The 2022 Ford Maverick Is a City-Friendly Small Pickup Truck

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Doug DeMuro

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2022 Ford Maverick review and tour! The 2022 Ford Maverick is a new, city-friendly small pickup truck -- and today I'm going to review the new 2022 Maverick and show you what it's all about. I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the Maverick, and I'll take you on a thorough tour of the new Ford Maverick -- the first tour yet of Ford's newest truck!


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Anibal Babilonia
Anibal Babilonia 52 minuten geleden
I think it looks like a cool little truck!
Chris Parkey
Chris Parkey 9 uur geleden
I definitely want this. I currently have a Dodge Dakota and itโ€™s nice and all, but the gas is killing me.
Space Cowboy 45
Space Cowboy 45 9 uur geleden
Design is everything. This think looks absolutely great compared to the Santa Cruz.
Harrison The Car Guy
Harrison The Car Guy 13 uur geleden
I've been team Chevy my whole life but that truck is lookin good
2WheelWeekendViking 14 uur geleden
Great review! Truck looks like fantastic! Question: Is the Maverick First Edition going to be limited production like the First Edition Bronco?
Danielle Flowers
Danielle Flowers 21 uur geleden
Not that this matters. You mentioned in the video that no one has driven the vehicle but it says it has 812 mi on it....
Vincent Yedlin
Vincent Yedlin Dag geleden
Doesn't look like the Maverick has what everyone wants. The 360 degree camera showing front and overhead views for parking.
L J Dag geleden
You look like a giant in it, I have no chance
J. Cephas
J. Cephas Dag geleden
My question is, why take what was a car name and turn it into a truck? That's like making the f150 a car years from now
John Burnett
John Burnett Dag geleden
It's not that small. Very much what we used to call a mid-size.
Joshua Felty
Joshua Felty Dag geleden
So far this is way better than the Honda pickup truck that you reviewed not long ago. It actually has charging ports in the back nice. I'm the kind of guy that likes a lot of horsepower but this hybrid I buy one of them pretty quickly I really like that setup and also the tachometer has been replaced with another gauge I think that's pretty interesting.
mark spence
mark spence Dag geleden
If you have 2WD in a truck, which is better, front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?
augmach5 Dag geleden
I would say FWD- In limited traction hill climbs without bags of concrete in the bed with RWD you are not going to have a good day.
Rocky Ramirez
Rocky Ramirez 2 dagen geleden
This reminds me of my college ride which was a Sport-Trac. Totally regret trading it inโ€ฆ it was so useful.
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet 2 dagen geleden
I hope you get your hands on a top trim Hyundai Santa Cruz soon, it looks super quirky.
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet Dag geleden
@augmach5 and the maverick will have more mark up at the dealer, it will be a hot seller.
augmach5 Dag geleden
@Darvel #Bidenisapuppet - Crazy. Just did an AWD Maverick build - XLT - 33k - Not insane but..
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet
Darvel #Bidenisapuppet Dag geleden
@augmach5 The Ford bronco SPORT top trim is 41k at dealers, things are getting more and more expensive.
augmach5 Dag geleden
Agree but 35k to even get AWD-
Anatoliy Parshikov
Anatoliy Parshikov 2 dagen geleden
The orange line is coming from the engine bay to the interior . Interesting cwerk
TheHugsvilleHorror 2 dagen geleden
I just want a smaller 2 door 4x4 truck with decent power... sick of these 4 door hippie city dwelling trucks.
Charlie 2 dagen geleden
It sucks that u canโ€™t get it AWD with the hybrid motor. It would be the best truck for Denver Colorado
augmach5 Dag geleden
I was surprised too- 2.0L Turbo recommends premium fuel as well if wanting AWD-
Jim Policke
Jim Policke 3 dagen geleden
Little Tykes-grade fit and finish.
joe patterson
joe patterson 3 dagen geleden
doesit come in extended cab with a longer bed. jusr lost my s-10 with all of these.
Jacob Delgado
Jacob Delgado 3 dagen geleden
I keep hearing truck but only thing I see is a ute
ํœธ๋‘ HyunDu
ํœธ๋‘ HyunDu 3 dagen geleden
The spider at 9:34 ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
Kris Lalone
Kris Lalone 3 dagen geleden
I see these driving on roads with manufacturer plates all the time why canโ€™t you drive it lol
Kris Lalone
Kris Lalone 3 dagen geleden
A much nicer version of a Ridgeline
zapfanzapfan 3 dagen geleden
Nice! Now make it a plug-in-hybrid with 50 km electric range and AWD and I'll get in line for one!
PH 3 dagen geleden
Soon municipalities nationwide will be swarming with xl versions of this truck for it's workers. Mark my words...
Lonnie Donath
Lonnie Donath 3 dagen geleden
Anyone else notice that this baby blue version of the maverick that is shown on all the videos isn't even an option when ordering the truck?
Rob J
Rob J 3 dagen geleden
Never owned a Ford, but I pre-ordered this today
Joseph S
Joseph S 3 dagen geleden
I was excited about this truck because of its affordability but they are slowly increasing the price of options. I went to build and price since it came out and the AWD with 2.0L EcoBoost Engine option changed price, it is now $3.305.
bsqrd 3 dagen geleden
this mans gestures move in fast forward
gustavo flores
gustavo flores 4 dagen geleden
I hope it sells well so that Toyota makes one to compete
Kevin Crafts
Kevin Crafts 4 dagen geleden
The good interior space is compliments of the unibody structure. This seems like a winner for Ford.
AlinaGray88 4 dagen geleden
I would definitely be interested in buying one of these, if I didn't already have the superior 1989 Ford Ranger. In my opinion, one of the best trucks ever made. It's still kicking after 150,000 miles with no mechanical problems at all, and can tow more than 2000 pounds.
Jordan McMurray
Jordan McMurray 4 dagen geleden
When I first moved to a large city I quickly realized my full size crew cab long bed was a nightmare to own. Now this is something I am interested in!
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 4 dagen geleden
What does BRONNY means?
Anthony Toste
Anthony Toste 4 dagen geleden
WTF was Ford thinking when call it Maverick and that not small pick when it has 4 doors that crew cab
krazyhippy 4 dagen geleden
Nice looking truck. That ford gt tho!!!!
Douglas B.
Douglas B. 4 dagen geleden
Nice truck. No drive. Migraine.
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh 4 dagen geleden
Glad thereโ€™s the eco boost option also Iโ€™m not a fan of hybrids
s shapiro
s shapiro 4 dagen geleden
It's still a ford ๐Ÿ‘Ž
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf 4 dagen geleden
Look its a Honda Ridgeline ripoff
Tetsuo The Great
Tetsuo The Great 4 dagen geleden
I just ordered my xlt ๐Ÿค—
Arulpragasam 5 dagen geleden
Whoa how does this guy afford so many cars? I make good money as a medical director right now but even I can't afford the stuff I see on his channel
the Opinionator
the Opinionator 5 dagen geleden
Whats next a Mustang SUV...DOH!!!
the Opinionator
the Opinionator 5 dagen geleden
This is most definitely NOT a Ford Maverick. My aunt Louise had a dull orange Maverick when I was like 11. This isnt that. Lol
P. S.
P. S. 5 dagen geleden
Playback at 0.75 speed the host sounds normal.
adam haywood
adam haywood 5 dagen geleden
As someone who has ordered one of these, I hope I made the right choice.
AlinaGray88 4 dagen geleden
well, it certainly matches the profile picture. I'm still waiting for Ford to release a Madoka
Brobox Gaming
Brobox Gaming 5 dagen geleden
it won't be coming to Australia. ๐Ÿ–• FORD
Mark Frederick
Mark Frederick 5 dagen geleden
well this is the most comprehensive video on this truck. Most just touch upon the general parts of the truck and options. I like the detail he talks about the console and driver options and dash operations. Thanks for explaining what others dont think is important.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 5 dagen geleden
hey doug do a 135i e82 video
Robert Kaler
Robert Kaler 5 dagen geleden
I'm glad you had that interior, thanks for showing it in detail, I thought that was my favorite combo based on pictures and it's confirmed haha
James Anthony
James Anthony 6 dagen geleden
Now just imagine if you could get a true xl model without the touch screen and all the other bells and whistles. It would be around $10k instead of $20k
drazman9 6 dagen geleden
This would be a best seller, with a 1.5 cab option and a large bed! But looks nice though.
Aaron 6 dagen geleden
Wow it has a handle to open instead of a button and electronic failures, awesome!
Aaron 6 dagen geleden
20K will turn into 40k in the states because nobody knows the true value of anything just payments. Remember the bronco was only 25K find one that is 25K now
Eijah Martin
Eijah Martin 6 dagen geleden
21:26 subtle flex, Doug
Giordan Diodato
Giordan Diodato 6 dagen geleden
I'm sure Honda is scrambling to make a Ridgeline hybrid
TheCeilingFanCollectorHD 6 dagen geleden
I never knew Ford made a hybrid Honda Ridgeline!!!
K M 6 dagen geleden
If it had a 6ft I'd order it right away
Leonardo Morales
Leonardo Morales 7 dagen geleden
I always thought Mavericks were a car not a truck.
Vicente Talamantez
Vicente Talamantez 7 dagen geleden
One thing I noticed in the backseat is the speakers are right where your head is so probably if someone has music blasting the speakers in the back will probably hurt your ears a little unless they have them adjusted where it doesn't
Jerry Bailey
Jerry Bailey 7 dagen geleden
Wasn't the Maverick a car years ago?
wolfrig2000 7 dagen geleden
I'm ordering mine in a first edition Lariat next week
Aa Voltz
Aa Voltz 7 dagen geleden
It would have been nice to see more of a view behind the back seat. It was kept just barely out of view :(
Captivate29307 7 dagen geleden
Anyone know what the yellow/green small SUV is in the beginning of the video?
JR Villablanca de Mendoza
JR Villablanca de Mendoza 7 dagen geleden
I like how your face changes when you say "Built Ford Tough"
T436 7 dagen geleden
If it doesn't come with a Maverick 88, I don't want it.
sams party
sams party 7 dagen geleden
Ford has sold out to the Forced Vaccine - Pro Biden minority ! Just wrapped a Ford commercial, and they are forcing everyone on set to wear masks in 90ยฐ weather. Literally for no reason! Masks are no longer mandated in the state or city where we filmed. Unbelievable ... donโ€™t support this pro Fraudci / Plandemic company ! #fuckford #fraudci #pneumoniamasks
Edward 4513
Edward 4513 7 dagen geleden
When is fo sale in USA??
ANTWARCUSTOMS 7 dagen geleden
Bro..u gotta stop sayin brawny
Brandon L
Brandon L 7 dagen geleden
Engine bay looks like someone dumped a bag of hoses and wires in there.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 8 dagen geleden
Looks like everything else out there..
SuperSneakySniper 8 dagen geleden
20:40 yeah im glad the hybrid badges arent plastered everywhere around the truck... I absolutely hate that crap. "OoOOoO look at meEEe im DriVing a HyBRid". It's just as bad as putting a sticker on your car that says "500 hORsEpoWeR!" Like bruh i dont care.
BofaMahnuts 8 dagen geleden
I've hear "quirks and features" more in this vid than I did in the last 20 years
Alfredo Medina
Alfredo Medina 8 dagen geleden
The Maverick looks small for a man as tall as Doug, but it would be perfect for me.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 9 dagen geleden
Itโ€™s not a truck.
M. H. A.
M. H. A. 9 dagen geleden
Mustang, bronco, maverick. How many horses name ford has?
M Meneses
M Meneses 9 dagen geleden
I keep my Tacoma
justin gammon
justin gammon 9 dagen geleden
300lbs on the tailgate isnโ€™t a lotโ€ฆ. Should definitely be stronger. 2 people canโ€™t even sit on it
Nolan Centers
Nolan Centers 9 dagen geleden
I literally yelled out loud, "That's so fucking smart!" when he showed the credit card holder. hehe
David Groff
David Groff 9 dagen geleden
Why does he remind me of Jay Leno
Charlie Roberts
Charlie Roberts 9 dagen geleden
Definitely a cool looking truck with a very enticing price tag. I would definitely wait before buying a Maverick in the first or second model year since it's an all new truck and platform with a hybrid platform. The fact that these trucks are being assembled in Mexico doesn't inspire confidence that it will be built all that well.
Interstate 80
Interstate 80 9 dagen geleden
Make a regular cab version with a little longer bed like the small trucks used to be
kichansilva 9 dagen geleden
This truck is for pillow biters
Lurking Arachnid
Lurking Arachnid 9 dagen geleden
FYI: you get a rebate from the government when switching to a hybrid
Lurking Arachnid
Lurking Arachnid 9 dagen geleden
Finding a small truck is hard AF
Interstate 80
Interstate 80 9 dagen geleden
I found one for $1,950. Did a little work and itโ€™s good to go. Theyโ€™re out three
Buford Smrupple
Buford Smrupple 9 dagen geleden
That's a lot of vehicle per $
Clinton Johnston
Clinton Johnston 9 dagen geleden
The mavrick is a ute not a truck a truck has a removal bed that can be replaced with a unit that suits your requirements, a ute has a bed that is in integral to the vehicle with a unibody design.
Matt 9 dagen geleden
Those orange accents are just *screaming* for stains
Feli T
Feli T 10 dagen geleden
The new bronco transmission overheats and goes limp mode, I hope they fix this before maverick goes on sale.
Dk The Magikman
Dk The Magikman 10 dagen geleden
@21:11 love the cameo from the GT40. Good move Doug
Alec Minnick
Alec Minnick 10 dagen geleden
Appreciate what Ford is trying but I hate this thing. It's basically a car. The niche that needs filled is one that would be filled by an S10 or original Ranger - a small truck, yes, but an actual truck. Not a car with a bed. Not a hybrid. Not something so low and plasticky. Just a simple, small, body on frame truck.
Adipose Rex
Adipose Rex 10 dagen geleden
I had the 1972 Ford Maverick. In red๐Ÿ˜
Khing Khang
Khing Khang 10 dagen geleden
Now is the time for Toyota to bring the Hilux to the US
Little Ton
Little Ton 10 dagen geleden
I can now justify the "why do you need a truck?" questions from wife and "your truck could fit in the back of my truck" comments from friends if it accommodates family camping trips, picking up lumber and appliances, can fit in my garage , saves me 10-15k, and gets great gas mileage!
Gregory 10 dagen geleden
Rumors are that there have been test drives happening and that the media embargo on those events lifts on July 26th. Can you folks confirm that?
Jon Crowley
Jon Crowley 10 dagen geleden
Looks great. "Maverick" makes me think of Sarah Palin though. Barf.
DefyYourLogic 10 dagen geleden
Considering here in AZ 99% of truck owners drive them like sedans, im sure this will sell great.
Jason Moline
Jason Moline 10 dagen geleden
I think you forgot to mention that it gets 33 mpg Highway. I love the truck even with this fault but I wish it was mentioned as the common implication of Highway mpg is that it usually gets the same or more mpg then City, which would make the implied Highway mpg to be 40+ mpg which is more then then actual 33 mpg that the truck gets. itโ€™s still a great truck though, just thought it be mentioned
Earthtoboom -
Earthtoboom - 10 dagen geleden
Finally competition for a Honda ridge line
Chang Hanum
Chang Hanum 10 dagen geleden
I would go with the santa cruz instead
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