Here’s Why the 2014 BMW M6 Is a 560-Horsepower Bargain

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Doug DeMuro

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The 2014 BMW M6 is a great car. Today I'm reviewing the 2014 BMW M6, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the M6. I'm also going to show you why the F13 BMW M6 is so desirable, and why it's such a great value.



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Gallo 24
Gallo 24 Dag geleden
13:30 the stereo is on mute thats why lol look at top middle of the screen
Omar Varsta
Omar Varsta Dag geleden
driven F series now around 5 years, never had any problems using blinkers.... and imagine have drink in the way of your sifter, perhaps there is reason why there is only on spot for drinks.
Kustom Denver
Kustom Denver 2 dagen geleden
demuro huh, more like ishmael steingoldberg
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström 5 dagen geleden
Nothing fits a 5 ton massive barge of a coupe than a manual :D But I guess the M treatment might make it a bit more tossable :P And toss it you will after it ruining you after a couple of years :P I thought he was going to say that the unreliable V10 was replaced by an equally unreliable V8.. :P
Isla O'Connor-Lu
Isla O'Connor-Lu 6 dagen geleden
Insidious haunted swing at 8:10 . And, Lol. It has the world's biggest Old Lady coin purse. I would legit use that thigh extension to store and hide coins in. I guess if I was spending new M6 money on it they would be gold sovereigns. Also, the advent of Carplay means that a lot of "old" cars can feel pretty modern as long as they support Android Auto and Apple Carplay. I can live without smart cruise control etc, but spending $40k on even something vaguely exotic I would not want to sacrifice basic voice controls and nav.
SlickGamble 6 dagen geleden
19:26 😉 I gotcha.
alberto andolini
alberto andolini 7 dagen geleden
Behlül ün arabası
joze k
joze k 10 dagen geleden
just wait till something breaks
Max Porto
Max Porto 11 dagen geleden
Doug Demuro video? Like in a jiffy!
Serhat Saygin
Serhat Saygin 12 dagen geleden
5 for Handling of an M6 yet he gives 6 for Velar.
Grandpa 13 dagen geleden
Buy what you can afford to fix, don't let a Trans failure total your car, as would happen w this ticking time bomb.
Po Pe
Po Pe 14 dagen geleden
In every single M cars video he talk about the glowing shifter lol.
Everett Crowl
Everett Crowl 15 dagen geleden
Doggo 0:56
J.A.M 15 dagen geleden
Hate how they put Carbon up on the dash and doors, but then put the Gloss Black material down by the shifter 🤨 Literally would be the first thing I’d change cause it bugs me so much !
J.A.M 15 dagen geleden
LoL... wdym Doug ?? BMW’s have had power thigh support for about 2 decades now !
RockieRok 16 dagen geleden
Just got mine for 42K, already gobbled up an Infiniti Q60 and a Mustang GT. Still waiting for a formidable challenge.
The King
The King 16 dagen geleden
13:40 It doesn't probably work because the sound is muted.
Alwaaz Ahmad
Alwaaz Ahmad 16 dagen geleden
7:58 there's a ghost in the background swinging on the swings
3olotorev 17 dagen geleden
Hallow! Can you find Edonis (sports car B Engineering) and test it?
lxr 18 dagen geleden
Well the turn signal thing shouldn’t be that big of deal considering people who drive these don’t use them lol
Sydney Hustler
Sydney Hustler 19 dagen geleden
Wouldnt say this car has depreciated too bad
Eric LaDoll
Eric LaDoll 20 dagen geleden
regarding speakers tilting towards the screen. that is how you get a good sound. same with parcel shelf speakers in a sedan, they will use the rear window to spread the sound. nothing strange and i know this have been mentioned in other videos also 💁🏼‍♂️
d ph
d ph 20 dagen geleden
Doug talks about the turn signal stock problems like BMW owners know what hes talking about.
Jason W V
Jason W V 22 dagen geleden
In Europe you can get the new M4 with a manual gearbox
Whiplash 22 dagen geleden
0:19 daalrs
Yue Liang
Yue Liang 24 dagen geleden
CDC: keep social distancing. Doug: constant contact
MrNewcaledonia 25 dagen geleden
How are you confused by the turn signals? If you want them to stop just tap it…
xavier lozano
xavier lozano 27 dagen geleden
Driving through imperial beach
Fre3cy 27 dagen geleden
I am pretty sure that in the middle of the back seats is a cup holder
Donovaan 29 dagen geleden
"The manual cars tend to have a little bit of a price premium" One available in Switzerland and the seller asks for $104k O.o
egotisticalbastrd Maand geleden
Who puts stuff in the glove box, seriously?
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Maand geleden
I actually like the turn signals. When people drive my car, they think it’s cool. Lol
Arthur H
Arthur H Maand geleden
I defy anyone to buy this car now unless they have the ability to get the issues sorted themselves.
Ivis Hernandez
Ivis Hernandez Maand geleden
Can we get enough likes for Doug to link me up with this guy to buy his M6, NLfast community will y’all help me get me my hands on my dream car please 🙏🏽
Jamie Maand geleden
Wait till it breaks down and you get the bill I'll take my Honda Civic thanks
TwinTurbo Ray
TwinTurbo Ray Maand geleden
I don't want to be THAT guy. But I prefer the model before this one. Because V10. Manual shifted ofcourse.
Golf, Auto, Tech, Adorable Pets, & MORE!
Golf, Auto, Tech, Adorable Pets, & MORE! Maand geleden
Did doug literally say the reason the bmw has depreciated so much was because of the turn signals? 🤣🤣
ラビリンス太郎 Maand geleden
べらべらしゃべり過ぎ😅 オッサンの顔を撮しすぎ😵もっと車を撮ってほしい😆
Severiano Neto
Severiano Neto Maand geleden
You can get a manual transmission Porsche…
Grandpa Maand geleden
Sold me! I'll pay 50k for it, a premium, just one single small requirement... ...a Bumper to bumper warranty! fyi- just a reasonable 3yr/36k miles
Ronald Santos
Ronald Santos Maand geleden
12:04 Seems the windshield becomes part of the speakers. It’s similar to the suggestion of putting your smartphone in a big bowl to increase it sound output.
Felipe 👽
Felipe 👽 Maand geleden
Lucao americano ಠ_ಠ
Vincents MixedReefChannel
Vincents MixedReefChannel Maand geleden
Just sold my M6…🙁
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly Maand geleden
why you sell it?
K C Maand geleden
Genuine question: what kind of school bag did you have in middle or high school?
Joel Repass
Joel Repass Maand geleden
Yeah there’s a good reason it’s worth 40k now😂
Ace9542 Maand geleden
8:00 ghost swing…
Gran Canaria for Vacations
Gran Canaria for Vacations Maand geleden
Bmws are wallet killers
Asron 12
Asron 12 Maand geleden
Nice, it’s no longer gonna be a bargain anymore
Asron 12
Asron 12 22 dagen geleden
@Trevor *watches scotty kilmer once* lol thats true for alot of bmws though, i know there's a select amount of M badged BMWs that are being treated pretty well in terms of market value
Trevor 23 dagen geleden
Na, BMWs are rapidly depreciating money pits. This car is no exception
Michael Rawlins
Michael Rawlins Maand geleden
What you said about the M buttons is not correct. You can configure either to be the crazy mode, and as long as the button you're selecting is the more aggressive one, you have to push it twice to engage. And the parking brake is the same as on the DCT cars, so it's shared.
ethan ramos
ethan ramos Maand geleden
Are you real
ASMRxLegend Maand geleden
imagine going into the backyard of your mobile home and hearing doug saying "THISSSS is the 2014 BMW M6".
M4rcin Maand geleden
BMW is never a bargain.
Gett Ink
Gett Ink Maand geleden
14:35 “have nothing back here to do” Me: looks at my invisible girlfriend 😏
Matt Russell
Matt Russell Maand geleden
I have a X3, the turn signal is a nightmare, had others blame me for not signalling, because it cancels really easily!!
Appadurai Nachimuthu
Appadurai Nachimuthu Maand geleden
Sorry cars &bids land rover bmw
224 Maand geleden
I wish Doug and I had… Constant Contact 😳👀🥺🤤😈
SMintRich Maand geleden
aka don't by a M car new
varunratti Maand geleden
Dough won't go wrong any time.
Will Maand geleden
Graded this one pretty harsh
scruffs by Cartoon Fish
scruffs by Cartoon Fish Maand geleden
Well, the recorded note was useless anyway as you can't buy new ones anymore!
Alanqt Maand geleden
Nimic nu e mai brutal decât m6-ele lui Andy Popescu
P A Maand geleden
Personally I love those turn signals.
Joel Aquino
Joel Aquino Maand geleden
hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!
Chriscar152 Maand geleden
0:40 When Doug loses his cars and bids advert streak
Doug Hardman
Doug Hardman Maand geleden
You missed a great quirk. The BMW logo flips up on the trunk to reveal the back-up camera when you're in reverse.
Billy Idol Rockstar
Billy Idol Rockstar Maand geleden
We need cd player in cars back
Craig Good
Craig Good Maand geleden
That speaker that rises out of the dash looks like it's revealing a tweeter, that little cone. The midrange that would come out of the big part of the speaker isn't all that directional, so it doesn't matter that it "aims" at the windshield. But B&O is always about styling over performance. It's probably pretty good for a car stereo, though.
Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria
Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria Maand geleden
The best looking 6 Series, certainly much better than the E63
De Maigus
De Maigus Maand geleden
The 6 Series Gran Coupé is a 4-Door Coupé like the Mercedes CLS, only 2 Backseats and a console in the Middle, very different from the backseats in a 5 Series or an E-Class.
tommy_g35 Maand geleden
Doug is that Einstein from Back to the Future?
Jonathan Krech
Jonathan Krech Maand geleden
This is such a beautiful BMW!
Brian Estrada
Brian Estrada Maand geleden
How's the reliability on those twin turbo V8's?
Oliver Valdes
Oliver Valdes Maand geleden
I love seeing the dog!
elias Castellón
elias Castellón Maand geleden
Why is Doug in los santos
Buzzular Maand geleden
What da dog doin'
Ted D
Ted D Maand geleden
DOUG! Please shut your trap for 6 seconds so we can hear the sounds on a pull.
p3rsona Maand geleden
One of the best looking BMW
Mickey Maand geleden
Loves how the car looks and says it's beautiful. Styling: 6
indocarsdiary Maand geleden
$120k when it was new $40k now a bargain ? laughs in Indonesian $140k used here 😎
Ervian Lesmana
Ervian Lesmana Maand geleden
Berkali-kali lipat ya bang
Patrick D
Patrick D Maand geleden
Wow... 6/10 on styling? 5/10 on cool factor? What is this guy even talking about
S J Maand geleden
Bargain and BMW should never be in the same sentence😂
1975lap Maand geleden
I have a BMW..... mind didn't come with turn signals.
K M Maand geleden
Every time i watch this man he proves more and more he knows nothing about cars naturally and remembers everything off a script or a brochure
K M Maand geleden
These wheels look terrible on this m6
Kimmt Sol
Kimmt Sol Maand geleden
You speak too much and don’t know how the b&o speaker works D A The cone the cone May be you should read and take away some ignorance
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson Maand geleden
That bizarre turn signal operation explains why some BMW drivers just don't bother using them at all!
Klutch Maand geleden
Looks dated next to the new 8 series. German cars don't age well.
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly Maand geleden
Looks still fresh and modern, new bmw's dont look as good
JUST me Maand geleden
My brother sold her off …
LMacNeill Maand geleden
"...for the price of a Toyota Highlander..." And maintaining it will cost you *another* Toyota Highlander over the next 5 years or so. Maybe more. But, God, that thing looks like a fun car to drive. If I had $90,000 I could just throw away, I might actually consider buying one. (Yes, I know the car doesn't cost $90K -- I'm doubling the price because that's what it's going to cost you to maintain/repair the thing over the next 5 years.)
Christian Chase
Christian Chase Maand geleden
No Doug!! I’m trying to save to get this car I don’t need anyone knowing how amazing they are!! Except I’m getting the gran coupé because I think it’s one of the best looking cars ever made
good Vibes
good Vibes Maand geleden
Definitely don’t agree that its nicer then the E63 M6
dbmabe Maand geleden
The speed alarm is good for a situation where someone you don't like is bugging you for a ride. Before you pick them up, set the alarm at the 4mph setting. Then when the complain about the constant beeping, just say "I don't know, its done that ever since I bought the car and the mechanics can't figure it out." That might be the last time they bug you for a ride.
Josh Rosenthal
Josh Rosenthal Maand geleden
Doug got his vccn that’s why he’s not the same
Damien Damien Super Car
Damien Damien Super Car Maand geleden
I’m Iceland me and my grandparents were in a used car sale stuff idk but I saw 2 of BMW M6 one silver like that one and one black
Terry Conklin
Terry Conklin Maand geleden
Anyone else catch that haunted swingset at 8:05?
ajax700 Maand geleden
Doug, para cuando un Alfa GT Junior ???
Ralph Weaver
Ralph Weaver Maand geleden
Mommy, I don't want to go to the playground, there is a strange man talking to himself in his car...
Crisss Sontay
Crisss Sontay Maand geleden
The periodic moustache syntactically lie because fiber pathophysiologically succeed aside a mute ethiopia. clammy, odd error
Saam Cheshmaghil
Saam Cheshmaghil Maand geleden
Hey Doug! At 14:17 you say that you have to hold the button for the seat to move forward, that is not true. If you just tap it, it will move it forward on its own.
There's one exact machine for sale in Ghana in my neighborhood. I think I have got to own it after watching your video.
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