The 2021 Honda Ridgeline Is the Truck For Non-Truck People

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Doug DeMuro

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2021 Honda Ridgeline review! The 2021 Honda Ridgeline is a cool pickup truck for people who aren't traditional truck buyers. The Ridgeline is updated for 2021, and today I'm reviewing the 2021 Honda Ridgeline. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Ridgeline, and I'll show you all the interesting benefits. I'm also driving the Ridgeline, and I'll show you what it's like to drive the Honda Ridgeline.


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endall39 38 minuten geleden
I’m a 7 year Ridgeline owner and now in the market considering the new Ridgeline, Ford Maverick, or Hyundai Santa Cruz. You pretty much nailed this review. I think Honda is in real trouble in this segment with those other models fully loaded for the same money as the lowest trim Ridgeline!
endall39 42 minuten geleden
So so right about the styling! The original styling is way better!
Mike R
Mike R 2 uur geleden
Serves it's purpose because most people don't even put crap in their "big boy" truck but want to look like they need it hahaha. People make me laugh. Buy what you want and if people don't like it ...tell them where to go lol.
ChasePop 11 uur geleden
Ugliest truck ever made
Mike R
Mike R 2 uur geleden
Maybe but it serves it's purpose because 99% of the truck owners don't use their truck for anything....but driving around with nothing in back 😂.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 15 uur geleden
The design of Ridgeline was better suited to meeting my needs than any other midsize truck. However, it has 2 fatal defects. First it is not an off-road truck, so the standard AWD only adds complexity, decreases fuel economy, and adds $3,000 to the price when compared to the completion. If you live in a snow belt then disregard that comment. Second, it has one of the last remaining interference timing belt engines. Apparently, Honda has no problem saving $10-15 per vehicle when they know every customer will spend $1,300 between 60,000 and 100,000 miles to change the timing belt and water pump. And the HPD package is more than a $3,000 option for some graphics and tire package. Try buying a Ridgeline for less than $40,000.
Carlo M
Carlo M Dag geleden
Only an American would complain its pickup truck has a manual tailgate, manual adjusting seats and no illuminated visor mirror
NiVi OoF
NiVi OoF 2 dagen geleden
the rear seats are great for hideing valuble items from those people who break car windows to grab stuf.
atvingsinceiwas3 2 dagen geleden
Charlie 2 dagen geleden
Just because something has a drain plug doesn’t mean it can be a cooler 🤦🏻‍♂️
Charlie 2 dagen geleden
Those flares are so ugly. More like HPV package
ezko 2 dagen geleden
I can't understand how someone would think that a touchscreen is a good idea in a car.
David Arts
David Arts 2 dagen geleden
Just buy a normal Ridgeline and put all-terrain tires on it... boom 💥 more capable than the "HPD"
NotPlayBoi Carti
NotPlayBoi Carti 3 dagen geleden
Dead1581 3 dagen geleden
He didn't do his homework on this one, very rushed review, the comparison is not exactly accurate about the pilot, the underpinnings are completely different on the ridgeline. Hmm I wonder if it won the NA Truck of the year ever?!?! Why would you review the base model and then complain its not loaded up.
Michel Foshee
Michel Foshee 3 dagen geleden
I'd much rather have a bed tool box than the under need floor storage. It's cool and I liked the idea but if I'm loaded down with camping gear, rock, lumber, etc (which I use my truck for weekly), I don't want to have to unload to change my tire or retrieve my straps. But Honda kinda fckd by the rear side angle which prevents a tool box being used on the 1st generation
Michel Foshee
Michel Foshee 3 dagen geleden
They took after Toyota.... tailgate isn't big but they put every emblem possible...HPD, Ridgeline, H, AWD, Sport...did they not have room to advertise that big block V6? 😂
Michel Foshee
Michel Foshee 3 dagen geleden
Honda, just stop....please. No one is fooled. And to charge that much money for the option to look tougher is just plain price gouging.
theRorschach 3 dagen geleden
i would get the ex-l trim cause it has the inbed audio, blindspot, cruise control, power front seats, leather seats, and class 3 hitch and add cargo cover and engine block heater cause I live in a snow environment EDIT: I meant the RTL-E trim
trever pitts
trever pitts 3 dagen geleden
The trunk like feature is actually a good idea in theory it just fails because if you have the bed loaded you can't get to that section but that should be a future that all trucks have
DJ ROCK-CEE _MPC KINGS 3 dagen geleden
I’m a Honda fan boy for life, but the truth is this Truck 🛻 Can’t compete with the Toyota Tacoma.
jurassicchrist 3 dagen geleden
Australians already have a name for cutting the back off a car and selling it as a new vehicle... it's a ute
Jim Knox
Jim Knox 4 dagen geleden
HPD has been around since at least the 80's. When Honda was dominating F1 and running Toyota out of Indy cars. And don't forget the Acura TSX was an HPD baby.
Brent Burgess
Brent Burgess 4 dagen geleden
Honda's have had digital speedometer's like this for years. Where have you been Doug?
Krusty The clowm
Krusty The clowm 5 dagen geleden
It has a cool design but I rather have a Tacoma even if is an older model
Krusty The clowm
Krusty The clowm 5 dagen geleden
it has cool design is better looking than the new Silverado but again those silverados are the ugliest thing I seen is like they competing with the Pontiac aztek & Nissan puke of which one is uglier 😂
Lenise Gordon
Lenise Gordon 5 dagen geleden
You almost had me Doug. I’ll stick with the Bronco,, Honda needs to step their game up.
Jake B
Jake B 5 dagen geleden
I’m a truck guy and I just think these are overpriced and never really liked them. Admittedly I’m not really a fan of small trucks but this one has some cool features and it looks ok. Definitely a market for them though as Doug explained.
Weather as a Weapon
Weather as a Weapon 5 dagen geleden
my 2017 Ridgeline E has Apple Car play.
to ravnerflyr
to ravnerflyr 5 dagen geleden
The back is large, Doug's made a point to say he's 6'4" in other videos. The Ridgeline isn't competing with other "trucks" it's filling a role the other trucks aren't offering. They are tailored the practical use of how most "trucks" are actually used. Most of them aren't being used for the features they have. In my case, if I lived in Colorado I would buy a Tacoma or a Ranger. This is the "Truck" for the people that don't need all the off-road and cargo features. If you don't need a heavy duty, large 4x4 truck with a over 5K towing capacity this truck works. You'd need to be honest with yourself about how you're actually going to use a truck.
RamJam 5 dagen geleden
I live in Colorado and own a 2021 Ridgeline and I used to own a 2008. It's amazing in the snow / ice and drives like a dream. I get about 29 mpg on the highway at a mile above sea level and I tow a 3500 lbs boat loaded up with camping gear and this truck handles it with no problem. Love it!
Brandon L
Brandon L 6 dagen geleden
HPD sounds like an STD it's too close to HPV
Hald Kh
Hald Kh 6 dagen geleden
It is a way less luxurious, way more successful blackwood.
casper aalders
casper aalders 6 dagen geleden
Lol what that infotainmentscreen just runs an older version of android by the looks of it
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 6 dagen geleden
Americans really need to stop using such big suvs and trucks it’s damaging the environment. All they need to do is downsize them, it will also handle and off road better when it’s small too
Shelley Fowler
Shelley Fowler 7 dagen geleden
I've been looking at the Ridgeline over the past couple of days. I wanted to be higher up off the road than your standard sedan, but I don't like SUVs AT ALL. None of them. Plus, a Ford F150 or Dodge Ram is way too much truck for me, but the Ridgeline is perrrrrfect.
Brandon Yen
Brandon Yen 7 dagen geleden
I wished this truck body is higher like a Tacoma I would wanted this one 😂
fuckoffyou 7 dagen geleden
If Doug would flap his hands any more, he would be a bird
SevenSixTwo2012 7 dagen geleden
At $41k, you can get a real pickup truck with 5x the capability. The Ridgeline is a pointless pseudo-truck for yuppies. Hard pass, lol.
SevenSixTwo2012 6 dagen geleden
@Wilmar Barrick CDL fees? You do know we're talking about pickups in this video, not 18-wheelers... right?
Wilmar Barrick
Wilmar Barrick 6 dagen geleden
@SevenSixTwo2012 right... guess i was just paying the additional CDL fees on my license for giggles.
SevenSixTwo2012 7 dagen geleden
@Wilmar Barrick Truck suspension and handling has gone a long way since the 80's. But a guy who never drove one wouldn't know it, so you're excused.
Wilmar Barrick
Wilmar Barrick 7 dagen geleden
And 5 times worse road handling... so call it a wash
L.Kage 8 dagen geleden
Doug is the kind of guy that has a "beard" wife
krazyken2k6 8 dagen geleden
i usually drive around with the middle back headrest up too!
Joe 8 dagen geleden
I agree with the final summary
Joe 8 dagen geleden
Seems so boring. You’re right.
Derek Chaves
Derek Chaves 8 dagen geleden
Plain and simple this truck is for men that are not afraid of the stigma those dudes 5'6" jumpin outta Tundra or big Dodges are jokes..... Be a man buy shit cuz you like it not to be cool and fit in... lmfaooooo
Kārlis Zaķis
Kārlis Zaķis 9 dagen geleden
1.5 speed for Dougs videos
George Washington
George Washington 9 dagen geleden
Isn't HPD an STD?
jgallorio 10 dagen geleden
ask WhistlinDiesel what he thinks of Honda Ridgeline XD
undefined 10 dagen geleden
The front end change to make the ridge line look tough is like giving Doug a leather jacket.
Alberto Brandt
Alberto Brandt 11 dagen geleden
Looks like an SUV with a load bin slapped to the back. This vehicle seems unnecessary
12ealDeal 11 dagen geleden
"Crossover driving experience" lol. Gag. This truck is so lame. The old Ridgeline was a neat ride, but the Maverick runs circles around this thing for a yuppie truck.
Cakkz 12 dagen geleden
I cant wait to see how the Ridgeline Type R turns out....
Shaikh Aasif
Shaikh Aasif 12 dagen geleden
That's the worst speedometer ever
Alisa Wentzela,huu
Alisa Wentzela,huu 13 dagen geleden
So funny, I live in Santee and I recognized the places you drove
Louis Jackson
Louis Jackson 13 dagen geleden
that's what the truck is for gas saving if you want pickup truck but also looking for gas saving at the same time this is the truck your looking for you can put heavy stuff back on the flat bed and while you save on gas too
Peter 14 dagen geleden
That the infotainment system is very responsive just like a phone, is probably due to the fact, that it seems to be based on android, just as a lot of phones. The icons in the menu look like android 4 ...
Wize817 14 dagen geleden
$41k for a wannabe truck!? 🤣 Love Honda, but this has to be one of the worst car/truck deals 😆 Ford Maverick just nullified the Honda Ridgeline.
Wilmar Barrick
Wilmar Barrick 14 dagen geleden
Maverick? Oh, you mean that little Mexican bulit 4 cylinder vehicle that has zero proven track record? Ok 👌.
Tzankotz 14 dagen geleden
if it has Android Auto and CarPlay that's essentially better than any built-in navigation
maY 14 dagen geleden
Designed for the Mafia. Hidden Storage for bodies with drain plug for blood. very useful. :lul:
Hendrik Hufert
Hendrik Hufert 14 dagen geleden
Its a sporttruck. The options are left out for lightness :D
Emgigi Evo
Emgigi Evo 15 dagen geleden
outdated in safety, technology, and efficiency.
Gavin Mann
Gavin Mann 16 dagen geleden
The Econ button on my 2017 Civic literally just turns down the AC. I have felt no other impact to how it drives or handles other than it reducing the amount of cold air blowing onto my face.
U Betcha
U Betcha 12 dagen geleden
in my hondas '15 civic and '19 ridgeline the econ button only increases/decreases throttle responsiveness.
Walter Ritchey
Walter Ritchey 16 dagen geleden
Love my 1st gen Ridgeline. They aren't good looking trucks, but they're incredibly practical. I can tow a car to the track, extra wheels and tires in the bed. Steel floor jack, stands, and tools in the trunk. Fill the rear seat with helmets, duffel bags, snacks, etc. Hit the road. Mine has heated leather, navigation, factory sub, sunroof, etc. I can drive 8hr. and I'm disappointed the drive is already over, because it's so comfortable. Never gotten stuck off road at the farm either. Small enough to city drive in a pinch. It does it all! I do wish it had bigger brakes and maybe a supercharger for just a bit more torque, but I've pulled 6k lbs long distance without trailer brakes and it's just fine. I probably work mine harder than 90% of half tons out there.
ASH TAYLOR 16 dagen geleden
Why do always feel like eating something while i watch doug?
carfreak 1999
carfreak 1999 16 dagen geleden
My 2011 Accord has a calculator too. Wonder what made the people at Honda want to add it to their vehicles.
EYE n EYE TV 17 dagen geleden
I can't excuse a sunroof
J.A.M 17 dagen geleden
...and how do they not have a vehicle to “TRD ify” ??? They have 3 ! and they’ve already done it. This is just like an S-Line Audi... just a couple looks and Logos, NO performance. ...but TRD models are still there. Sooooo once again... wtf are you talking about Doug ??? Maybe he’s too rich off of using other peoples cars to review and people using his site to sell cars, where once again he’s making money off of others people cars! LoL It’s honestly pretty genius... it’s all the idiots who go through him are the real jackasses/morons.
J.A.M 17 dagen geleden
Missed a QUIRK as usual... “quirks and features man” ! LoL The tailgate completely comes off, and that rail where rear seats prop on, once they’re put up, you can securely store the tailgate there ! Kinda like the dedicated spot for removable top in a Corvette trunk/hatch.
J.A.M 17 dagen geleden
Yup.. Honda’s been doing that for years now! Analog Tac, but Digital Speedo... C’mon Doug, 🤦‍♂️ . You should be well aware of that.
idontknow 17 dagen geleden
13:20 "You see the little seat *BAR* underneath it"
Jack D
Jack D 17 dagen geleden
Truck buyers DO care about those things. If my Ram didn't have heated seats and steering wheel and a power seat I would NOT have bought it.
Jack D
Jack D 17 dagen geleden
Stunned at the pricing vs the features on this thing.
TheRealUnconnected 18 dagen geleden
Seems like Honda USA is going the same way as Honda everywhere else. Old outdated products, premium pricing, uncompetitive feature set. Honda has declined massively since the 2008 recession and never really recovered as their R&D stalled out. Here in Australia they are basically dead man walking and likely to withdraw from the market in the next few years as their cars just suck these days. Honda USA has survived longer since its a key market for Honda and does most of its own production. Honestly this car is bad value and most people are fine with truck road manners now that we have the electronics packages to make them as safe to control as cars anyway.
Diff Snicker
Diff Snicker 15 dagen geleden
I agree Honda is garbage if you're dropping import money might as well get a toyota
John R
John R 18 dagen geleden
0-60 in 7.2 is a 1 out of 10? Huh??
tom martin
tom martin 18 dagen geleden
Video is a thumbs up. Truck is a thumbs down.
Evan Sutherland
Evan Sutherland 18 dagen geleden
I would love to have somebody fact check Doug on his cost savings estimates. Like 10 cents for illuminated visor mirrors?
Natasha McEwan
Natasha McEwan 18 dagen geleden
HPD sounds like a sexually transmitted illness. "Yo, I tested positive for HPD" "Dude that sucks"
Jay Khan
Jay Khan 17 dagen geleden
u funny
mtfan 18 dagen geleden
I got HPD once from a girl in college.
Tobias Buren
Tobias Buren 18 dagen geleden
I like the flexible storing features from the Honda. I would like to change it against my Ranger, but it's not easy to get one in Germany. Very sad.
Dave L
Dave L 19 dagen geleden
I bought a 2001 base model Caviler. Pissed it has no options in it. I got screwed.
InfoVator 19 dagen geleden
It's 36k base... Save your money and buy a Maverick for 1/2 the price.
Brice Graham
Brice Graham 19 dagen geleden
HPD trim is the wanna be TRD trim package. I kinda like the new Ridgeline ngl. But honestly I wouldn't consider owning one. I'd rather get a diesel Colorado or a Tacoma. They kinda resemble a large Holden Ute from Australia, I'ma kinda curious to know if I'm the only one that gets that vibe be from it.
Kaslin G
Kaslin G 19 dagen geleden
*Doug before he has sex with his wife* “Be sure to check out cars and bids…” 😂😂
ZIMM HOLLOW FARM 19 dagen geleden
O look the gay truck.
e 19 dagen geleden
0-60 in 6.1 seconds = high fun factor. Not sure why performance wasn't even discussed is a "review".
Sammy Scoots
Sammy Scoots 19 dagen geleden
I just stuck a pen up my arse. It’s too far up and I can’t get it out. What do I do!?!?!?!?
Johnny 19 dagen geleden
GetoverYourself 19 dagen geleden
Well, rather have that than the silly Gladiator.
Diff Snicker
Diff Snicker 15 dagen geleden
Both are garbage
PainfulWhale 20 dagen geleden
People won't consider this a truck because its based off the Pilot platform.. but they'll consider the UNIBODY maverick to be a truck which is based off the bronco sport platform...
Lauren Tomasetti
Lauren Tomasetti 20 dagen geleden
Where do you get your car shirts ?! :)
Oscar Chacon
Oscar Chacon 20 dagen geleden
Funny how Doug’s comments on any Honda vehicle need to be trash, even if he has to force the negativity
Dave Champion
Dave Champion 20 dagen geleden
honda is so lame
blvuxe 20 dagen geleden
wtf on that infotainment screen is it running android. the icons look like android 4.0
Omar Vargas
Omar Vargas 20 dagen geleden
I love Honda. I like this truck, but that gauge cluster is hideous/boring and why is it shaped like a maxipad?
Randy Magnum
Randy Magnum 20 dagen geleden
That's a minivan with the back cut off.
This Guy
This Guy 20 dagen geleden
The place I work at makes the trailer hitch for the ridgeline. I’ve never worked on it myself but I’ve been interested in seeing what this truck is like.
Karl Donutz
Karl Donutz 20 dagen geleden
That's interesting, in the USA the Honda dealers are GM blue but here in Canada they are Toyota red.
fossies2012 20 dagen geleden
Honda has had HPD since 1993. They’re the department/division that handles Motorsport research and development. “Honda Performance Development designs and develops racing engines, and chassis and performance parts for a variety of motorsports applications. HPD also provides factory support and parts to grassroots racers, helping power their racing dreams.”
Gromin With Rob
Gromin With Rob 21 dag geleden
I like that they kept it a naturally aspirated v6 and not a small turbo 4 cylinder that’s going to get worked like a dog and always on boost just to move.
Mike Rinck
Mike Rinck 21 dag geleden
As the owner of a Subaru Baja, I really wanted to like these. I test drove one and it felt like a minivan. No thanks. Also… for $41000 or so… I could rebuild my Baja several times over to easily get it to 500k. Or I could pick up a pretty nice Tacoma for less money (well when the car market is normal anyway)
ELITE RACER45 21 dag geleden
You can actually lift these things to about 2 inches extra. Its not much but its better than stock.
MAN B 21 dag geleden
Got to leave this one to Whistling Diesel
Diff Snicker
Diff Snicker 15 dagen geleden
This one will last maybe 20 seconds longer than the first ridgeline he got his hands on
Liam Vieques
Liam Vieques 21 dag geleden
the offroad package is ugly as hell lmfao
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