Garage Update! Check Engine Lights, Breakdowns, Road Trip, and More

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Time for a Doug DeMuro garage update! Major roadtrip ahead for my green Land Rover Defender, along with a few issues, check engine lights, and breakdowns for the other cars. Here are a few recent happenings in Doug DeMuro's garage with my vehicles.


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klpinfl 16 dagen geleden
It's hard to believe a self proclaimed "car guy" like this, doesn't (or can't) do his own oil changes...smh
Roni92pl 20 dagen geleden
Most ppl dont make over.1m usd annually, so thats probably why you dont share view on rreliabi5 with most people Doug ;
Ricardo Bianco
Ricardo Bianco 28 dagen geleden
The most powerful car that i´ve already owned , were a Chevrolet Astra 2.0 2007 with 127hp. One of the best cars produced here in Brazil , everyone loves this car around here. He can reach 125mph and 0-60mph in 9s. I had 23 years old when i buy it , it costs something around $4,5k at that time (2013). Now you can buy it one of these for $3k.
Melissa Roscher
Melissa Roscher Maand geleden
Wardrobe to car Narnia?
Samsung FlexWash Dual Washer Washing Machine
Samsung FlexWash Dual Washer Washing Machine Maand geleden
what happened to more doug demuro
Bogdanoff Maand geleden join the Doug discord!!!
Fitzgoblin Maand geleden
What's up with More Doug Demuro???
CAYMAN987 Maand geleden
Driving on vacation and back is one trip doug. You dont make ten commutes a week. A commute to work includes coming home
Sir, Maand geleden
1:30 i think TFL gave up on their defender , glad yours is magically much much better
164 Maand geleden
please do a summary video of your trip like you do last time, I really enjoy watching that video.
hereticxhexen Maand geleden
at 8:53 i respect u for that
Канал Best Travel
Канал Best Travel Maand geleden
Doug DeMuro - Your videos are downloaded and translated into Russian. And you don't know. If you don't understand, your channel has a clone.
Pierce Kelly
Pierce Kelly Maand geleden
why isn't this on more doug demuro
Yofavblackguy Maand geleden
The fact that LR/ Jag are still dealing with these faulty coolant reservoirs blows my mind. Early 00s ones had the same issue
Bill Joe
Bill Joe Maand geleden
8:14 No one talking about this diss?
Rahul Sohoni
Rahul Sohoni Maand geleden
"It never breaks down except for the time it broke down" line of the year
Joel Aquino
Joel Aquino Maand geleden
hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!
Jonathan Hare
Jonathan Hare Maand geleden
@dougdemuro you need more cars :)
Maan Mallak
Maan Mallak Maand geleden
Maan Mallak
Maan Mallak Maand geleden
doccyber Maand geleden
No watches? Why ? Start a watch Chanel.
Fun Tastic
Fun Tastic Maand geleden
Americans: Have many cars Arabs: Have many wives Me: Neither
Станислав Кечин
Станислав Кечин Maand geleden
Через США он проедит, по России разок прокатись.
Alex S
Alex S Maand geleden
what happened to the stinger
Nathan Bugbee
Nathan Bugbee Maand geleden
Are you sure your dog isn’t a stuffed animal or what
Dave Cain
Dave Cain Maand geleden
The roof rack, and that the seats fold flat would make it a great work wagon.
Dave Cain
Dave Cain Maand geleden
I have never done cross country. I have done a couple 8k mile trips in a 2005 Malibu Maxx in 2017, and a 2011 Grand Caravan in 2019
D X Maand geleden
Doug looks his best at 09:30
Noah Kohut-Jackson
Noah Kohut-Jackson Maand geleden
@8:24: I now understand the dougscore so much better
Matthew Spanhake
Matthew Spanhake Maand geleden
how many oil changes has the defender had now?
Sam Fitzpatrick
Sam Fitzpatrick Maand geleden
When you’re in Massachusetts come down to Newport Rhode Island and go to the Audrain automobile museum and make a video with jay leno!
Nenu Marius
Nenu Marius Maand geleden
How can the Ford GT be reliable when Jeremy Clarkson has an issue with an aftermarket immobiliser 20 years ago?
Deep Blue2
Deep Blue2 Maand geleden
Doug the type of guy to off road a Ford GT
Lark Davis
Lark Davis Maand geleden
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efword Maand geleden
He mentions that the yellow Defender is going on vacation too, but doesn't mention driving it across the country; is he having it shipped there?
Saro Saroyan
Saro Saroyan Maand geleden
Where is the dogs face?
Martin Jones
Martin Jones Maand geleden
That must be the most reliable new Defender around.
Fred Frederickson
Fred Frederickson Maand geleden
Scotty Kilmer vs Doug Demuro beef is real 😤
The Flat Rock
The Flat Rock Maand geleden
Doug you need to buy a 1950's car, maybe a 57-58 Caddy?
Nielsen Rivera
Nielsen Rivera Maand geleden
Hobbies are expensive. Want something reliable? Get a Corolla. Doug has made it MORE than clear that he is frugal and smart with his money so he can clearly afford whatever reliability issues he has. Plus, there is no price for fun.
Rodd Johnson
Rodd Johnson Maand geleden
Doug straight ballin... Me: I guess I will go a few hours from home for vacation and ask for time off from work Doug: Going cross country! See next you guys next month! Edit: Also I am sending my other Land Rover to the East coast as well.
Tobbex73 Maand geleden
Naaw, the barbiecar needs a toe. Someday, You will buy a car that will hold.
Ulford Maand geleden
Wow, impressed that a brand new car failed so many times. 20.000 miles? Is that what you can expect with this car before it breakes?
Frantic Uploader
Frantic Uploader Maand geleden
Range Rover Defender sounds like a true POS. You have to take it to the dealer just to be sure you can drive it across country. My 2007 Chevy Trailblazer was more reliable than that.
M&N Distribution
M&N Distribution Maand geleden
We don’t care about your cars. We far more about Hoovie.
Micheal C
Micheal C Maand geleden
Doug put up new lights in the garage set.
Randy Gentry
Randy Gentry Maand geleden
I thought I was watching Hoovies Garage for a minute. I was expecting to see the Wizard, lol.
Jason Carle
Jason Carle Maand geleden
ok... Fine. I'll buy a Defender... Sigh...
Gabriel Ulibarri
Gabriel Ulibarri Maand geleden
I'd hate to have to deal with trying to maintain an Audi RS2! JK! That's my dream!
v n
v n Maand geleden
Wish you make 4 more !!! then you can have it RIP !!!
Charan Masimukku
Charan Masimukku Maand geleden
What breed is Doug's dog?
Dz Gaming
Dz Gaming Maand geleden
That Ford GT is growing on me.
Dwealdric Maand geleden
Doug is the kind of guy to classify a blown fuse as an "electrical gremlin".
Mad Steve
Mad Steve Maand geleden
btw watches keep their value, cars don't
Rafal Kowalczyk
Rafal Kowalczyk Maand geleden
Check engine light on? Put your kids picture over it. Modern problems call for modern solutions.
Anonymous Freak
Anonymous Freak Maand geleden
Doug's garage is Schrödinger's garage. Every vehicle is both fully working and broken down simultaneously until Doug puts the key in the ignition.
Anonymous Freak
Anonymous Freak Maand geleden
Your license plate is "YIMBY"? I love you even more.
Jump Squad - Auto
Jump Squad - Auto Maand geleden
Enjoy your vacation Doug!!
1996 Honda Civic
1996 Honda Civic Maand geleden
When did you get a new defender? I really shouldn’t keep do not disturb on
Barry Bamb [MESSAGE DELETED BY YOUTUBE] Maand geleden
Also keep keep the mute button on.
SCUMMY 420 Maand geleden
I've never seen a subaru on rhe side of the road that's not at least 15 years old
Lucas Liberatore
Lucas Liberatore Maand geleden
Hey Doug, any chance you can do a car spotting video in Massachusetts this summer?
OoF_Luke123 Maand geleden
I hate when he says Audi like OWdi because when you wanna say Australia do you say OWstralia? No. So, it’s Audi as in how you say Australia and not OWdi...
TheAnonymous One
TheAnonymous One Maand geleden
I must say, he has the most boring garage of any youtuber lol
dadedraak Maand geleden
The RS2 is so awesome!
Lydia's (Lack of) Videos (Yet)
Lydia's (Lack of) Videos (Yet) Maand geleden
"YIMBY": "Yes In My Backyard?"
Krummy Brinkle Jr.
Krummy Brinkle Jr. Maand geleden
highest mileage defender because every single other one has been in the repair shop since it was bought
Lemus FN
Lemus FN Maand geleden
Where do you go in Massachusetts? I go to cape cod every year! I’m going for two weeks in mid July
Hoseki was taken
Hoseki was taken Maand geleden
daddy doug
Arun999 Maand geleden
I would be worried if there were no lights on the dash. If there is a check engine light on the Land Rover. I know my car is tip top
Lester Brown III
Lester Brown III Maand geleden
'Reliability is like 12th on my list...'🤣
sbazain Maand geleden
enjoy your vacation when you get back have you done anything on the Mercedes pick up truck just found out it existed
Scott Hartman
Scott Hartman Maand geleden
Dude needs to just get out of the way... That RS2 is all I want to know about. Best purchase he’s made by far. I’d enjoy seeing more of it.
MrStiffington Maand geleden
What was the deal with the Kia Stinger?
wormer66 Maand geleden
well yeah reliability isnt on your priority list.... you have like 8,000 cars... if one is shit you shrug and walk over to the next one....
Jason Ariel
Jason Ariel Maand geleden
Looking forward for the review of the new solar car Aptera!
jetting along
jetting along Maand geleden
Man, sounds like these cars aren't reliable lol. I put 20k on my ls400 got a check engine light because it just needed a new O2 sensor that's all.
justsomeguytoyou Maand geleden
I'm into cars too, and I still wouldn't buy something unreliable. It's not just the expense, it's also the fact that breakdowns happen to be pretty damn inconvenient....
claysmell Maand geleden
Doug with his recurring whim to his wife "fkit, let's go to Nantucket!"
Harm Derks
Harm Derks Maand geleden
Really cool video :-) But I'm wondering what quirky story is behind the 2 'doorlocks' on the passenger side's door...?
The Underground Lair of the Squankum
The Underground Lair of the Squankum Maand geleden
11:01 OMG YETI !
KingLoganIV Maand geleden
I love seeing Doug's car updates, but I can't be the only one wondering, what does Lady Doug drive?
LetItBe503 Maand geleden
Doug one thing I wish you mentioned when discussing the Defender's time in the shop for a couple small issues. How many total days were you without the car?
The Dot Point
The Dot Point Maand geleden
Doug: Reliability is the number last in my list Me: that's my guy. Car is to have fun with it.
djolecar88 Maand geleden
Putting it through its paces would be 20k miles under a year in NYC! The true durability test.
JonBonesJones84 Maand geleden
Doug didn't mention if he's selling any of the cars besides the Ford GT and his new Defender, any time soon.
Blake Wimberly
Blake Wimberly Maand geleden
i wanna buy that shirt
Ol Jerz Bastard
Ol Jerz Bastard Maand geleden
I may or may not buy a cars and bids shirt now
Ol Jerz Bastard
Ol Jerz Bastard Maand geleden
But before you check this video out you should check out cars and bids
Nigel Wilson
Nigel Wilson Maand geleden
"Reliability isn't important to me" - well then keep buying cars from Carmax.
E Golli
E Golli Maand geleden
Toyota owners feeling vindicated for their lame ass cars when the Land-Rover has even the smallest issue.
Mr Tacoma
Mr Tacoma Maand geleden
@dougdemuro the rs2 is like the size of an bmw E30 wagon which is like a very good size
Eduardo Di Lascio
Eduardo Di Lascio Maand geleden
9:54 Gulf wrap maybe?
Stu Maand geleden
60% of the time, it works every time.
Primary Ignition
Primary Ignition Maand geleden
60% of the time it's never breaking down 100% of the time.
Serps1991 Maand geleden
The trick to having unreliable cars is to have more than one, which you have down. When I was looking at cars a few months ago I was a little concerned about reliability because I commute 100 miles a day. So, I bought a TT-RS, so I don't have to deal with the 2.0Ts problems.
Jim 99west
Jim 99west Maand geleden
Tow trucks are standing by ......
Kacper T
Kacper T Maand geleden
Jay Stepp
Jay Stepp Maand geleden
Doug defending Defenders.
SushiwithRice Maand geleden
I love ur audi doug it's beautiful!!!
Public Profile Name
Public Profile Name Maand geleden
I haven't really followed this side of your content, but was thoroughly entertained, will watch in the future. That being said, you got rid of the Stinger? Why if I can ask?
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