Here Are My 7 Favorite Cars I've Ever Owned

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Doug DeMuro

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I've owned more than 30 cars in my lifetime -- and here's a list of Doug DeMuro's seven favorite cars I've ever owned, including a few cars that I'm very sad I sold.


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br pa
br pa 9 uur geleden
Car schmar got to the bar
Zeus Mar Yosef
Zeus Mar Yosef 2 dagen geleden
01:27 ghost over his right shoulder
2BUnphettered 2 dagen geleden
Your number one car on this list is the best one Doug. 👍
##AlbanianKing 2 dagen geleden
this is the most tame millionaires car collection
LucasPerson 3 dagen geleden
Vimal Sharma
Vimal Sharma 3 dagen geleden
Dissapointed he didn’t put the R63 amg in here! That was an amazing mini van
Gene 3 dagen geleden
Rip trader and more dougdemuro
MrFlipFlop 4 dagen geleden
See the dog’s in the gt40 huh? 1:18
Weather as a Weapon
Weather as a Weapon 4 dagen geleden
omg Doug you married your twin brother 🤣
Turtle RC
Turtle RC 4 dagen geleden
My dad had a E merc I said my first curse word in it
Shawn Wilde
Shawn Wilde 5 dagen geleden
I'm 43, used to buy em cheap, fix em up, deliver pizzas and run em into the ground. I'm up to 23 cars, I think? But damn, Doug's got me beat. I sold one, traded in one, gave away 2, and killed the rest.
Johnny Nimble
Johnny Nimble 6 dagen geleden
Everyone is a yimby until they find a crackhead in their garage at 3 am
Isak s
Isak s 7 dagen geleden
my all time favorite car ever to bless the roads and a massive dream for me to own one day became reality roughly 1.5 months ago and I really understand the feeling that you had with your ford GT. but me almost being scared driving it went away after roughly a month cause even tho it is a really rare car in the rarest specs that this car was sold in isn't it a super expensive car. it is a red 1973 Volvo P1800ES with black lether, black carpet and red painted wood on the dashboard. it even has the original extra lights that you could buy from volvo and have them install them. the ES (shooting brake) variety was made in 8077 examples during 1972 and -73 and they sadly had some pretty bad rust problems. so mine being in original paint, not repaired, 140 000 km and with the specs that it has makes this car almost a one of a kind. but it is just too lovely to drive to be scared to drive it. I am still super careful when I drive it, I park it away from other people to minimise the risk of someone driving into it because there are no spare parts for the body work to get hold of, they are not even rare, they are pretty much impossible to get hold of and if you get hold of a fender are they just as difficult to swap as they are to find cause the body line is welded and tin filled. I love that car and drive it once or twice every week and couldn't be happier. it is such a well driving, reliable, comfortable and absolutely stunning car and I suspect that I will take that car with me to the grave.
Isak s
Isak s 7 dagen geleden
the top 3 favorite cars that i have ever owned is, number 3. a 1996 volvo 940 estate. number 2, a Suzuki Swift Sport. and number one! *drum roll* A 1973 Volvo P1800ES. and a honorable mention, a tuned 1996 Volvo 940 sedan. and here you also have a full list of all the cars I have ever owned... and the sedan is the only one I don't currently own...
pjkr123 7 dagen geleden
The spirit of nissan in 90’s - 2000’s quirky design era has transferred to kia and hyundai’s design team now
The Dog Runner
The Dog Runner 8 dagen geleden
You: "What did you learn today?" Me: "That most of Doug's favorite cars are dumb." You: "Does that decrease his credibility?" Me: "No."
Night Kid
Night Kid 11 dagen geleden
Where is More Doug Demuro?
Taman Tanniru
Taman Tanniru 11 dagen geleden
6:38 and then u see a 2013 model s
Remi Ramos
Remi Ramos 12 dagen geleden
Whoever is doing the graphics for Doug is not getting paid enough.
Jonathon Duran
Jonathon Duran 13 dagen geleden
Noodle, the type of dog to not want a snack when on camera.
petiertje M
petiertje M 14 dagen geleden
5:19 You have good friends, don't sell those either ;)
Blake 14 dagen geleden
2005 Ford GT is just magnificent. So much want
Alexander Bingham
Alexander Bingham 15 dagen geleden
Your GT feelings were exactly how I felt about my Lotus.
Anthony Picotte
Anthony Picotte 16 dagen geleden
Don’t sell that rs2, that thing is a gem!
J Kent
J Kent 17 dagen geleden
THIIIIS IS Doug Demuro!! He’s gonna tell us about his interesting quirks and features (there are many)..
fantomtuba 18 dagen geleden
Why isn't this on "More Doug Demuro"? Looks like theres been no content on there for 2 months.
Michael Schwan
Michael Schwan 18 dagen geleden
#1 is a suzuki samurai
Logan Beal
Logan Beal 18 dagen geleden
noodle video
Jesse Mendoza
Jesse Mendoza 19 dagen geleden
I'm 28 y/o and I've owned 8 cars.
Nicklas VEVA
Nicklas VEVA 19 dagen geleden
Other car lovers be like: Number 3: Literally any lamborghini Number 2: Literally any BMW Number 1: An AUTOMATIC muscle car (imagine calling yourself a "car guy" when you drive an automatic)
TheTrueSlavStudios 19 dagen geleden
"Pull a button" - Doug Demuro, 2021
Ryan Zaeske
Ryan Zaeske 20 dagen geleden
alabama plate is 69. n🧊 chain 👇🏻
Deep Blue2
Deep Blue2 20 dagen geleden
Wow Doug’s wife is hot.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 20 dagen geleden
Doug I didn't know you lived in Atlanta. I just moved here to the Virginia Highland area. Any good drink/eating spots you'd recommend?
Violencce_ 20 dagen geleden
That G wagon is not ugly.
Violencce_ 20 dagen geleden
Unpopular opinion: that Ford GT doesn't look that good at all.
JK-AUTO 20 dagen geleden
You're so right about the E55! I'm not going to sell mine any time soon :)
knaudi 21 dag geleden
The RS2 being #4 is criminally low.
Severed Sun
Severed Sun 21 dag geleden
E-Gear is Lamborghini, Doug.
Makise Kurisu
Makise Kurisu 21 dag geleden
How many is still in his garage?
Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell 21 dag geleden
I always want him to start these videos by saying THIS is my garage!
pbfloyd13 21 dag geleden
hussain fadwani
hussain fadwani 22 dagen geleden
Owner of the literally worst cars on the planet except the Ford GT and Kia Stinger.
Johannes Franck
Johannes Franck 22 dagen geleden
Doug selfie’s on his phone just shows cars
Alex Zeyos
Alex Zeyos 22 dagen geleden
Ha .... The FIAT Multipla ..... A legendary car for some funny french NLfast channels , as Vilebrequin , QGDT and Top Gear France
xXSallXx 22 dagen geleden
Doug, can you do a 1981 toyota corrola k71, pls.
Scott Lerman
Scott Lerman 22 dagen geleden
"This car is absolute crap, and it's one of my favorite cars!" Never change, Doug.
Karlos Dubrovskie
Karlos Dubrovskie 22 dagen geleden
Grand wagoner pliss )))
MYChemicalLyrics 22 dagen geleden
14:25 Doug telling us that he's posted a new video for us
Dan Wells
Dan Wells 22 dagen geleden
I am 69 years old and have owned…….69 cars since I turned 17. I am going to look at #70 today, a new MX-5 GT.
Victor Gerginski
Victor Gerginski 22 dagen geleden
Doug is the kind of guy that obviously marries himself
onni borg
onni borg 22 dagen geleden
Multipla getting that screen time 👌
Andre Alves
Andre Alves 22 dagen geleden
always when doug presents cars and bids, he sais "check out this..." never is the car he has in front of him... then takes me 2 secs to realize... that time I was "what shit design acura has done!!!"
medowucha 22 dagen geleden
cool. whenever I gonna talk about your channel in the future, its always gonna be about "Pull a button"-DougDeMuro xD
Emilien Houee
Emilien Houee 23 dagen geleden
Trankil avec mon fiat multipla
Bryan Sanil
Bryan Sanil 23 dagen geleden
Me and my new wife...
Brad Stewart
Brad Stewart 23 dagen geleden
I hope you get to own a Carrera GT one day.
acalthu 23 dagen geleden
When a man says his greatest disappointment in life is a car company not making a car he wants made, you know he's arrived.
Aditya Ithamraju
Aditya Ithamraju 23 dagen geleden
I regret listening to you saying you regret selling your Nissan S-Cargo. That car is straight out the most ugly looking car
Belgutei Boldbaatar
Belgutei Boldbaatar 23 dagen geleden
Honda Civic 1999 Nissan Sunny 2002 Toyota Crown 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser 1998 Toyota Crown 2008 Lexus RX 450h 2010 Recently sold my Lexus RX 450h. What car should i buy next? I need more space and ground clearance because of this stupid ass city.
Heinman 24 dagen geleden
Doug had some fun editing this
Jay Alexander
Jay Alexander 24 dagen geleden
You talk too much and idc about your personal best owned cars. Send a list of your best ranked cars and don’t talk that much in that video
Papi Chulo xXxX
Papi Chulo xXxX 24 dagen geleden
Fiat Multipla "natural power" methane? 8 position.
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım 24 dagen geleden
so you didn't quite like the R33 GT-R all that much?
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım 24 dagen geleden
Is this the first ever video with those stupid effects and animations 🙃? They are weird, so we like them 🙃. No, actually I think some of them are really beneficial to keep track of all the things you say but the others are just stupid and I wish I didn't see them, sorry 🙂
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım 24 dagen geleden
other people making "4" with their hand: just shows 4 fingers reasonably close to their body. Doug making "4" with his hand: almost touches the camera to make the viewers feel like the fingers will come off the screen and drill their eyes. (5:25) Thanks Doug 😂
Austin Murray
Austin Murray 24 dagen geleden
18 and owned 4: 1st place: Still have 16 Chevrolet Impala LTZ: Great value, reliable, comfortable, decently quick, good looks, nice tech like ACC, Bose sound, cooled seats, heated wheel 2nd place: Still have 06 Forester XT: Fast, snow beast, only enthusiast car I’ve owned, “wagon” 3rd place: Sold to family 2010 Ford Escape Limited: Insanely cheap and cheap to maintain, great mileage, looks newer, dead reliable 4th place: Sold for scrap 2008 Chrysler Aspen: Glorious 5.7 hemi, very comfortable, lots of space, tons of rust, unreliable, ugly color
Fitzgoblin 24 dagen geleden
Would this be a good video for More Doug DeMuro? I noticed that there was no videos posted for a couple of months on that channel. 3/4 of a million subscribers deserve some content too. What's up with the second channel Doug?
Transport Routine
Transport Routine 24 dagen geleden
Noodle be like: why did he put me in here and I can't get out?
Muskoka Mike
Muskoka Mike 24 dagen geleden
I can see the appeal of the G wagon, a buddy had a chevy tracker when they first came out and four adult males would pile into this she mobile and look dorky but it was a riot. Great gas mileage, great in the summer with the top down, kinda ok in 4wd in the snow, great for camping, he and his gf would toss all their crap in the back and off they'd go.
Preytorian 24 dagen geleden
Not that it's anyone's business... But how has Doug afforded all these crazy cars?!? These ain't Civics or Neons he's been driving over the years!
Timmy_L 24 dagen geleden
This whole video is Doug telling us he loves Jeeping, but hates Jeeps. A convertible off-roader? So quirky! :D They're only the most popular enthusiast vehicles in the country. :eyeroll:
noahman27 24 dagen geleden
Doug, you are hilarious. I totally relate. I have had 6 VW busses. So quirky. So boxy. So unique. No fast. Not reliable. Makes everybody smile. I great 45mph cruiser on secondary roads!! I love it. I miss it.
ryan williams
ryan williams 24 dagen geleden
The G500 Cabriolet Is ify cause well Why does it exist I think the car would beat the G500 The Smart fortwo
the Psycho Superman
the Psycho Superman 24 dagen geleden
Speaking only as a viewer of the channel, it's difficult to think Doug is not a son of the great Leno. Fun cars, btw. Thanks for sharing.
CAIDMASTEROFPYRO 24 dagen geleden
you need to import an Ford FGX G6E Turbo... would be the perfect car for you
Ryukachoo 25 dagen geleden
..... And now I want to get an UR- s6 Avant and manual swap it
Stefan Patroi
Stefan Patroi 25 dagen geleden
E X 25 dagen geleden
What about the Ferrari 360??
jlump9 25 dagen geleden
review the new Lotus Emira
Evan Grove
Evan Grove 25 dagen geleden
Don't tell me you put your dog in the GT :( 1:28
Smartzenegger 25 dagen geleden
@ 12:16 Where is this bridge? I think it's the one we see in GTA V.
Notyouraveragemechanic 25 dagen geleden
I have Porsche brakes on my Audi 95.5 s6 too 😊
Daniel W
Daniel W 25 dagen geleden
Gaara 25 dagen geleden
Doug: it’s weird it’s ugly it’s stupid G500: 😔 Doug: but it’s amazing G500: I’m still upset with you
ABRAHAM MALIK 25 dagen geleden
So the E wagon didn’t make the cut,sad☹️
Getsuga Tenshou
Getsuga Tenshou 25 dagen geleden
Doug owned so many cars that he is able to choose his 7 favourite ones among them.
DJ G-Roc
DJ G-Roc 25 dagen geleden
That G500 looks like an old Suzuki Samurai...
Radu D
Radu D 25 dagen geleden
I really like the way he appreciates the cars, based on the memories they create. I replaced my 100hp ford focus mk2 with a 170hp bmw E90 lci and once in a few days I think of all the mud that focus went through, and the E90 is stuck on asphalt… will never be the same, no matter what the general opinion is.
Mark Haas
Mark Haas 25 dagen geleden
Sorry, but there are indications that Mercedes is planning to build a new G convertible. They've advertised for and have hired engineers with experience in designing folding tops for the Graz, Austria location, where the G's are built. Don't be surprised to see a new G convertible within the next couple of years.
Gazebo 25 dagen geleden
I guess he forgot he made a second channel for this lol
Jack Herer
Jack Herer 25 dagen geleden
My dad had an RS2 when i was younger, He sold it and got a Skoda Octavia. I want to kill him
Andy Power
Andy Power 25 dagen geleden
Annoying. And bids.
Krypton 25 dagen geleden
Where is Aston Martin Vantage ?
Gamerz Ayush
Gamerz Ayush 25 dagen geleden
ALIMENTAR 25 dagen geleden
"Pull a Button" best quote ever xD
Richard Garvey
Richard Garvey 25 dagen geleden
Lemme guess barbie G-Wagon #1
G Kab
G Kab 25 dagen geleden
NO E36 M3?!…No E46 M3?!…NO M1… Unsubscribed!!!
Felix Bergfors
Felix Bergfors 25 dagen geleden
Don't buy a car from Brickell Luxury cars in Miami Florida these are scammers they threaten customers
Modanig A
Modanig A 25 dagen geleden
Doug finely found a Multipla !!
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