMC8089 4 dagen geleden
15 inch wheel isn't small. Big wheels and low profile tires suck off road. Big wheels are for street vehicles, not off road.
TexanUSMC8089 4 dagen geleden
It's higher tech than my 2010 Wrangler. I have window controls on the dash, manual 4x4 shifter, standard key that you put in the ignition etc... No climate control AC, no big radio screen. I do have a V6 engine though. LOL Small Japanese size vehicles don't sell that well in the USA. A lot of us are 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. Plus, that little 4 cyl with 100hp might not do well on Texas highways where people are going 80mph.
Tim Middleton
Tim Middleton 4 dagen geleden
Suzuki said no to bringing it over.
JAG214 4 dagen geleden
The Suzuki Jimny is what a cheap modern vehicle should look like with modern basic features with nice styling/looking vehicle without being complicated/complex
Ernj C
Ernj C 4 dagen geleden
Simplicity..what I feel a lot of my fellow brethren overlook..I'd buy one in a heart beat.
Vinícius C M
Vinícius C M 4 dagen geleden
23:33 Hi Guys I'm Shmee !!!
GenSparks 4 dagen geleden
Everytime Doug says cars n bids there's a window being cleaned.
E C 4 dagen geleden
#notabronco 😁👍
Mad Stone
Mad Stone 4 dagen geleden
Sweet an automatic Samurai with new interior. I'll take one.
J 4 dagen geleden
Hope it’s better than the Sidekick
nujaz 4 dagen geleden
Looks reminiscent of my 1988 Suzuki Samurai…. One of the best vehicles ive ever owned.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 4 dagen geleden
It’s the car America wants, not what xenophobic America deserves.
Guy Pehaim
Guy Pehaim 4 dagen geleden
Is this vehicle available with a manual transmission?
t n
t n 4 dagen geleden
I want this car so badly
lethalspartan 4 dagen geleden
Did he mention it was simple?
Bill In The Box
Bill In The Box 4 dagen geleden
For one, alright Doug, you sold me. I want one. Two, I wonder how much it would cost to import one...🤷‍♂️🤔
sMilesPerGallon 4 dagen geleden
my first car was a 1988 Suzuki samurai and i was beyond excited when i saw this and then my dreams were shattered when I realized we wouldn't get them in the states. My girl friend likes small cars with a lot of character and was also obsessed with this car but ended up getting a trail hawk renegade which we also really enjoy.
Kris Lalone
Kris Lalone 5 dagen geleden
Talk about a slept on market opportunity
Michael Rose
Michael Rose 5 dagen geleden
The EPA is absolutely ridiculous! We need more lenient laws. Want better air put more restrictions on airlines and factories
Howard Gray
Howard Gray 5 dagen geleden
omg fucking beautiful car, i need one of theses
tug 5 dagen geleden
I’ve been saying this for years.
BH London
BH London 5 dagen geleden
Sadly taken off sale here in the U.K. as it failed to meet emission standards. Very cool though especially in tennis ball yellow!
Brett Gurney
Brett Gurney 5 dagen geleden
I'll take the Defender 😂 That thing is way to small
EthanWark 5 dagen geleden
"back seat is too small" *laughs in BRZ/86*
The Great Rainman
The Great Rainman 5 dagen geleden
It's a mini G wagon Wrangler hybrid lol
Robert Kaler
Robert Kaler 5 dagen geleden
Wow, 34 inches shorter than my Corolla, that's amazing lmao. You can park that lil guy anywhere.
ragnakak 5 dagen geleden
Are these built in Japan?
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 5 dagen geleden
Reminds me of the old Suzuki Samurai.
Agnel Kurian
Agnel Kurian 6 dagen geleden
All your reviews would be a lot more enjoyable if they were shorter. As an example just check how long you dwell on the fact that Suzuki pulled out of the US.
Lor P.
Lor P. 6 dagen geleden
I became extremely excited I was literally ready to go sell my car and then I realized this isn't available in the US what a shame
NA NA 6 dagen geleden
You should review Thar, and pricing
CringeO Music
CringeO Music 6 dagen geleden
sir axelrod looking good here ngl
Wooden Doors
Wooden Doors 6 dagen geleden
If Suzuki sold the Jimny here i would buy it
AgriVideos1 6 dagen geleden
It is in many ways what the Land Rover defender used to be, here in the UK. A basic rugged off roader for the modern day.
John Viera
John Viera 6 dagen geleden
That’s not a back seat. That’s a home for two 15 inch subwoofers
Piersandro Mannino
Piersandro Mannino 6 dagen geleden
The Jimny is awesome, but MUST BE MANUAL !!!
fraka899 6 dagen geleden
Last 5 years with Vitara and now with this one, Suzuki made absolutely great cars. Vitara All grip is in the same class like Capture, T Roc, Juke etc. and it literally blows them out of water. You can actually go off road with it, and the 1.4 turbo is way faster and way better handling than all other cara in the class. But the materials are cheaper lol. Who fucking cares
Mac Sixtyfive
Mac Sixtyfive 6 dagen geleden
There are Suzuki Jimny's all over Australia now, older models as well. I just ordered a '21 Manual in Jungle Green (dark green)
ZekeTec CNC
ZekeTec CNC 6 dagen geleden
What makes the Jimny so admirable are the same things that will make me hold onto my 2013 Xterra until it's a congealed pile of iron oxide on the driveway.
Cody Tubbs
Cody Tubbs 6 dagen geleden
why is this being compared to the wrangler and not the renegade which it looks very similar to?
Nina Talia
Nina Talia 6 dagen geleden
I would 100% buy this if it came to the U.S.
j milla
j milla 6 dagen geleden
how do we get Suzuki to sell it in the us?
j milla
j milla 6 dagen geleden
can i buy it in Mexico and use it in the us?
Rexx Reviews
Rexx Reviews 6 dagen geleden
The 20k for this thing would be 30k+ if it ended up being sold here in the US.
theAsterisk 6 dagen geleden
It's a bro's Mirage, Doug. Timestamp for when you call it the worst new offroader you can buy? Exposed manual seat rails, body paint visible inside, overspray on the underside, hard plastic parts bin trim, blanked out switches, underpowered with excessive NVH, differently shaped center and LH/RH climate vents, no engine beauty cover, small (meh- you think) wheels, *thin* doors, basic key and ignition, no lights on the visor mirrors, parts numbers visible molded into the cargo floor box lid... Hell, even the floor carpet looks like it's from the same supplier. Straight down the list, all the things you bitched about in that one. Other than faux lifestyle affectation, what's the difference? (Other than the Suzuki costing more, of course.)
NorCalSaint 6 dagen geleden
Most interior options matched or exceeded my 2018 Wrangler Golden Eagle so not sure I agree that you can't get a basic Wrangler. While a cool design, not sure I would give up the added power and capabilities of my Wrangler
Ryan Mosey
Ryan Mosey 6 dagen geleden
You don’t talk with your hands enough. Also you are not animated enough
Zoltan Jarmy
Zoltan Jarmy 6 dagen geleden
Those blank switches next to the parking break are for the seat heaters, according to the owner's manual. Probably this reviewed model doesn't have seat heater feature.
Arifullah Amanullah
Arifullah Amanullah 6 dagen geleden
Suzuki cars are not safe
Taylor Fenoglio
Taylor Fenoglio 6 dagen geleden
It's what the jeep renegade should have been
Phantom Aspect
Phantom Aspect 6 dagen geleden
One of the few cars released these days with a soul, nice and simple, a great callback to the cars of the 80's and 90's. If brands like BMW took a page out of this book and made a 80's, 90's callback to the 3 series without all the electronic crap at an affordable price and focused on drivers it'd be a smash hit. We can only hope though 😢
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz 6 dagen geleden
Usually you get the cool things in the USA. Nice to see that you can get this cool Suzuki in Mexico
Mike Capinpuyan
Mike Capinpuyan 6 dagen geleden
Am I the only one smiling through out the whole video? Love the JIMNY!
Gee Em
Gee Em 7 dagen geleden
superlauch25 7 dagen geleden
I would actually buy this
Kenny Rider
Kenny Rider 7 dagen geleden
It's the Samurai and they won't bring them to America again because of the litigation from the high rollovers we had with the Samurai.
휸두 HyunDu
휸두 HyunDu 7 dagen geleden
Japan winning
John Schofield
John Schofield 7 dagen geleden
Too good for Yanks
FoghornLeghorn 7 dagen geleden
How much??
Tea And Medals
Tea And Medals 7 dagen geleden
Never knew there was an Automatic version of this fantastic vehicle.
Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson 7 dagen geleden
It looks like if a Wrangler and a FJ had baby, this what would come out. lol
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