The Fiat Multipla Was an Incredibly Quirky (and Ugly) Family Car

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Doug DeMuro

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Fiat Multipla review! The Fiat Multipla was weird, quirky, and ugly. Today I'm reviewing the Fiat Multipla, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of one of the weirdest and ugliest vehicles you can find -- and it's a VERY quirky one. Then I'll drive the Multipla and review the driving experience of one of the only Fiat Multipla models in North America.


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ThatOcelot Uur geleden
Doug is the type of guy to buy a Multipla to go with his Bugatti.
chrislox1 3 uur geleden
You need to get hold of the Fiat Coupé!
John Albert
John Albert 4 uur geleden
If Apple made a car, this is what it would look like.
creidiki 4 uur geleden
I see the famed FIAT plastic quality of the time held up well 🤣
creidiki 4 uur geleden
I see the famed FIAT plastic quality of the time held up well 🤣
Fabrizio Bestetti
Fabrizio Bestetti 4 uur geleden
cazzo ridi , saranno belle le vostre di auto , sapete fare solo barconi che vanno solo dritto
Mathieu 5 uur geleden
I worked at a car rental agency in the south of France back in 1998 and we rented some of these. They were pretty cool
Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson 5 uur geleden
I adored these for the quirks and was a bit disappointed when they brought out the 'plain jane' facelift. In my younger days I had a Sicento as a first car followed by a Stilo. I always thought that as I got older and my loins went 'in to production' (:D) that I'd end up having one. By that time the world had moved on.
Jackson c.
Jackson c. 5 uur geleden
This car makes my brain hurt
YM3 5 uur geleden
Clean the knees man
milkotablet 6 uur geleden
Extended door handle is to protect car parked next to you so you dont damage it when you open the door.
Angry Bulldog Gaming
Angry Bulldog Gaming 6 uur geleden
its' art bro it's art
uk53781 6 uur geleden
14:30 - My Vauxhall (opel) Combo has a snap on the gear stick. It must be fiat thing as the combo is a rebadged Fiat Doblo, I think dodge does the same rebadged van, I wonder if that has it in the US.
Guilhem Sd
Guilhem Sd 7 uur geleden
Et il parle même pas du 1000tipla 😂
HeadPack 8 uur geleden
A design icon of that era, like the Renault Twingo. Back when they still tried something new.
Jean Steel #19
Jean Steel #19 9 uur geleden
Vous êtes où les loulous
Xander Stevens
Xander Stevens 9 uur geleden
Feel physically sick when I see these cars
Isak Johansson
Isak Johansson 10 uur geleden
"Its looks like it was designed by three guys who never met"
Ferris Hafizi
Ferris Hafizi 10 uur geleden
Luke Podmers
Luke Podmers 10 uur geleden
You should do the peel p50
Keigo Moriyama
Keigo Moriyama 10 uur geleden
Why moving so much? Lol
FocsTube 10 uur geleden
Think about it. Doug is exactly a Multipla: ugly no matter the angle, quite tall, really popular, quirky.
Nicolas Crahay
Nicolas Crahay 11 uur geleden
There is actually YTbers in France wich successfully crowdfunded an "1000tipla AMG Stage project" on this car. They are aiming at least 1000 HP... :-)
Accelerator 11 uur geleden
it doesnt look that ugly to me
d k
d k 12 uur geleden
Fuck UK car 😂😂
solokom 12 uur geleden
Yeah, we get it it's a quirky/ugly car bust does this guy seriously need to laugh-talk the whole way though? super ennoying.
vstw174 13 uur geleden
The comic sans of cars.
John Musshafen
John Musshafen 13 uur geleden
No wonder the climate controles face the driver. Fiat knew that no one else was going to get in the car with you.
Old Testament 2018
Old Testament 2018 13 uur geleden
The Multipla is simply the cleverest van ever made, and it is not ugly, just weird. 6 comfortable seats and a large cargo room in only 4 meters. The MOMA in NY has snapped up one of them. It is a bright example of "design", which is essentially the interaction between form and function. The really talented Roberto Giolito was the designer.
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream 14 uur geleden
I had one, im italian, my father got like 250000km on that 1.9JTD. The most "comoda" car i have ever had in family, it was like a lorry 🤣 It has a invidiable visibility, here in italy a car like the multipla was more than clever, because we dont have place to park big cars, the multipla is really short but really big, in fact in italy has been sold in a really big quantity
mazdaman 15 uur geleden
As a mechanic I had three customers who owned these, all 1.9 turbo diesels. Carried kids etc all over, on european trips etc. Very reliable ( not a normal Fiat trait) economical and covered vaste mileages until they expired some 20 years later. Ugly yes, but so practical and did their job very well.
Dalibor Joksimović
Dalibor Joksimović 16 uur geleden
This forced laughter is what bothers me in his videos.
Gaben 16 uur geleden
My parents had a choice years back, either this or a Ford S-Max..
bubu84pl 16 uur geleden
If you ever feel useless just think about alarm in Fiat Multipla.
GrabowskiKarlheinz 17 uur geleden
Michael Schumacher did a commercial with the Multipla, it cant be bad.
Philip Mulville
Philip Mulville 17 uur geleden
Doug, this is your best review yet. I loved every minute of it.
Sebastian Szefer
Sebastian Szefer 17 uur geleden
That’s hanging from door handle was actually to protect Multipla and other cars from scratching
Abc G
Abc G 17 uur geleden
Doug, PLEASE test the BMW shown @ 1:45 ! Greetings from Greece - Europe
Megachinima 23 uur geleden
21:20 Those are coach seats.
gMacGeorges 23 uur geleden
I wouldn't call the "two seat belt buckles" a quirck. It is very common (At least in European cars)
marcus pryor
marcus pryor Dag geleden
Nice to see that Doug came to my home state!
Roshan Pradeep
Roshan Pradeep Dag geleden
This thing has 2 door handles. I'm tired of finding wierd stuff...
possumGFX Dag geleden
It looks different and when it appeared on the streets it did draw some looks. It was one of the few occasions when the concept car was pretty closely adopted for production. There were quite a few interesting looking vans and minivans from europe during these years. I remember the Citroen Xsara Picasso or the Renault Avantime.
Romain Caillé
Romain Caillé Dag geleden
This car is not only ugly and weird. It's actually legit funny, and i think it is purposefully funny, this is a clown car.
Romain Caillé
Romain Caillé Dag geleden
There is a duo of french youtubers who are working on a 1000+ hp mod of this car. They raised a million euros for it. It's gonna be a big thing
Guilhem Sd
Guilhem Sd 7 uur geleden
Les loulous sont partout ❤️
Matthew McRee
Matthew McRee Dag geleden
This has to be the most practical car (for the European city context) ever made. Is it weird looking? HELL YES. Is it ugly? I don't think ugly is the word I would personally use, but most people certainly think it is. Is it practical and insanely clever especially considering how small it is? Undoubtedly!
ygmouuh iughoi
ygmouuh iughoi Dag geleden
If u think this is ugly, check out the BMW 2 series grand coupe
Borgoland Horlof
Borgoland Horlof Dag geleden
Wait for the 1000 hp one.
Emilio Federici
Emilio Federici Dag geleden
Quite common here in Italy and one of the favourite of cab drivers. It looks ugly but kids love it: a friend of mine had one lent from a dealership while he was waiting for his new car and his kids loved it so much that when he eventually got the new car, they didn't want to part with the Multipla.
WheelsAndMotors Dag geleden
This is amazingly designed car, if you don't get stuck with old fart stereotypes! Why if there's anything that's not like anyone else - it must be ugly?!!
Miguel Abreu
Miguel Abreu Dag geleden
A family member used to work for FIAT in Portugal, and she said that all the top management wanted this car to use during weekends. They could choose among all the FIAT brands at the time, FIAT, Lancia, Alfa Romeo… She still have one :)
Joshua’s land
Joshua’s land Dag geleden
It’s so ugly 🤢🤮
Oliv3ra Dag geleden
You forgot some stuff. Tail lights - the turn signals were designed to look like an "arrowhead" so it points out the direction where you turning by design. The headlights - the reason for high beams to be so up was to having them as up as possible to be able to better light the area before the car. The doorhandles - one way to use them is the way you described, but imagine Europe with it's small parking lots with as many parking spaces as possible. Thanks to the door handles you did not scratch the other cars around with opening your doors. The Interior - although there is a "robot" vent, there is also a "astronaut's helmet" when you look at the tacho/speedometer area closely. Snap on the gearchanger was pretty standard in Europe as here most of the gearboxes were manual at the time and almost all common cars had these. The hoop. This solution was applied in order to get more inside space without making the car wider, as normally the inside door handle is lower and takes part of inside space of the vehicle. The engine, yes, it is not very quirky, but originally, you could buy the car with 1.9 litre turbo diesel with about 105 HP (later introduced with more power, up to 120 HP) or you could choose the 1.6 litre gasoline powered engine, which could be manufactured (by FIAT) with ability to use LPG or CNG, therefore you could pick of 4 possible fuels in the FIAT catalog... so yeah, not so quirky, but I think it worths to mention.
laura Maunder
laura Maunder Dag geleden
We owned a Silver 2005 1.9 diesel JTD Eleganza......quirky, distinct, and brilliant. We got ours remapped so that it could embarrass hot hatches! We loved it and would have bought another if Fiat had kept making them!
fireoil Dag geleden
In France. 2 boi raises 1 million€ in to make a 1000 hp homologated for road one, called "Miltipla"
Oliv3ra Dag geleden
In our country we say that "Fiat Multipla has such a big windows to see the Id*it who bought the car" as a joke.
ILDiEGO Dag geleden
If you have this car in Italy everybody will bully you because no one in Italy like the multipla
lostchildren Dag geleden
Still looks better than the new 3 series.
christdragon Dag geleden
Top Gear UK did a great episode where they modified a "Car for old people". They used a dark red Fiat Multipla. This is totally unique in the US. I love weird and unique cars. Especially from Europe. Thank you.
Punjabi Munda
Punjabi Munda Dag geleden
Here in Italy we have a lot of them😩
FrankB1110 Dag geleden
My uncle had a Multipla just like this one, being in Italy had the seat on the correct side and the handbrake was on your left. He had instead of a middle seat a literal fridge. Fiat would sell you a fridge that fits in place of the middle front seat and he had beverages and sandwiches in there for a long journey we had, I loved that car so much.
AbyssWalker240 Dag geleden
this thing got a 3 out of 10 in styling. this is the reason i dont trust the styling score...
Никола Гразданов
Никола Гразданов Dag geleden
this car is not uncommon in Bulgaria
Alessandro Ogheri
Alessandro Ogheri Dag geleden
every time i had to dispose a corpse for my job with don vito it was always so confortable in a multipla
spiros dapergolas
spiros dapergolas Dag geleden
What a clown! (The presenter, not the car)
zertur Dag geleden
I hope we'll soon see Dougs reviews of the Renault 5 Turbo2 and the Citroen GSA visible in the garage. Two great and very quirky French cars...
Ben Dag geleden
I guess when you want your friends to get in the car you just say Indigo…
Evan Young
Evan Young Dag geleden
I’m a contrarian…I think it’s cute
Nikola Drndarević
Nikola Drndarević Dag geleden
It’s still very common to see both the first and the second gen Multiplas among the cab drivers in the Balkans, often driven to the ground. Because of the quirky power windows they earned the nickname kiosk among the cab drivers. Both the diesel and petrol versions survive past 250k km regularly.
Steven Herzog
Steven Herzog Dag geleden
This is why I love Doug--he puts out his videos public with massive sweat stains on his shirt. He truly cares about the cars, not his own image. And this is a really weird car.
florkgagga probba
florkgagga probba Dag geleden
Still not sure whether to like or dislike - instead of explaining the design it is just being repeated "ugly, not attractive, controversial styling, ugly, ugly, not attractive.." Come on! It's simply bold (yes that's a word car reviewers use when they have to say something about a car they don't like) but i mean it literally : for twenty years since star wars into the nineties, cold war going on, people are going on about space ship design in everything from stationery to kitchen appliances and of course cars. Some of them thought "hey, space ships don't need to be all pointy and boxy with bigger or smaller wings- since no atmosphere to move through, instead they could be bubbly with pod-like commanding positions." and someone else thought "we could make a car like that!" - "nah, come on, people will be freaked out, probably laughing" - "no, really, bear with me, it will be insanely practical and comfortable for the price" and so, there it is, or was, not even a surprise really. My brother drove a Toyota avensis minivan around for work in Japan in 2000 and was so impressed and called it a spaceship,compared to what we drive at home. While I would like one and appreciate Toyota quality - the design of those people movers is more like, meh. An example of a conservatively designed Fiat: the Croma, to me it is simply beautiful, the old and the new. Let's round up the rant: i think the Chrysler voyager, too, has a timeless design, comfort, yet kind of simple, I like it.
barabas polo
barabas polo Dag geleden
Baby, 8:29 it's not true. I am from Europe, we had these cars a lot. The plastic tail on the handle is intended not to bump with the metal edge of your own door in the door from the car next to you, in a parking lot, when you open your door all the way. As usual, you say a lot of shit. Kisses!
Daniel Dag geleden
Not as bad as the Nissan Juke
gim killer
gim killer Dag geleden
i remember back in the days when i was very young i saw that car and think what even is that
Jojosh The Barbarian
Jojosh The Barbarian Dag geleden
Girl: What are you the most passionate about? Doug: Quirks and features, especially storage cubbies
Tokimobile Dag geleden
What was that car with Doug during the Cars and bids part in the begining?
Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva Dag geleden
Those fiat engines actually don't sound bad for an economic little 4 cilinder :)
Karvast Dag geleden
It feels weird to see him say that it's nor very common where he is when here while being less and less common as the years goes on it's not a rare car whatsoever
Lincolnator Dag geleden
As much as I like this car mainly because of its 6 passenger capability and 37 US MPG, I'd rather import a London Taxi Cab. Now those are so cool looking!
francesco iacoviello
francesco iacoviello Dag geleden
I am the proud owner of a Multipla :-). I didn't have the guts to buy the first model so I opted for the restyled one!!! I loved your video, Doug. Just a quick comment: in Italy, they sold different versions and the most balanced was definitely the 1.9 Mjet Diesel engine, with 120 HP (the car I own). In the last couple of years, I read that FIAT sold the project to a Chinese manufacturer (Zotye M300). I would love to see a crazy 2021 restyling, to see how they can make it even uglier and quirkier :-)
O B Dag geleden
NOT UGLY. LOL. Looks like robotaxi from Total Recall
Austin Clement
Austin Clement Dag geleden
It looks like the car in Children of men. It looks like a future car
Faris Adel
Faris Adel Dag geleden
I want to crash test this car, not to see how safe it is, but to destroy it.
Ricardo Dag geleden
Interior looks like its made of clay
Monkeh Dag geleden
These were desirable builders cars before they became a desirable car...
Covert Person
Covert Person Dag geleden
ugly is being too polite, this thing is hideous, it actually nearly made me vomit once
originalmossman Dag geleden
Not sure why the popper on the gear lever shroud was picked up on - that's quite a common thing in my experience. My own Suzuki Swift Sport has the exact same thing, and I'm sure at least two of my dad's cars had poppers or zips there as well. How else would you get the inelastic vinyl material over the gear knob during assembly / disassembly?
Farel Cassaro
Farel Cassaro Dag geleden
The excitement he has makes him sweat
Ejs Ace
Ejs Ace Dag geleden
Common joke about multipla here " you know why multipla has such big windows? So you can see which idiot bought it."
Joseph Allen
Joseph Allen Dag geleden
Two minutes in and he's still advertising things despite talking atamillionmilesanhoursoallthewordsruntogether
Der Eidgenosse
Der Eidgenosse Dag geleden
perfect getaway car! No one would suspect any criminal to drive something like this...
Kevin Busch
Kevin Busch Dag geleden
Looks like DaBaby
I'm right you're wrong
I'm right you're wrong Dag geleden
perfect for uber
DANNY Dag geleden
Only ones who would buy this is my grandma with bad eye sight and my little 8 year old sister if she had a license.
Gerardo Arellano
Gerardo Arellano Dag geleden
I read about this car in a list of ugliest cars. I remember it described as looking like “an irradiated tadpole.”
YYV VYY Dag geleden
Où sont les loulous ?? 1000tipla is coming !
Purple Edge
Purple Edge 2 dagen geleden
7:55 i'm pretty sure those plastic things are intended to prevent damage when you accidentally hit another car in a parking garage.. 😉
Gérard Cousineau
Gérard Cousineau 2 dagen geleden
Fantastic interior.
slutmonkey 2 dagen geleden
This car had the same designer as the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
theskyhazard 2 dagen geleden
Dude, you are the only person who can get 800k views on a Multipla review for 10 days... no no not 10 day, I mean probably the total views on Multipla reviews has less :D p.s. I like that strange thing as well
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