Alper Erginay
Alper Erginay 3 uur geleden
It looks like exactly like how I would expect 911 to look in 2035 or sth.
the3littlebirds 3 uur geleden
creidiki 3 uur geleden
I see the famed FIAT plastic quality of the time held up well 🤣
creidiki 3 uur geleden
I see the famed FIAT plastic quality of the time held up well 🤣
Kyle Franko
Kyle Franko 3 uur geleden
The spoiled brats car in final form. RCR fans will get it
Dylan Hale
Dylan Hale 3 uur geleden
I was filling expecting... "You've seen my other reviews of the s2000, but this one has a spoiler..."
Your average jdm enthusiast
Your average jdm enthusiast 4 uur geleden
No it will not get anyone a girlfriend but if the sides are flipped a girl with any car with cult following it will gather some boys around
MrOni 4 uur geleden
Too bad we can't get em under 60k
Fabrizio Bestetti
Fabrizio Bestetti 4 uur geleden
impara a vestirti prima di criticare le macchine italiane
Mario Antonio
Mario Antonio 4 uur geleden
I'm surprised the DeLorean wasn't modified and re-released after Back to the Future premiered? It's such an awesome looking car and is now an icon of course!
android 95203
android 95203 4 uur geleden
The best part about the s2000 was the 8900 redline but sadly the ap2 changed that
Famicom Nintendo
Famicom Nintendo 4 uur geleden
My friend has one, he paid 2k for it and the bed cover has been removed so I didn't know it had one. It's in decent shape except for the cracked windshield but mechanics always have beaters so this is a nice beater lmao
szt1980 4 uur geleden
Freaking cuckovers have ruined the auto market
Aaron. 4 uur geleden
Looks so bland could get a nicer looking Audi/Mercedes suv for half the price
Fabrizio Bestetti
Fabrizio Bestetti 4 uur geleden
cazzo ridi , saranno belle le vostre di auto , sapete fare solo barconi che vanno solo dritto
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 4 uur geleden
All these check engine lights. But he still say's it's a good car?
Alan Fang
Alan Fang 4 uur geleden
spaceX shuttle review when?
VladaB94 4 uur geleden
I never seen him so happy driving any other car, and he drived like everything. So, give credit to Yugo...
e g
e g 4 uur geleden
Balboa's car in rocky 4
Jon Presley
Jon Presley 4 uur geleden
Doug should make more content like this. Maybe on the dead second channel
HeroShang 4 uur geleden
Same wheels as my 2010 Focus ST/XR5
the3littlebirds 4 uur geleden
robert woodliff
robert woodliff 4 uur geleden
Yo, Doug, what.? An interesting backdrop. Not quite Falling Water......but interesting.
David Boniedot
David Boniedot 4 uur geleden
Frank Woodland
Frank Woodland 4 uur geleden
The H2O button allows the owner of the Mirai to “pee” water at the office parking lot😜🤣🤣
Martin Gornishki
Martin Gornishki 4 uur geleden
sammie sue
sammie sue 4 uur geleden
Your intro is way too long
Deadeye Jones
Deadeye Jones 4 uur geleden
@Doug Demuro so you own a Lotus Elise. A proper drivers car, yet I have yet to see you do a car review. Maybe review the car you owned.
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford 4 uur geleden
Had an '86 XJ-S (non-HE) bought new in '85, in Ivory, with the large oval headlamps and the little wipers/ washers on them. There was a V-12 logo styled into the front grille in the centre. Here in Canada, we didn't get the motorized seatbelts, they were just the normal, modern 3-point ones you pulled across manually, but yes, we got a small airbag in the steering wheel. The original V-12 5.3 only put out about 260hp. The HE models got bumped-up to about 295hp. It wasn't about the 0-60 time. It was a fast, higher-speed Tourer, the acceleration at-speed was great, if you needed to pass someone, you just laid your foot down it just rolled-on and built promptly in a linear fashion., but so quietly, you had to watch that speedometer, which was surprisingly small. The analog vertical "bar gauges" were merely the predecessors of today's modern digital graphs. Lots of modern cars have standard digital gauges that default to vertical graphics. Originally came with Pirelli Cinturato P-5 tires, which were kinda sloppy, but quiet and comfortable. Once those wore-out, replaced with the newer Pirelli P-600 which were immensely better in rain, cornering, and wear, but slightly noisier. I miss that car. Never winter-driven. Always put her up on blocks in the garage, and had a " Rustbuster" electric anode-cathode device installed on her. Spotless when we sold her 20-odd years later. Should never have sold her...except for the blasted air-conditioning that had to be completely replaced in the first year ( and I mean COMPLETELY. )Poor mechanic told me it was like disassembling a mess of interwoven wire coat hangers, with plastic tape connecting them all in layers. Took them nearly a week to complete it. Still never really worked right, afterwards. After years of missing her, bought a 2018 Jaguar F-Type AWD SVR Convertible. Light-years ahead of her in tech, power, performance, etc. but still puts the same smile on my face when I drive her.
Big Doggy
Big Doggy 4 uur geleden
153 inches long, that's very long
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson 4 uur geleden
Gets over 200 mpg Ram TRX getting 8 mpg sometimes
Dwifting With Shiny
Dwifting With Shiny 4 uur geleden
a few inches shorter length & wheelbase than a ND!
Compton College Inc
Compton College Inc 4 uur geleden
Doug is the Blippi of cars…
niklas johansson
niklas johansson 4 uur geleden
That thing looks stunning
Jason 4 uur geleden
i had a 2006 Mitsubishi IX MR 6 speed manual and never modified it!!!
Andy S.
Andy S. 4 uur geleden
Aflak! Asstech! Love this thing!
Ty James
Ty James 4 uur geleden
God if you car youtubers would STFU once in awhile maybe true enthusiasts could actually afford some of their dream cars.
DUSTIN MORGAN 4 uur geleden
calvin carpenter
calvin carpenter 4 uur geleden
The guy who let doug borrow his new mirage for this video: 0__0
Mathieu 4 uur geleden
I worked at a car rental agency in the south of France back in 1998 and we rented some of these. They were pretty cool
ayodeji akindele
ayodeji akindele 4 uur geleden
Who here cause of 21 savage
Gregory Davis
Gregory Davis 4 uur geleden
I'd LOVE to have another one of those.
datacipher 5 uur geleden
Brand new Sky is at gym parking lot. Me: hey, nice car. Gym buddy: it’s a Saturn. Me: ughhhhhhh. Gym buddy: yeah that’s pretty much all I needed to know
7Valletta 5 uur geleden
Getting major RCR vibes from all this b r o w n
Squalo Pazzo
Squalo Pazzo 5 uur geleden
In Europe named Rayton-Fissore Magnum
Shad Young
Shad Young 5 uur geleden
That car is in dire need of a cut and polish. Should have shot that car in the shade.
PRL Reviews
PRL Reviews 5 uur geleden
Just hearing the word Koeninsigg makes my eyes widen and hairs on my neck stand up
La Verdad
La Verdad 5 uur geleden
"My Bok" Proof that you can't buy class.
Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson 5 uur geleden
I adored these for the quirks and was a bit disappointed when they brought out the 'plain jane' facelift. In my younger days I had a Sicento as a first car followed by a Stilo. I always thought that as I got older and my loins went 'in to production' (:D) that I'd end up having one. By that time the world had moved on.
Jackson c.
Jackson c. 5 uur geleden
This car makes my brain hurt
wham 5 uur geleden
20:15 a prius passes a lambo. Must be the first time in history
Maribelle Jumper
Maribelle Jumper 5 uur geleden
I love my Pt .
Hunter Dunker
Hunter Dunker 5 uur geleden
Totally dream car
Angry Bulldog Gaming
Angry Bulldog Gaming 5 uur geleden
my dad had a beige one in good condition he sold it a long time agon but here in ohio you can find alot of them
Yuan Rao
Yuan Rao 5 uur geleden
This is eye level for short people....
YM3 5 uur geleden
Clean the knees man
coleman 5 uur geleden
Damn you laugh like Kamala. 👎🏻
Olaf K
Olaf K 5 uur geleden
I linke the car, but it is way too expensive
TransistorBased 5 uur geleden
On the radio you can select Tuning Controls so the knob works a lot better
TransistorBased 5 uur geleden
My mom has the hatchback, and it's a great car to drive. She had to decide between the AWD or a manual, and ended up going with AWD. Shame you couldn't get both together. But it drives super nice and the interior just feels amazing
Ghost 5 uur geleden
Europe: Wants their cars to be well rounded America: haha box car go fast in straight line
mattnova18 5 uur geleden
@15:30 ....not a cargo area. Looks like they didn't include a spare tire. There's room for it. But they gave a tire inflating device instead. Hate that.
Dale Eldridge
Dale Eldridge 5 uur geleden
Review an early and later c4 Corvette
Sean O'Brien
Sean O'Brien 5 uur geleden
A guy I worked with had one of these. His name is Terry Bird (T Bird). He felt obligated to buy one.
Trey Roberts
Trey Roberts 5 uur geleden
I had an '87 SE w/ 5spd chestnut, I miss that car. It was a truly bullet proof car.
Héctor Sanabria Gómez
Héctor Sanabria Gómez 5 uur geleden
Wasn't Chrysler dead? Since like, the 80's?
milkotablet 5 uur geleden
Extended door handle is to protect car parked next to you so you dont damage it when you open the door.
TZMMUGENTYPES 5 uur geleden
The engine start button wasn't there because it was an era piece rather it gave the race feel tracing Honda's racing roots like the gauge cluster.
TZMMUGENTYPES 5 uur geleden
Btw thanks for the s2k love Doug Oh now you need to go to Japan and review the Type-S lol
BlueMan 5 uur geleden
Isn't that the grandpa's van from Ben 10??
Angry Bulldog Gaming
Angry Bulldog Gaming 5 uur geleden
its' art bro it's art
B 5 uur geleden
He's reviewing a badass American truck and he still can't help but bring up both BMW & Mercedes. 3:48
naturekid 1
naturekid 1 5 uur geleden
Totally see a pantera
Jaxx Brat
Jaxx Brat 5 uur geleden
RR is not the kind of market that cares about HP over coach eork
litam tondy
litam tondy 5 uur geleden
Doug: 'This car handles so well!' _only drives it on the motorway._
Swayybaby 5 uur geleden
It looks like a knockoff Mercedes
La Verdad
La Verdad 5 uur geleden
Didn't Tony Soprano drive one of these?
Ronnie Stelly II
Ronnie Stelly II 5 uur geleden
CNC exotics was shut down for stealing cars and fraud