Porsche Carrera GT vs Ferrari F40: $1 Million Supercar Icon Battle

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Doug DeMuro

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The Porsche Carrera GT and the Ferrari F40 are icons -- amazing cars that are the pinnacles of modern Ferrari and Porsche models. They're also my favorite exotic sports cars, and today I'm reviewing them back to back. I spent more than an hour each in the F40 and Carrera GT, and I'll give my verdict on which one is better, and which one I prefer.




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Andy Speck
Andy Speck 4 dagen geleden
This is such an interesting video to me, I’ve been watching Doug since before he made the original video on the Carrera and this type of emotion really isn’t something I’ve seen, I really love it
Sean Mcmullen
Sean Mcmullen 5 dagen geleden
O face
Hojoz 6 dagen geleden
*silence to appreciate the engine noise* NLfast auto generated subtitles: (Music) Indeed NLfast, indeed
Britannicc 7 dagen geleden
Doug looks like he has a fetish for driving, just look at his face in 4:32 XD
Random808 9 dagen geleden
Just wanna say that i do not count Porsche because it is not good looking,that why it's not one of the legends.
Divy Mishra
Divy Mishra 10 dagen geleden
The GT sounded ****ing amazing 💯, the F40 doesn't even sound anything like it. But it's the driving experience and the legacy that makes it a legend 🥰
unkameat Good bar
unkameat Good bar 12 dagen geleden
And that’s the reason why I like porsche911….and Mercedes…in my garage I keep it german
tgou007 15 dagen geleden
Hi Doug, how do these compare to the Mclaren F1?
Ahmed BaSam
Ahmed BaSam 16 dagen geleden
I don’t see seat built on the Ferrari 😳
Mike 17 dagen geleden
I hate the F40 tbh
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 17 dagen geleden
What about the McLaren F1?
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 17 dagen geleden
Mmmm driving an F40 without a seatbelt?!?
Paul Malhotra
Paul Malhotra 18 dagen geleden
Id rather drive the F40 than the Carerra GT after seeing what happened to Paul Walker
HotRodGT66's Car Builds And More
HotRodGT66's Car Builds And More 19 dagen geleden
After loosing Paul Walker to the Porsche Carrera GT, I'm taking the F40..
Roni92pl 20 dagen geleden
Thanks Doug I couldn't decide between those two for days !!
Oliver Grizzly
Oliver Grizzly 20 dagen geleden
True first world problems - Do I buy a Carrera GT or an F40?
Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh 23 dagen geleden
me will go for carrera.................... every single time
E X 24 dagen geleden
I’ve seen the same Doug of the “Porsche 911 Turbo vs Ferrari 512 TR”. He was enjoying the 911, but after a bit of time in the 512 he just couldn’t help loving it more than the 911. And you could see the smile on his face. Same here for the F40. He just couldn’t help loving the Ferrari.
E X 24 dagen geleden
18:00 when the turbos kick in ☺️☺️☺️
E X 24 dagen geleden
Great video as always! But I think the comparison would have been more sensible between F40 and 959, or Enzo and Carrera GT. And probably in both cases the Ferrari would win.
Warthog 26 dagen geleden
I absolutely love all of Doug's videos, but this was something else. What an amazing experience to witness.
Sean Kelley
Sean Kelley 26 dagen geleden
Awesome! Two of my faves. Anyone know why he doesn't use a bumper GoPro for the exhaust sound? I would guess that TripleF would have let him.
Dr Fredostein
Dr Fredostein 28 dagen geleden
Doug: **talking about the Carrera GT** “This is the greatest car ever.” “This is the best package ever.” *McLaren F1: “Am I a joke to you.”* Doug: “and this is the greatest Ferrari of all time.” *F50: “Am I a joke to you.”* In my opinion the McLaren F1 is the greatest car of all time then the Carrera GT and then the F50. Excellent video, one of Doug’s best ever and it will probably be his most iconic and probably viewed.
Definitiv nicht Sönke
Definitiv nicht Sönke 29 dagen geleden
Not that I could ever afford them, but I would definitely get the F40 and the 918 Sypder instead of the GT
NinjaKitty Maand geleden
I have a feeling Doug created a bit of "wet spot" during his Carrera drive. I hope he remembered to clean the seat!
Benzie Arada
Benzie Arada Maand geleden
Maybe I can't buy it or afford at all someday, so I buy one on FH4 not to race it, but to cruise it around, I really enjoy it. Hopefully to drive a real one.
BayAreaGuy Maand geleden
Your response was the most anti-climatic thing I've ever heard.
blkxr7 Maand geleden
I love the fact that he's prepared to be disappointed getting into an f40 haha
Mark Eastwood
Mark Eastwood Maand geleden
Was this filmed around Milton Keynes? 🤔
Underøath628 Maand geleden
I really miss doug when he was with autotrader
Philosa Please
Philosa Please Maand geleden
Mclaren F1: am I a joke to you?
Divano Garage
Divano Garage Maand geleden
ti consiglio di trovare e guidare : F50 GT, F40 LM, GTO evoluzione
Divano Garage
Divano Garage Maand geleden
avrei scommesso 1 milione di dollari che tu avresti scelto la Carrera GT
DefyYourLogic Maand geleden
Nothing on this planet can match the carrera gt to me.
remi mains
remi mains Maand geleden
Damn how beautiful your Ford GT is behind you👌
cock man
cock man Maand geleden
Carera gt
Nalin Bhardwaj
Nalin Bhardwaj Maand geleden
Carrera Gt is the most underrated car …
unbeknownst Maand geleden
Carrera GT is like Viper's german cousin!
Kevin gomez
Kevin gomez Maand geleden
Doug is wrong this time the cross comparó should be 959 vs F40 if you want to be generation “period “ correct .
Ray Wynne
Ray Wynne Maand geleden
Been lucky enough to see both cars. Would hard to pick either but the F40 just edges it for me. Would rather have a McLaren F1 though 😂
Rick C
Rick C Maand geleden
@13:05 my face everyday getting groceries in my rav4.
Sabit Ahamed Roll:13 Sec:A
Sabit Ahamed Roll:13 Sec:A Maand geleden
I want porsche carrera gt😈😈
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 Maand geleden
A new 918 Spyder would be my choice if I won any car of my choice (to drive not to sell), 2nd would be a brand new Carrera GT.
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 Maand geleden
No need to watch the video. Carrera GT without a thought. One of the greatest cars ever made, and possibly the best sounding, with the LFA.
Number 9
Number 9 Maand geleden
elijahinky Maand geleden
You earned my respect at the 9:45 -ish mark. That's passion love and emotion. And I felt that. I've felt that same way... People who don't understand won't. Those who DO get it, we are a dying breed...
Scott Maand geleden
My pick would still be the Ford GT behind him....
Benjamin Vaterlaus
Benjamin Vaterlaus Maand geleden
I think the conclusion nailed it. F40 is the icon. Carrera GT is the engineering marvel - much like the 959 before it.
peter griffin
peter griffin Maand geleden
what about the mclaren f1 gtr?
SUP richie
SUP richie Maand geleden
I will have the chance to buy a Carrera GT. Can’t wait!
Southpaw7890 Maand geleden
Paul Walker Disliked Video
SeBmw Maand geleden
Porsche Carrera GT for me ! I dont like barbecue
Where were you
Where were you Maand geleden
No seat belt while driving the F40. I guess Doug would rather not survive if he managed to crash the F40.
Francois Vermaak
Francois Vermaak Maand geleden
Based on what I know about these 2 cars, the GT is probably the better, but the F40 would be much much more fun, if I could have 1 it had to be the F40.
hardcoreep Maand geleden
I'm just surprised that as tall as you are you're able to fit comfortably in them.
askmaxim Maand geleden
you meant to say the Porsche is too of a vanilla, rigth?
Stanley Masterson
Stanley Masterson Maand geleden
Hey Doug, since you're in a Carrera GT, please do us a favor and do your best imitation of Paul Walker....
Dis Count
Dis Count Maand geleden
I would go the F 40 because it blows ..............................everyones mind
Ray Hawk
Ray Hawk Maand geleden
Its nice to see people with a true passion ....
TECH DOODLE Maand geleden
Speedtail reveiw coming up!
Kobra Kai
Kobra Kai Maand geleden
The guy's hands seem to have more horse power than both supercars...those movements..
Ib oogie boogie
Ib oogie boogie Maand geleden
great vid,, its like me growing up i wanted a corvette 84 ish shape,, latter in life a friend bought one and said lets go to Las Vegas,, i drove 1/2 way,,, i hated the driving of that car,, so like you i would have to drive the car before buying it
Cass & Marion Castro
Cass & Marion Castro Maand geleden
“I’m not really a Porsche guy” from the guy that worked for Porsche USA Corporate…. AND allocated all the Porsche 918’s in the US. 🤦🏻‍♂️
ricklehurst Maand geleden
Been shaving in the dark again? :-D
Chris Benson
Chris Benson Maand geleden
This is like comparing the blue poles to the Mona Lisa
Chris Benson
Chris Benson Maand geleden
Comparing the Legendary F40 to some boring modern Porsche wtf 🤬
Chris Benson
Chris Benson Maand geleden
Has Douge won an award for most annoying voice yet?
Deven Kanwal
Deven Kanwal Maand geleden
Cooooooooonnonooocz JV nooooo côkk Kiki.
Hatef Khosravi
Hatef Khosravi Maand geleden
at 6:08, this is the feeling I wish I could get one day driving my dream car, I honestly believe he had a tiny bit of orgasm there
Big Bore Media
Big Bore Media Maand geleden
This is my favorite video Doug has ever made. Seeing how happy these cars makes him brings joy into my own heart. I wish I could give him a CGT.
Joel Aquino
Joel Aquino Maand geleden
hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!
Gearbox Car Reviews
Gearbox Car Reviews Maand geleden
What a dream to spend a day with these 2 cars. To spend a day with just one would be pretty unbelievable! Congrats!
Scott Martindell
Scott Martindell Maand geleden
I heard the lfa and cgt in person at a car show the other day.. Im gonna catch some hate but I like the Gallardo sound better. Its the best v10 sound imo
Canadian Whitey
Canadian Whitey Maand geleden
When will Doug sell it all and buy a Carrera GT
hungerartist0 Maand geleden
Hands down your best video
Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria
Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria Maand geleden
The Porsche Carrera GT is the best car ever made.
Arnwald Lyrréel
Arnwald Lyrréel Maand geleden
The F40 is a race car homologated for the road (in the 80's). The Carrera GT is a road car ready for racing.
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson Maand geleden
You may be cool, but you will NEVER be Doug DeMuro wearing a t-shirt under a t-shirt cool.
Lennart Andersson
Lennart Andersson Maand geleden
I want to be Doug
Vincent Velarde
Vincent Velarde Maand geleden
What is your life?
Zach Bartek
Zach Bartek Maand geleden
6:01 Doug just creamed his pants 😂
Daniel PeNeTrAtOrX
Daniel PeNeTrAtOrX Maand geleden
in comparison to doug amphetamine is so relaxing XD
Willem Van Riet
Willem Van Riet Maand geleden
Let’s crowd source money to buy Doug a CGT
Brendan O'Connor
Brendan O'Connor Maand geleden
I have been watching your channel since the beginning and this is the best one you have ever done. Please do more like this.
Jim Glass
Jim Glass Maand geleden
I'm watching the luckiest human being on the face of the earth.
SuburbVids Maand geleden
I already know if I got the chance to drive one of these I’d go get a speeding ticket on purpose. Just to have that ticket framed “Ferrari F40 / 100mph in a 55” it’d be legendary
dudu999 Maand geleden
Why no seatbelt in the f40?
Facing worlds
Facing worlds Maand geleden
It is impresive that so much older F40 can still give Carrera gt a run for its money in any category
Jason R
Jason R Maand geleden
Love seeing the passion behind the Carrera GT drive.
Koon Troll
Koon Troll Maand geleden
WTF at least 17 YEAR difference between cars
Bryce Hagen
Bryce Hagen Maand geleden
Who calls the F40 "agrarian?"...agrarian is defined as "relating to cultivated land or the cultivation of land" what does that have to do with a Ferrari F40 or how it drives? Lol has nothing to do with a car being truck-like or anything related to cars at all hahaha
B TL Maand geleden
Ahnaf Azmain
Ahnaf Azmain Maand geleden
Doug , buy a CGT, you can do it. Also, he is feeling the Ferrari lure.
Hugo Maand geleden
You sir, in automotive aspects, are one of the luckiest men alive. Continue to share with us all these amazing experiences.
Hubert101010 Maand geleden
Can’t wait for Doug to buy a CGT 😁
Rian O Luasa
Rian O Luasa Maand geleden
The man who used to work for Porsche: I'm not a huge Porsche guy
Atypical Driver
Atypical Driver Maand geleden
Why isn't doug wearing a seatbelt in the F40?
🤩🙌🏻👏🏻👆🏻💯Porsche Carrera GT
Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt Maand geleden
Crazy thing happened. I watched this video and the same day I see a CGT driving in the suburbs of Chicago!
Samer Fahad
Samer Fahad Maand geleden
Fitst time ever I hear Doug saying sexy 😂, man I really hope one day you get the chance to get the Carrera GT ❤️
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