The Geo Metro Convertible Was a Hilariously Pathetic 50-Horsepower Economy Car

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Doug DeMuro

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Geo Metro review!!! The Geo Metro Convertible is a tiny convertible economy car with no frills and almost no power. Today I'm reviewing the Geo Metro Convertible, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of this little car. I'm also going to show you what it's like to drive the tiny Geo Metro, and I'll review the Geo Metro driving experience.


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Paul&Michelle Belo
Paul&Michelle Belo 59 minuten geleden
Really... kill the jokes Doug... your losing me
Martin Gornishki
Martin Gornishki 3 uur geleden
Noel Bowen
Noel Bowen 7 uur geleden
it wasnt a sports car and why was it so pathetic cause it wasnt a 200 mph GTO ?
bigseff23 11 uur geleden
Don't forget Storm! A rebadged Isuzu
TommyTrickles 12 uur geleden
I'll never forget the day my friends Justin, Steven, Jon and I all packed into Justin's 1989 Gio Prism. For context, Steven was 400lbs, Justin was 315lbs, I was 300lbs and Jon was 250lbs. To this day, I have no clue how we fit, but that engine was TRYING.
Raymx slapped y'all
Raymx slapped y'all 17 uur geleden
its like a little high school girls car
Malt Life Movement
Malt Life Movement 18 uur geleden
Some reason as a child everyone loved the geo storm
Diego TuX
Diego TuX Dag geleden
Pretty funny car, i liked it
TheHowtostudios Dag geleden
I want one
Jamie Dennis
Jamie Dennis Dag geleden
Forgot to mention the Geo Storm, great car to deliver pizza in!
Rocco Lucio
Rocco Lucio Dag geleden
Between the fiat 500 and this, I’ll take the fiat anyday
Rocco Lucio
Rocco Lucio Dag geleden
Between the fiat 500 and this, I’ll take the fiat anyday
Dale Burk Jr.
Dale Burk Jr. Dag geleden
You want us to bid on a crap car...lmao. Ok george...sit down.
Andreas23OK Dag geleden
7:06 Butt!
Teh_D3th_St4r Dag geleden
This car is Definitely living in the Santa Cruz mountains now. I see this little fucker at least 3 times a week.
John C. Bojemski
John C. Bojemski Dag geleden
You were MUCH better off with the BEETLE! or by then the "RABBIT.
John C. Bojemski
John C. Bojemski Dag geleden
Before this and the other GEO's... CHEVYS first home grown Japanese "clone car" was the short lived CHEVETTE. One of the WORST autos GM ever sold!
John C. Bojemski
John C. Bojemski Dag geleden
The GEO METRO was very popular with girls! They liked the little convertible precisely because it WAS so small, underpowered and EXTREMELY economical on gasoline. Yes... it was advertised as getting 46 MPG! Nothing at that time, not even the ridiculously underpowered diesel engined VW "RABBIT" rivalled it.
Omar Omar
Omar Omar 2 dagen geleden
I like these compact gas savers.
Trey Parker
Trey Parker 2 dagen geleden
This car was a piece of garbage
Don Kremer
Don Kremer 2 dagen geleden
Design brief for Kindergarten: design your first Car Owner's Manual cover.
Don Kremer
Don Kremer 2 dagen geleden
Doug, try find a Daihatsu Copen Cabrio. That's half this car's size.
joã vitor Castanheda
joã vitor Castanheda 2 dagen geleden
who do you think you are to say the car is ridiculous and pathetic??? you are
Don Kremer
Don Kremer 2 dagen geleden
It's a cute little car.
Jackson Trollinger
Jackson Trollinger 2 dagen geleden
How can I buy it?
Nikolet nieves
Nikolet nieves 2 dagen geleden
All shades of emerald the introduction of this car was very important can you imagine with gas prices would be if people didn't buy 300,000 of these we probably be looking at $10 gallon instead of 4 I beg to differ there is someone who collects and preserves these cars me
S. G.
S. G. 2 dagen geleden
I had a 1991 Yellow Geo Metro Convertible for 9 years! It was a fun car and I had very few problems with it! 🥳💛💛💛
B. Son - RS Motorsports
B. Son - RS Motorsports 3 dagen geleden
my moms first car when we were poor.. a red GEO METRO. i still remember it and think about it til this day.
dachanist 3 dagen geleden
Geo Metro Convertible and Tracker were highly desirable 1st cars in high schools everywhere. Of course the Miata was better but the parents had to want a sports car for you to get a Miata and FWD was still prized for ease of use in bad weather. You could go to the dealer looking at a new Metro hatch vs their used inventory and bump up to the convertible .... Boom - you're ready for the beach. It wasn't a joke until much later, and still the convertible has always been an attainable fun car. Really it was never a joke, just a reliable Japanese econobox that was $10k brand new and bottomed out as a $1000 beater that would run forever or until it rusted through the floor. You said it yourself, even today a couple grand buys you a decent one. Really, what else would you prefer for that money?
Dave Manifold
Dave Manifold 3 dagen geleden
There are 4 wheelers with more horse power
Osiris 3 dagen geleden
I need it I want it I crave it I dream about it please give me give me give me
Osiris 3 dagen geleden
I need this car I am incomplete until I buy this and put a fiat 4c in it
Life Of Vadim
Life Of Vadim 3 dagen geleden
I remember Geo Prizm. GM took the Corolla, and made it worse. American engineering at its finest.
Logan Crawley
Logan Crawley 3 dagen geleden
Crappy car…Fantastic episode! I love the videos of weird cars
Falcon 4 dagen geleden
Owner's manual looking like it was designed on MS paint
lloupez l
lloupez l 4 dagen geleden
What's crazy is a company having another company badge their cars for them because they're a car company that can't make good, reliable cars. That's GM for you.
lloupez l
lloupez l 4 dagen geleden
Cheap convertibles, affordable houses, living wages................back then....................what do we have today? America is a joke.
lloupez l
lloupez l 4 dagen geleden
Cars like the Metro make sense in the city but since Americans don't make sense overall, you barely have a choice for a comparable car today. And, prices are too high.
Tyler Logan
Tyler Logan 4 dagen geleden
why do you remind me of Chandler from friends haha
European Fox
European Fox 4 dagen geleden
The emergency plastic key is for when you accidentally lock your keys in the trunk is my guess.
Robyn Holley
Robyn Holley 4 dagen geleden
i'd throw a 4 cyl turbo engine from a Mini Coop, and throw on some 14inch alloy wheels with performance ride-flat tires....other than that, i really want one of these lol
Clay Loomis
Clay Loomis 4 dagen geleden
I've got a manual transmission '94 Metro, though not the convertible. Bought new for $7000, out the door, and the sucker just will not die. The little radiator finally rotted out after 25 years, but $100 and I had a brand new one. Haven't touched the brakes, and I'm only on my second set of tires after 89,000 miles. Frankly, you don't burn a lot of rubber in this thing, but I can break them loose when it's raining and I pop the clutch in first gear. To be honest, the only time I've found it to be really lacking for power is on uphill freeway onramps, but there aren't a lot of those. Still gets 45 miles a gallon on the freeway. What do you want for 7 grand? It's dependable and gets you from here to there cheap.
whoopdeedoo 5 dagen geleden
Someone should do an engine swap and make a sleeper car. Would be hilarious to see peoples reactions when you dust them.
gehbw 5 dagen geleden
I had a first generation hatchback and then a second generation hatchback. Both were excellent cars.
Ganf 5 dagen geleden
My car is 3 years younger and believe it or not, it's more pathetic.
southpark 981
southpark 981 5 dagen geleden
This thing looks almost as small as a Barbie Jeep 😂
IridiumScribe 5 dagen geleden
I remember my stepmother having the hatchback version of the Geo Metro. It was a dark forest green and it definitely was very small. My father bought it for her after she traded in her 80s red Ford Mustang convertible. My father pressed her to sell it since he hated Ford with a passion. I still remember the key to this car and how terrible a driver she was. As a child, I would be scared while she would be jamming to songs like Lady Marmalade. 😂 The 90s were definitely something different.
Buledde 5 dagen geleden
It looks like it uses parts from a Suzuki Swift from that era.
langdon 5 dagen geleden
i want this so bad
Ni Malachena
Ni Malachena 5 dagen geleden
Would be nice if you could make a Suzuki Swift GT/GTi review
Sean Godos
Sean Godos 5 dagen geleden
OG AAA members remember that they used to get a plastic emergency key credit card. The last car in our family that was able to support it was a Ford Taurus, the plastic was pliable like a milk jug, we did use it to start the car several times but officially they said it's only allowed to be used to open the car, I suppose after somebody broke off plastic and their ignition LOL. Maybe with lockout chips, sensors and thick Keys it was never compatible so they dropped the key card about 5 years ago or so.
Mike 5 dagen geleden
I really miss my 1990 Turbo Sprint. Same engine as that Metro, avec one tiny little turbo. Most fun of any car I've owned apart from my Model 3, and I long for those days -- until I remember what a deathtrap those things were.
12gaugebleachdrinker 5 dagen geleden
Huh, I always thought the Geo LSi's had the 4 cylinder not just the three. My first car was a Suzuki Swift 4 cylinder. It was a great beginners car and I'm glad my dad forced me to learn a manual transmission. One day we were putting around in it(this was back when The Fast and Furious was new) and someone in a modified Mustang V6 or Civic or something(literally anything) that would have totally beaten me came near. I put in the clutch and did three quick high RPM revs of the engine. My dad got such a kick out me doing that. I just did it instinctively and I don't really know why. When I would drive my friends home from high school(I was the first with a license) I would take this 90* corner at like 30mph( the road didn't go straight, literally only went 90*) and all my friends said it was like being in a go-kart. They were right. I miss that little grape.
oscar salazar
oscar salazar 5 dagen geleden
The vivacious mice jekely skip because request structurally allow lest a jumbled position. unarmed, ignorant lan
Marc Fuchs
Marc Fuchs 5 dagen geleden
50HP out of a 1L 3 cylinder engine is not pathetic. It's tiny but reasonable. A 5L V8 engine with barely more than 100HP is pathetic, as many older American cars had it.
Holeshot Hunter
Holeshot Hunter 6 dagen geleden
new paint?
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 6 dagen geleden
I wonder if you can mod it with an engine swap...
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 6 dagen geleden
Every time I hear anyone talk about a Geo Metro I'm reminded of an old Simpson's clip: Homer: Neddy? Neddy! Rod: He's gaining on us! Todd: I'm scared! Maude: C'mon Ned, move this thing! Ned Flanders: I can't, IT'S A GEO!!
S I M O N .
S I M O N . 6 dagen geleden
These are collectors cars just like Yugos and Gramlins. If you got a decent one, keep it conditioned and reap in $$$ in few years.
Randy McTavish
Randy McTavish 7 dagen geleden
not bad
Supesfan88 7 dagen geleden
Could you try to find a 1st Gen Aveo and compare it to this?
Ed Lima
Ed Lima 7 dagen geleden
Why is the video slightly sped up?
Giordan Diodato
Giordan Diodato 7 dagen geleden
god that color is so 90s
L H 7 dagen geleden
no shit..the same car I probably test drove when I was in Iowa back in the 90' same color everything.
Music Athority
Music Athority 7 dagen geleden
The three cylinder versions would actually, and I'm not joking slowdown when you turn on the airconditioning. and the three cylinder engines would also wear out very quickly.
steve 7 dagen geleden
Pathetic little pipsquak?? Ba-hahaha.. up even my 16hp 150cc yamaha bike can leave dust behind this 50hp car 😂 Yo, after roasting it to ashes, you're selling it out? that's cold man Um, Who would buy this after being insulted?
Trect 7 dagen geleden
The Geo Metro makes the Mitsubishi Mirage look like a Bentley
Konan 7 dagen geleden
52 horsepower💀💀💀
Alfonso Adame
Alfonso Adame 7 dagen geleden
Bring back these cars . Cars nowadays are trash 🗑
crash b
crash b 7 dagen geleden
"This car can be yours!" Why
Ronald Baker
Ronald Baker 8 dagen geleden
Great little car. Just didn't catch on.
Jay Jess
Jay Jess 8 dagen geleden
Needs an alignment
Sanyey 8 dagen geleden
thats a standard suzuki swift...
Reid Conti
Reid Conti 8 dagen geleden
Subtracting (adding?) 23.5L/100km from the manual transmission mileage figure to get the 3spd auto figure.. yeah that’s … not how this works.
Reid Conti
Reid Conti 8 dagen geleden
Don’t you remember “hey man, can you push the mirror out a little bit more for me”? Manual passenger mirrors were meant for the passenger to adjust for the driver :)
Black Jeep Convertible
Black Jeep Convertible 8 dagen geleden
Convertible version of any car is a GREAT car. Doug just doesn’t love open air freedom 🇺🇸
Black Jeep Convertible
Black Jeep Convertible 8 dagen geleden
I love convertibles
Jed K
Jed K 8 dagen geleden
the owners manual lol
Gary Iacobucci
Gary Iacobucci 8 dagen geleden
Imagine if Doug and Jay Leno ever crossed paths shooting car videos, what a battle of the chins
L581 8 dagen geleden
I'm honestly surprised that they haven't brought this car back. Most of the cars in the '90s although they were smaller and maybe not the fastest in the world they did get better gas mileage and they were a lot lighter. They kept things simple in the '90s and they should do the same now. Hybrids are nice but they're expensive and they're better ways to go about making a car that gets better gas mileage and that will last 20 30 or 40 years down the road. The Geo Metro was by far more practical than any hybrid out there today. A hybrids batteries will last 10 years at best and cost you close to $6,000 if not more to replace them. This little Geo Metro won't have much to replace as long as you change your oil in it and take care of the motor and if the battery for the starter goes bad it'll cost you probably $100 or less to replace. God bless the 90s and God bless the Geo metro.
D Z 8 dagen geleden
I would try to track down that sales person as it would be fun to revisit the good old days.
D Z 8 dagen geleden
I still remember seeing them at the dealership when I was at grad school. For a poor grad student, they looked like dreams. I would buy one if they were still making them. Just fun to drive around town.
Matthew Geist
Matthew Geist 9 dagen geleden
I gave my swift fog light and sunroof I wanted 1993 gti stop making had a 1995.
Matthew Geist
Matthew Geist 9 dagen geleden
Had had the Swift it get three door hatchback 1.4 90hp god miss that little shit great on gas 5 speed on hill max 60 on flats 75
Sean Larson
Sean Larson 9 dagen geleden
Look at some of those welds in the engine bay!
Ian Bridwell
Ian Bridwell 9 dagen geleden
Doug! I love your videos. You got your fuel mileage conversions wrong at 9:34. The difference between 46 mpg (5.1 L/100km) and 36 mpg (6.5 L/100km) is 1.4 L/100km, not 23.5 L as you stated. The conversion isn't linear!
Bootquake 9 dagen geleden
For anyone else wondering about this: The actual l/100 km difference between 47.5 MPG(combined mileage) and 37.5 MPG (10 MPG less for automatic) is about 1.3 l/100 km (4.95 l/100km manual and 6.27 l/100 km automatic). Doug displayed the correct values in the beginning, but as he talked about the automatic being 10 MPG less he translated that to 23.5 l/100 km. Yes, 10 MPG is 23.5 l/100 km, but MPG and l/100 km can't be compared like that because they measure different things. MPG is distance per fuel and l/100km is fuel per distance. This means MPG becomes smaller as fuel consumption increases while l/100km increases with fuel consumption. Not meant to berate, just to clarify. Have a nice day.
Jay Suthers
Jay Suthers 9 dagen geleden
I know this video is from more than 2 months ago, but I wanted to comment about your being passed by a Chevy Bolt. I can tell you, as a Bolt owner, I can pass a lot of cars easily. It's a 3500 lb car with 200 hp and 266 ft-lbs of torque, it can overtake the average car quite easily let alone a rubber band powered convertible. (smile emoji) If you haven't already, I would love to see you review the Bolt. Lots of cheapness, but good tech and lots of power. As the charging infrastructure grows, it's becoming a very capable car even on long trips.
Sam Tilden
Sam Tilden 9 dagen geleden
The motor is as slow and boring as this fucking video good god 🙄
TransistorBased 9 dagen geleden
What a time, advertising that your car was made by Suzuki was better than advertising it was made in the US
Alex Timbol
Alex Timbol 9 dagen geleden
Looks like a nice grocery getter, commuter, or beach going vehicle--if your beach is within a few kilometers.
omarruelas123 9 dagen geleden
Doug: insults the geo metro during filming Doug after filming NLfast video: ads geo metro to car collection.
BlueMoonPanther 10 dagen geleden
I had the same car back in early 90's but I installed a turbo charged 1.3 l gti engine and it was the most fun inducing human killer convertible ever
Ky Shrode
Ky Shrode 10 dagen geleden
I used to own one and it only used like $10 a month in gas its a 3 cyl was in a multi car pile up other large cards were totaled but my Metro only had a fender wrinkle
Bart B.
Bart B. 10 dagen geleden
cut the car some slack you jerk. it's doing it's best
Carlos Holz
Carlos Holz 10 dagen geleden
"Hilariously Pathetic 50-Horsepower Economy Car"..... according ONLY to the US market
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 10 dagen geleden
I own one these pussy magnets. Shits fire. Don't talk to me about the shitty "hypercar". Most don't have the trunk space, nor the comfort to match one of these bad boys.
Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson 10 dagen geleden
I drove one of these for 20 years, I LOVED IT!! Great gas mileage and it felt like you were on a skateboard with an engine, just a lot of fun. Bought it in 1996 for $2000 and I ran it till 2016, I don't even know how many miles I put on it because its odometer only went to 100,000, it might have been 200,000 to 300,000 miles. All this guy is whining about is power and cup holders.
Diana Watson
Diana Watson 10 dagen geleden
Fun fact: The early VW Beetle was originally equipped with a 25hp engine which was later upgraded to a whopping 36hp, then the dual port 40hp came along which was the icing on the cake. 50hp would've been a dream.
tbirdpunk 10 dagen geleden
If you had to parallel park for your drivers test... this was the machine to do it in.
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