The Volkswagen XL-1 Is an Insanely Rare $150,000 Efficient Supercar

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Doug DeMuro

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Volkswagen XL-1 review! The Volkswagen XL-1 is a very special car, as only 250 of these were built for the world. The XL-1 also a $150,000 car that's both an economy car and a supercar -- and it's full of bizarre quirks and features. Today I'm reviewing the XL-1, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of this weird car. I'll also drive the XL-1 and show you what it's like behind the wheel of such an unusual car.


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Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson 3 uur geleden
Gets over 200 mpg Ram TRX getting 8 mpg sometimes
IconOfSin88 12 uur geleden
Looks a lot like the Lightyear One
MyMemesAreTerrible 18 uur geleden
0:21 the BMW i8 would beg to differ…
The Star'
The Star' 21 uur geleden
so why no rear camera lmao?
Gardon 22 uur geleden
can you do a vid on the saab 900
B Dag geleden
Oh look! Doug doing a German car review. Obviously his knees are dirty... @ 8:27
Xasmanius Völk
Xasmanius Völk Dag geleden
8:40 less than a Ton.... Daaang
Xasmanius Völk
Xasmanius Völk Dag geleden
1:50 wait that doesn't add up "it beat 100km/L" yet the "9L" fuel tank only gets less than 500km ? That can't be right.
PrizmaK Uur geleden
Maybe the 100km/L is with extreme hypermiling techniques and the electric motor running? While the 500km range is just with regular driving
sazuploadsthings Dag geleden
The satnav might look like a weird tack on for a limited run car, but I believe it's actually the same as the one used in the VW UP / Skoda Citigo / Seat Mii cars - the most budget of the whole VAG lineup in one of VWs most expensive cars 😅
KHbeatmaker Dag geleden
Stop saying "Super Car" Doug, it's not.
Ahmed Algammal
Ahmed Algammal Dag geleden
That's the original McLaren speedtail
Magnoler Riccardo
Magnoler Riccardo Dag geleden
citroen CX inspiration...for sure.
King Ifrit
King Ifrit Dag geleden
Surfboard= Sea= this recommended video Wind= youtube algorithm Let's catch this wave!
Hreb Dag geleden
Doug is the type of who lists a Subaru SVX as a comparable to the VW XL-1 because they both have quirks (and features).
Vast G
Vast G Dag geleden
why do they have to make it so ugly...
Will H
Will H Dag geleden
KnighBot 2 dagen geleden
Now thats a super car.
jrodificator1 2 dagen geleden
can't wait to see that Clio Sport
althadono 2 dagen geleden
gosh that interior looks cheap
Gabriel Ortiz
Gabriel Ortiz 2 dagen geleden
Id drive it
Heidegaff 2 dagen geleden
Aging Wheels beat you on this one, Doug.
69 Sedrus
69 Sedrus 2 dagen geleden
you move a lot,
Charlie 2 dagen geleden
It's simler to the i8
Nikolay Vitanov
Nikolay Vitanov 2 dagen geleden
6:35 Doug is the type of guy who films a video with the XL1 behind a Fiat Multipla😂
Charlie 2 dagen geleden
Самик Султанян
Самик Султанян 2 dagen geleden
Please vw Atlas video
luke 2 dagen geleden
why does it not have a backup camera lol?
Enmanuel Lay Garcia
Enmanuel Lay Garcia 3 dagen geleden
It's just a regular car with weird shape, also he never runs out of breath
portable 3 dagen geleden
didn't rcr do a tour of that amphibious vehicle in the background
Mansehaj Dosanjh
Mansehaj Dosanjh 3 dagen geleden
Absolutely terrible car
Chris 3 dagen geleden
this is the perfect car for doing the “i told my gf i drive a 2014 WV” trend
J.A.M 3 dagen geleden
The interior is sooo sad... My GLI interior is better. & Mirror Cams are cool with better systems, but the latency and resolution of these were terrible.
Al Homfeld
Al Homfeld 3 dagen geleden
It's beautiful
PT Wanderer
PT Wanderer 3 dagen geleden
Nothing about the engine?
Ma 3 dagen geleden
Behind XL1 is the total opposit car! Please also review!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
Gregory H
Gregory H 3 dagen geleden
Why VW still exists as a company is beyond me.
Chidori 723
Chidori 723 3 dagen geleden
Cameras for the side mirrors - the most futuristic thing about this car
Roscoe6ix 3 dagen geleden
im surprised that i actually kinda like this car, it looks like something from blade runner
Roger Stalder
Roger Stalder 3 dagen geleden
I had to Laugh soooo hard at the Time when EPA gazed VW. and u know why? :)) Every American Engine that 5.2l or 4.7 whatever. does still double of the Exhaust what every Disel in Europe does :)) and they say VW does bad emmissions.. muahahaahahahahah. thats how Americans get wrong informations. lol.. every single Engine out there does way worse then every single Europe engine.. go read about it lol.
Jazz N' Rock
Jazz N' Rock 3 dagen geleden
reminds me a lot of the Mercedes C111
Mango Elaichi
Mango Elaichi 3 dagen geleden
Only hippies will like this car. No power steering and windows at that price?
MrDICKHEAD28 3 dagen geleden
Mango Elaichi
Mango Elaichi 3 dagen geleden
Why doesn't he review the cars he's standing by during the cars and bids promotion?
TechRead Official
TechRead Official 14 uur geleden
Those reviews will come later
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson 3 dagen geleden
The "mirrors" might be part of why the passenger is set back
Lucas 3 dagen geleden
Matt Michaels
Matt Michaels 3 dagen geleden
It would be nice to have that interior styling in a more affordable and normal looking car.
Mikhail Jair Nisbett
Mikhail Jair Nisbett 4 dagen geleden
250 miles per gallon 2.5 gallon fuel tank 250 mile range yes. 2:40
Anthony Italiano
Anthony Italiano Dag geleden
Yeah I noticed that too. Makes no sense.
Killersentra 4 dagen geleden
Jakob Seger
Jakob Seger 4 dagen geleden
Oh volkswagen 🤦‍♂️
Jack Doff
Jack Doff 4 dagen geleden
hes too busy talking about the xl-1 and doesnt say anything about the LARC in the background
vixozas 4 dagen geleden
Its not a supercar. Lol
BH London
BH London 4 dagen geleden
Why does he point at everything like he’s showing a disabled child?
BH London
BH London 4 dagen geleden
Why does he point at everything like he’s showing a disabled child?
Duke Duke
Duke Duke 4 dagen geleden
The arrogant knickers congruently frame because mouse jekely dance unlike a first muscle. false familiar famous, powerful yacht
Roy Mielke
Roy Mielke 4 dagen geleden
The Chevy Corvair at 4:23 looks unsafe at any speed with that low tire... And its for sale.
CoasterLover 5 dagen geleden
0:38 thats a modified car- he is breaking his own rules
Arulpragasam 5 dagen geleden
Whoa how does this guy afford so many cars? I make good money as a medical director right now but even I can't afford the stuff I see on his channel
rockabilly Page
rockabilly Page 5 dagen geleden
It doesn't look like something from star wars. That's for sure.
spencoir 75
spencoir 75 5 dagen geleden
This is why l dig Doug
Tom the raton
Tom the raton 5 dagen geleden
Thanks Ferdinand piech 🙏
Patrick Lepoutre
Patrick Lepoutre 5 dagen geleden
Ohh this is a Renault clio RS in the intro?
d turpin
d turpin 5 dagen geleden
I'm convinced now that Doug would have called his car auction website Quirks and Features, but nobody would know what the hell that is.
Scott Tepper
Scott Tepper 5 dagen geleden
In 62 years, driving 20,000 miles a year, the car will pay for itself!
Kirfkin 5 dagen geleden
Doug, I think your math is off. I don't think 260 mpg with a 2.4 gallon tank is 250 miles. Something just tells me.
Fada Te
Fada Te 5 dagen geleden
Looks like something Citroen would try... This car really needs a modern update, power windows, rear camera and monitor, bigger mirror-screens with a broader field cameras, and definitely no diesel. Diesel is gonna be phased out, petrol/GPL with assisted electric would be nice.
Ayntak 5 dagen geleden
Well we made a 1 Liter / 100 km car. But let's forget about that and wait for hilariously bad electric cars
Johan D
Johan D 5 dagen geleden
We need a review of the truck/ship behind you, Doug.
TheTommyPT 5 dagen geleden
That moment when the most expensive VW has the infotainment of the least expensive VW, the VW UP! In addition to the UP (and its Seat/Skoda siblings) this Garmin unit was also used for the Seat Ibiza 6J2.
Michelle man
Michelle man 6 dagen geleden
Doug What about the Tesla Model S plaid ?🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 5 dagen geleden
it looks weird to see that back wheels are covered, its like almost futuristic but look at front they not xD
SmashGhost 6 dagen geleden
That's the daily-driver McLaren F1
ACID 6 dagen geleden
looks SO good, i would love to own that
87csd 6 dagen geleden
lol love the allroad shirt. I've got one myself (the shirt and the C5)
Mayank 6 dagen geleden
This video seems like from this era.
sh ch
sh ch 6 dagen geleden
Looks like citroen cx whit that back design and break light
sh ch
sh ch 6 dagen geleden
Looks like citroen cx with that back lights and overall back design.
isch220 6 dagen geleden
Thumbs up to remember Ferdinand Piëch, the "father" of the XL1 and former Mr. Volkswagen
Jens Schneider
Jens Schneider 6 dagen geleden
Dude, check your math... 0.9L/100km = 235mpg (not 260, but close enough). Now, if you have a car doing a claimed 260 miles per gallon and stick a claimed 2.5 gallon tank (in reality 2.4) to it, what's the total range again? Right, "250 miles"... Says so without triggering any internal BS alarms, hm...
MultiplaFan53 6 dagen geleden
This car's shape looks awfully like a silverfish
Milutin Avramoski
Milutin Avramoski 5 dagen geleden
Sutton Griffin
Sutton Griffin 6 dagen geleden
I think the passenger seat is fixed due to the screens that display the blind spots? It seems like it would be weird to make it to where the passenger could very easily cover up one of those displays haha.
Pablo 6 dagen geleden
Spending that much money to save a few thousand dollars on fuel? We're not all that rich Dougy
korn mufins
korn mufins 6 dagen geleden
Do the Volvo s60 polaster!!
Mark 7 dagen geleden
Fun car? I can only afford one car.
Vok250 7 dagen geleden
$150000 car with crank windows. Lmao.
XXSefa 7 dagen geleden
it looks weird to see that back wheels are covered, its like almost futuristic but look at front they not xD
DubSe7en 7 dagen geleden
Doug is the type of guy who films the entire clip with The vw badge upsidedown on the wheel
Samuel Colt
Samuel Colt 7 dagen geleden
Mike Tyson couldn't get thru 'em Doug's hands!
Larry O
Larry O 7 dagen geleden
2:40 Car gets 260mpg. Has a 2½ gal. tank and gets 250 miles of range?!?
Tclans 7 dagen geleden
These camera mirror setup was meant for the Tesla model S too. Not sure why that feature didn’t make it past the prototype fase.
Coffee Games
Coffee Games 7 dagen geleden
I love how the car shakes while he emotes
Coffee Games
Coffee Games 7 dagen geleden
People who don’t breathe, eminem, logic, daddy doug
Outdoor Olli
Outdoor Olli 7 dagen geleden
Cheat software included? Btw.: This guy could sell me a Tin Lizzy as "The Future"
cox mox
cox mox 7 dagen geleden
Renault Talisman &Co day light style ...verryy original,vw ::)))
cicalinarrot 7 dagen geleden
Development for this must have been so expensive they've probably lost a ton of money for every car sold even at that price. It's a shame they've wasted that cool tech and ideas that could have become a much cheaper everyday car with incredible mileage. A cool ultra-Prius from VW could have started a planet-saving trend before Tesla made it cool, maybe. Too bad those idiots chose to cheat emission tests and destroy the brand's reputation.
Cornflakes Yognaut
Cornflakes Yognaut 7 dagen geleden
Just like 2 seconds to wipe the dirt off your knee my man.
Andrew Chikotas
Andrew Chikotas 7 dagen geleden
I would LS swap it
Space Cat
Space Cat 7 dagen geleden
It looks nice. I like it. Give me one, Santa.
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus 7 dagen geleden
I'll have what Dougs having.
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus 7 dagen geleden
Zachary Binkies
Zachary Binkies 7 dagen geleden
I’m in absolute love with this car man
Yao ting Lin
Yao ting Lin 7 dagen geleden
vw should of made the bluesport even if it only few hundred limited production it would be nice to see doug test drive one
stiimuli 8 dagen geleden
Haven't seen a Doug video in about a year. When did he get so hyper?
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